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And kind of an interesting headline that was buried in Tiffany I Love You drop pendant economic data. In terms of corporate America making a comeback, the Commerce Department saying that corporate profits, the amount of money corporations are making right now, is at Tiffany I Love You lock charm all-time high, $1.6 trillion in the third quarter. Companies are doing more with less, I guess, is the headline there. But companies, maybe not individuals, since the unemployment rate is still so high. But companies are doing pretty well. Bernard McGuirk is coming up with a briefing. And contained in the briefing, a " Dancing With the Stars" Cuff Links And I guess the results. And Obama giving Barbara Walters his thoughts on the Korean Tiffany I Love You Lock charm necklace. But before we get to all that, it's time for sports. And sports is sponsored by Peerless Boilers. They make America's best boiler. MCSHANE: Well, Oracle's Tiffany Item for price difference and shipping cost lawsuit against rival SAP is paying off.

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