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Fan Wei Address: 11 Oxford Street, North Melbourne 3051 Email:


Qingdao Technological University, Shandong, China 5-Year Bachelor of Architecture, GPA 3.44/4 | Ranking 4/120 in 3rd school year



Technological Innovation Scholarship (Ranking 10/120)


Technological Innovation scholarship (Ranking 8/120) 2015 National University Innovation Training Project designed and implemented a project of funiture with flexible funcitons


School Scholarship for Outstanding Students (Ranking 4/120)

May 27, 2016

DAIA(Design and Art International Awards 2016) student exhibition program group, gold medal 2016 National University Innovation Training Project researched and wrote a paper named 'The research and application for passive technology of Wannan residence '



15th Challenge Cup, third-class prize National Undergraduate curricular academic science and technology works


Honor Graduate - Qingdao Technological University

DAM Lab of Qingdao Technological University - 2015 ( studied Digital Architecture and managed the use of laser-cutting and CNC Milling) Winter Station Competition, Partner: Zhang Chen - 2016.6 role in team: Concept Development, Rendering, Solid Model Making UA Competition - 2017.1 team leader, role in team: coordination, concept development, rendering,structure design Volunteer - 2017.9-2017.10 Beijing Design Week, 30 hours workload Architecture Intern - 2017.9-2018.2 WAY Studio Beijing, Compact, working under pressure


Advanced: Sketchup, Rhino, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, AutoCAD,V-Ray Beginner: Revit, Grasshopper, Lumion, laser-cutting, CNC Milling, 3D printing

CONTENTS Architecture is both a medium to express our understanding, critic and hope of the world around us and a medium through which we can engage it, with our own imagination, courage, persistence, and strategies.

1.Campus Gymnisium Design

Daily Activities


2.High-rise Building Design

Privacy in Open Office


3.Moduled Installation Design

Warm in Cold Day


4.Historical Block Regeneration

Sideface Correction


Behavior reflector


A Gymnasium in the Campus July 18, 2016, Solo Academic Work, Tutor: Shen Yuan Site: Qingdao Technological University, Qingdao, Shandong, China


Behavior reflector Designed for those undergraduates of the Qingdao Technological University, this gymnasium should be used as a large multi-purpose area to improve design's cost performance. In this project, I was trying to explore the relationship between human behaviors and architecture. I proposed to maximize the spatial diversity of the public space, allowing informal activities to happen.Events were the core of this building, rather than materiality.Additionally, to make this building sustainable, solar panels and shading blinds were used as the energy-saving strategy.

Pattern of Campus

Redefine Campus Building by Events

From the site analysis, I found the campus planning was full of inappropriately scaled large open space.How to connect these bleaker campus space with the site was the chief issue I was concerned with.

I was trying to change the design method to solve this problem.Design process is not drawing beautiful plant any more, but using events - real vision as the design method. Perspectives which illustrating the true visual perception are used to study the result of the design. In this way, the starting point of this building is thinking from real events in the building in the future.

Extreme Sports Game Watching Movie Playing the Guitar Performance

Working Playing Basketball

Sleeping Meeting


Having Meals

Study Process I proposed to arrange the entrance in the second floor.This strategy allowed the building to have better connectivity of different events and a better relationship with surroundings.The images of the building disappeared becoming a part of land.

1 Audience Entrance 2 Athlete Entrance 3 VIP Entrance 4 Staff Entrance 5 Solar Panels 6 Green Space 0




Master Plan



⑦ 0





A ①

⑨ ②

⑥ ③

First Floor Plan

Rehearsal Room Resting Area on Roof


Third Floor Plan ①

Extreme sport Area

⑩ ⑩ 1 Entrances 3 Hall 5 Changing Room 7 Staff Office 9 VIP

Second Floor Plan




2 Bus Stop 4 Athlete Rest Room 6 Shower Room 8 Table Tennis 10 Cafe 25

The story of a Student I am a junior student in Qingdao Technological University. As a result of the lack of exercise facilities, I used to lead a sedentary lifestyle and suffered poor health now and then. However, I felt in love with working out in this awesome building recently. Spaces was designed to accommodate students as many as possible by creating common spaces can be used in flexible way. I has tried a range of activities and make many new friends here.This has changed my life dramatically.


1.Playing badminton in early morning

2.Watching an amazing skateboard performance from auditorium.

A-A Section 1:500

3.Take your time in cafe!

4.Meeting friends.


5.Enjoy a basketball match.

6.We work out to keep fit at weekend.

West Elevation 1:500

7.Having a nice shower.

8.Basking on the roof.

