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FARA lets passengers see the bus’ location on a map and follow its progress, not only on bus stop displays but also on their smartphones.

Oulu, Finland

Know exactly where the bus is and when it will arrive Oulu is Finland’s fifth biggest city and one of its most technologically advanced. It has implemented FARA’s technology with great results. Oulu is one of the first cities to implement this sophisticated information system. Here passengers can track their public transport live, and see its movements on screens at 41 stops. With FARA’s technology and maintenance, 140 b ­ uses send a ­ ccurate location updates every second to the ­display screens at bus stops, and to public transport ­authorities, traffic c­ ontrollers and traffic contractors. This ­information creates a seamless travel experience for the ­passengers, and enables the operator to monitor, c­ ontrol and improve the service. FARA has already delivered the solution and is contracted to maintain it until 2021.

Displays at bus stops show where the bus is and when it will arrive, advertisement and infotainment.

FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
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