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What the author, and some Autonomen, apparently posit as a problem--the inability of Autonomen to remain involved for a long time--does not strike me as a problem. Instead, the role of Autonomen, their approach and paths, strike me very much like the Black Blocs: they are a strategy that is appropriate and viable for specific people in specific contexts. At some times, it may be most useful to support anti-imperialist or anti-fascist struggles and to work within those movements. However, conditions may change, internally or externally, when Autonomen need to emerge. That is the apparent beauty and freedom of the movement, the gift and the curse: the ability to be when needed and not be when not needed. A final note: much of the Autonomen's rise, and ongoing connection with local and national struggles, was rooted in their engagement around housing, squatting, and struggles for affordable, and free, housing. Reviewing the USA, it is difficult now to not see how this issue, affordable housing, could be an incredible gateway for widespread activism and engagement. While some aspects of it definitely support and continue to feed Finance and Capital, at the same time, if such struggles lead to higher quality lives, and better and more affordable shelter, then it seems worth pursuing.

## Davey Dynamite’s Holy Shit!, from his album “Holy Shit!” (2016). Lyrics provided by Davey & published with his permission. The sun was shining, I was feeling a little sick I was driving, without the music on I was smiling, it’s the warmest that it’s been heavy traffic, I saw gods and I saw shit Right past midway, I bought a tambourine drove to Harlem, to wash the car got my hair cut, it’s the shortest that it’s been melting snow banks, felt like god and looked like shit You were walking, you were heading to the pier got your hair dyed, for a new job big sunglasses, blasting Martha in your ears your supervisor, thinks he’s god but he ain’t shit We are living, making art in waxing days this whole season, kicked our ass we are climbing, for a way out of this haze in our future, do I see god or I see shit it’s just another reason to get out of the house and scream and find a new context for dreamin’, kill all of these winter feelings Gods are waiting for our answers, gods are fighting shit like cancer gods are being fucking bastards, gods are picking up the hammer and I, am figuring out, this holy hell, this holy shit

Issue Ten

Not Year Zero “Now you can go where the people are one Now you can go where they get things done” [DK:HiC]

FAQ: Anti-Fascist Queers Volume 1, Issue Ten

Assembled by Luther Blissett # Welcome Back This issue we explore some older cut-ups I made a long time ago—but I’ve just recently revised them. Plus we continue to explore some of my views and experiences as an aging queer. Plus some fun quotes from fun media. ## Dune quote “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” ― Frank Herbert ## Cut-Up: Baudelaire “Duellum” vs. P. R. Koenig on the XI Degree Two warriors have grappled eleventh degree privileges and qualifications, have flecked the air with blood grade. No relation to the Order, these frolics, this clanking is inscrutable palace. Proceed from childish love. Better than the IXth degree, 1916. How swords are broken; superior is the Mouth of Isis. My dear, tooth and nail. VIIth adoration phallus fills the place of rapier. VIIIth interaction with bitter heart of love. IXth interaction inside a ravine haunted. Xth fertilization tumbled. XIth isolation anus shreds bloom with anything all and small. This pit is Hell: blood, mucous, and, of course, fervor.

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Based on his representations, it appears as if this same challenge has been an ongoing challenge for the Autonomen as well: the ability to retain a set focus or to remain a life-long movement. Honestly, I am not sure whether the Autonomen's value would be enhanced by being a life-long movement, something that people would commit there lives and energies to for their whole life. That seems problematic at best--especially when you review the "Autonomous Theses 1981" (included as an Appendix). Then again, the very nature of the Autonomen appears to be doing what is right, then and there, for personal liberation and the liberation of others. Geronimo’s history provides a properly detailed map for understanding the contexts in which the Autonomen emerged without having to fully know the history of West Germany, the intricacies of leftist politics, or the challenges of organizing. Geronimo's summaries are deft and efficient. The material is easy to read. And there is no question of when critique is included. That's not hidden. For North Americans, or at least residents of the USA, some of the protest and demonstration descriptions might seem fascinating or odd. First, given the sheer numbers involved in some of the property-destructive demos. Second, given the completely different ways that contemporary law enforcement responds to Black Blocs and other groups that intentionally destroy property. As such, the book can help readers see another way that a culture could manage protest and resistance. However, at this point in the game, you can't turn back the clock. Probably the best part of the book is the overview it provides. While the Autonomen, rarely featured in North American press except perhaps in reference to Black Blocs, are not as well known as they might be, they cannot be reduced to the simple smash it up narrative which corporate media in Germany has tried to do to them for three decades. While one could assert, quite persuasively, that Black Blocs emerged from the Autonomen, Black Blocs are more of a strategy, a tool. Just like Who's Afraid of the Black Blocs?, Fire and Flames presents a rich, complex, and accessible path to understanding not just who and what some of the Autonomen are, but why they do what they do. Readers need not agree with any or some of the text. However, simplistic castigation of property destruction or internal wars against the rich or ruling elite as thoughtless violence can't hold water after reading these texts. Yes, there will always be thoughtless fools who agitate for violence. How many more volunteer as mercenaries for Capital, to wear the State's uniform? If a broken window costs several thousand dollars to replace, is it better to have an officer break a protestor's jaw, smash their teeth, or send them to the hospital for several days-all injuries that will result in tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills? So, once again, corporate profits and property are protected while the losses and damages are dealt out to citizens to pay. Perhaps the least accessible portion of the book, for this reader at least, was the apparent endless in-fighting and factionalization around various Marxist, Leninist, and ecology-related threads. It does not take too much imagination to translate such factioning in the US context; however, the specifics were not familiar to me. Similarly unfamiliar was the control that some militant political parties expected, and perhaps still expect, in individuals' political and personal lives.

