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The Driver The drivers use on-board tablets with seven inch screens to select their next journey. As they drive, the tablet displays a map showing their progress, as well as information about staying on schedule. Messages about service interruption can also be sent straight from the vehicle to the bus stops. FARA installed these devices in 140 vehicles in Oulu. The Operator FARA’s system also handles traffic light priority at all traffic lights in the region for buses that are running late. This helps keep the service on schedule and raises the value of public transportation in the eyes of travelers.

Open Source Solution FARA’s technology and web-based services provide real-time data about the stops and lines. It is a ­ vailable through an open and standard ­interface. In Oulu this open source is now ­integrated into a single traffic information service for all modes of transport, called This website uses the travelers’ ­location to provide route guides, and gives up-to-date i­nformation about ­traffic conditions, delays and ­connections to flights and trains.

FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
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