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Monitor, adjust and stay in control Accurate, real-time reports about the traffic flow


FARA’s systems have made it possible for us to grow and meet the increasing demands and expectations of today’s passengers. We have built the system module by module, integrating it with our existing equipment and tailoring it for the future. Lars E. Thomsen, Traffic Management, Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT)

Manage the fleet

Keep the service on schedule

Fleets need to be managed and monitored

FARA’s system handles traffic light priority for any mode of public

diligently. Real-time information on all

transport that is running late. This helps keep the service on schedule

critical systems, vehicle status and

and raises the value of public transportation in the eyes of travellers.

performance makes that possible and

FARA can exchange messages with the drivers and publish service alerts

improves allocation of resources.

or other messages for the passengers. Giving a bus priority at traffic lights and links to other buses means we have better control of punctuality.

FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
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