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## Coil vs Lautreamont At the time, I was fascinated with Maldoror a bit and all the apocalyptic folk bands. Then there was the French Connection, whatever that was, which held my interest. So I decided to turn that kind of era-shifting, Continental-Dark-Metaphyisics, if that’s even what it was, into a mix with Coil. ### Blood from the Air vs. 6th Canto A sleeping explorer: wandering. Hurry up and climb the mind, cross the border. Steps of the spiral staircase, a mind-like cemetery where the commodore encircled corpses, turning orbicular silk bodies deep in frozen. Inhale salts. Back. Grip of dreamless sleep, evil-doer with disheveled hair! Then the lowest comes up to your respective beds; a wreck from the depths. I order it. Maldoror, hidden night calling dreams behind doors. Not missed. Waking here in this brightness: a word. He advances, slow lightning hyena, unseen, and skirts words burnt in ice. ## Auto-Asphyxiation of the Hierophant vs. 6th Canto II “It will fall soon, it will fall soon,” tugs the brass bell modern. “It will fall soon.” White magic mansion swings hinges of moon. Black magic guardians, aristocratic Earth hands, do not bar his way. Extent have we deceived. Disowned all as damaged beings. Bearing down, enfeebled, misled, mistaken by instinct, by age-intelligence precocious. Ice temples crackle like ice ancestors’ chivalrous history. I break that. Stagger. Never had reproaches into the streets after. Phial full of turpentine, flag banner, stutter and stammer. ## Fire and Flames: A History of the German Autonomist Movement by PM Press in 2012 /Author: Geronimo /Translator: Gabriel Kuhn A classic German text about the history and emergence of the Autonomen, Gabriel Kuhn has provided the English reading world with access to this engaging text. Initially published in 1990, various versions emerged; this is a translation of the fourth, the 1995, edition. Just over 180 pages, the book is engaging and filled full of interesting and fascinating details. The book is a collection of vignettes. There are reproductions of flyers, posters, and publications from specific protests that are discussed through the book. Multiple short narratives about specific demonstrations, players, or challenges are also presented. Geronimo capably shifts between close reading and returning to the larger picture.

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## What are you supposed to do in an Age-Different Gay Relationship? [Part 2; Continues Part 1 from Issue 9] Otherwise, frankly, if you try to keep your worlds separate, it’s more like a fuck buddy or an affair than it is a relationship. That’s okay, too, if that’s what you want. But that’s not a committed relationship. I realize and understand that people define relationships in different ways. To me a relationship is being with the person you love as much as possible, building a life together, while maintaining your own identity and sense of self. How the two of you go about that, that’s the trick. Every relationship approaches this differently, and most relationships have variations in their approach to their goals. The core value of any committed relationship should be that you love being around each other, that you want to be together, and that you’d rather spend time with them doing whatever than with anyone else. This means loving, caring, and being affectionate. After a couple years, even five years, it can be easy to lose sight of Page 3

this. Sadly, many of us start taking our men for granted, our relationship for granted. This is not helpful. It is sand in the gears. When our attention shifts away from our relationship and back to our selves, we’re neglecting the relationship—we’re not watering our plants, as it were. Of course we need to take care of our selves as individuals, but we also need to take care of the relationship. Both men need to do this, and it needs to be done with relatively equal passion and commitment. If not, you’ve got an emotional imbalance. If this continues over years, there will be resentment and fights, and possibly a split will occur. You can’t afford to let someone else do the emotional work. Honestly, if you love your man, why would you want to the other man to do all the work? Don’t you want to build something, too? And if you don’t want to build something, or if you get tired of it early on, be honest. Shut it down. The worst thing that you can do as a human being is deceive the people you love and hurt them as a result of your deceit. While it’s easy to want to do, and it’s hard to face emotionally difficult conversations, delaying such a conversation out of your own emotional cowardice so that it results in the other person being hurt, at least emotionally, is totally fucked up. That’s some shameless shit. Be a decent human being. Be honest. Love your man. Spend time with him. Respect him. Understand his need for some autonomy, but celebrate your time together. But if you’re not willing to build together, get out. ## Repo Man Quote J. Frank Parnell: You ever feel as if your mind had started to erode?

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## quote “The true measure of a man is not his intelligence or how high he rises in this freak establishment. No, the true measure of a man is this: how quickly can he respond to the needs of others and how much of himself he can give.” ― Philip K. Dick ## Coil Vs. Baudelaire They are both are, or were, icons of gay male masculinity when I was coming up, growing up, and exploring non-traditional paths. I’ve attempted to synthesize and synergize key passages from their work. ### Solar Lodge vs. A Phantom in the Blackness See the black sun rise. Caves of fathomless obscurity in the solar lodge. See where Destiny has sentenced a black sun rise in the solar lodge. Life, rosy beams, stop a clock, holes never shine. Living ground, lock that sullen hostess, Night, like a knife in sound. Artist’s mocking God. Solar lodge solar lodge condemns! Paint gloom: see the black sun rise in itself. A cook ghoulish: solar lodge black appetite boils, devours heart. Sun rise from the solar lodge. A splendid ghost of surpassing charm, like a hole, like a knife in oriental languor, like a dream. See the black sun rise from the solar lodge.

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