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Control and quality The demand for public transport is i­ncreasing. Passengers’ expectations are changing q ­ uickly. But how do you get a sufficient amount of ­accurate data to comprehensively report on the traffic flow? How do you bring existing and new IT solutions together so that they communicate seamlessly? What solutions should you choose to do all of the above and distribute income ­between partners based on validated trips? We improve and simplify the work of those whose job is to make public transportation go according to plan. Transit companies, fleet operators, p ­ ersonnel, and transport operators all need to work together to ensure effective and well-managed public t­ransport. SMART:­MyOperation has business critical tools that give planners, traffic managers, inspectors, operators, managers and administrators all the real-time information and reports they need. FARA’s solutions can be integrated into e ­ xisting solutions such as transport authority’s web ­pages, or they can be installed separately. They ­provide accurate, real-time reports so that public ­transport companies and authorities can monitor public transport, increase capacity when demand ­requires it, and handle unexpected events quickly.

Optimize operations Big data that is generated daily is of no value unless operators can analyze it to improve their service, achieve cost ­reductions

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and optimize the resources at their disposal. A powerful


­reporting engine ensures that historical operational data is

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always available in a few clicks. FARA can provide accurate

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and extensive statistics and reports so that partners can easily


monitor, analyze and control the different processes.

FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
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