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Made for the future Information technologies in the transport s­ ystem are integrated and complex. Any change is therefore expensive. Working with the cloud helps simplify this by i­ncreasing flexibility, ­security and scalability of the s­ ystem for the future. FARA’s products support r­ elevant standards and can be easily a ­ djusted to ­accommodate new requirements and ­preferences. It is about making it as easy as possible to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Today the cloud gives immediate access to real-time data, 24/7, across the globe – ­ ­ensuring that decisions are based on the most ­accurate information available. It also brings all relevant services together in one place.

Immediate access, globally, is critical in order for us to do a good job. Servers are being replaced with the cloud, the system of the future. The cloud makes it possible for us to meet expectations in the future. Bjørn Rune Holmen Chief Information Officer, Opplandstrafikk

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SMART:myCloud is a web-based, stand-alone administration tool that contains applications that support all the distributed functionalities such as sales, validation and inspection. It provides real-time data for ticketing and also tracks ticket transactions. With this tool you can give refunds, create reports, and manage users and devices.

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By using an online service that controls travel contracts and


validation, inspections can take place real-time, and can be

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combined with reporting and business intelligence. This helps

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reduce fraud.


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