Privacy in Open Office


High-rise Building Design May 12, 2017, Solo Academic Work, Tutor: Yu Hongxia Site: Shandong Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China


Site Analysis

Elevated Road

Qingdao Technological University

Timeline of Staff








Privacy in the Open Office 'Open office'has been promoted by many companies, especially these multinational corporations. Although this pattern can promote exchanges and cooperation, many employees suffer mental disturbance with the supervison from employers all the time. As a result, several supervision-free boxes were created as a private space in which the staff are trusted rather than supervised.These boxes are hanged beside the traffic space containing muti-use spaces that can meet individual requirements.

I was driven mad because i was supervised by my boss all the time in this kind of office!

I can take a break in my freetime in these comfort boxes!

Garden Apartment



Office Area


Garden Office Area

<100 M


Garden Office Area Gallery Traditional Pattern


Sky Improved Pattern

Circle Road

Pedestrian Entrances

Skirt Buildings

Office Area

Explosion Diagram

supervision-free Boxes


Activity Room


Group Discuss





Table Tennis



Section A-A

Meditating Freely in a Supervision - free Box

Working in Open - Office Area

Warm in Cold Day


Moduled Installation Design November 5, 2016, Group Work for 'Winter Station Design Competition' Team Member: Zhang Chen Role in Team: Concept Development, Rendering, Solid Model Making


Fast Fabrication The entire structure is made of timber. The main beams and the sub-beams are located along the shape of the cabin. The whole building is a prefabricated structure and can be quickly constructed.


Moduled Bookshelves

Insulation Sheet

Polywood Paint Finish

Windows Fixed Double Glazing

Wooden Skylignt

polywood(conifer) paint finish t=50 mm water-repellent paint finish t=40 mm rigid insulation foam laimnated polywood with galvanized steel sheet t=0.7 mm

Reading Area Stove Heated Bed

Reading Area

Flexible System This flexible construction system provides a kind of possibility for locals. The momentary condition of space was transformed by how people utilized it.

Posture and Motion

Heating System A properly designed heated bed with heating system and bricks is able to remain warm throughout the night without the need to maintain a fire.

Black Brick

Exterior Cold Air Air Outlet

Ducked Heating System Similar to the Hypocaust used by Ancient Romans Air Blower

Stove fueled by wood or coal


Sideface Correction Historical District Regeneration July 10, 2017, Solo Academic Work ,Tutor :Yu Hongxia Site: Dabaodao District, Qingdao, Shandong, China


History Timeline

Recreating Images Learning from the old prictures and documentaries, I understood the impact of past events on the culture, traditonas and character of this site.I provided a schemes to reconnect the images physically and spiritually.

Coach Station

About Site Dabaodao District used to be one of the landmarks in ancient Qingdao which was colonised by German during 1989-1914. But now, this district has become an extremely messy slum with poor managemant and lack of vitality, although the block has been completely surrounded by famous tourism attractions including cathedral and Britain consulate old site. Local residents who do not want to end up living in such poor living conditions have migrated to modern residence zone. As a result, a huge number of past events of cultural significance have been disappeared. To make this district dynamic and attractive again, it should be regarded as a memory needed to be recorded with a creative method conveying the history to the public.


Hill Park

Railway Station

YELLOW SEA Tourist Attraction



Explore the Sideface of City The space around back street and the sidewall are the sideface of a city compared with the space facing directly to main streets. During condition surveys,I found that morphologies in sideface area are enclosed and introverted which lead to the lack of public space and confusing entrances by using sampling method. The situation aroused my interest to choose the inner street in this site as my scope. how to regenerate the site bythe sideface area. In this project, Different types of objects will be inserted into the sideface of host buildings. They can be used as entrances, squares, cafes, galleries, recreation areas, etc.

Forms of 'Liyuan'building and its sidefaces Main Street


Main Street

Original Fabric

Demolishment &Construction

Creating inner commercial streets

!!! ???



Rarely have tourists walked into this block becauseof this weird modern builing standing in the intersection and coving these historical buildings.

Site Strategy

New Entrance Square


I knew there is a timehonored brand restaurant in the backyard but there is to messy to find the entrance!

I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stand living here without any activity and green Residents spcae!

In order to make interior - street suit the program. I created diverse scale and form of sections in the interior street, forming different levels of common spaces.

Air Gallery

Outdoor Dining Area

Scenes in Between Open the public program and connect the events, forming interior-street system. The interiro street is the foundation of different scenes.

Sideface Area

Front Area

Inserted Objects

Main Road

Entrance Square

Traditional Opera Performance

Open - air Gallery

Dining Area

Residential Activities

Exhibitions in the 'Liyuan' Museum

A View of New Entrance Square

A View of Interior Commerical Pedestrian Street

Thanks for your time

Fan Wei

Profile for FanWei

Fan Wei // Architecture Portfolio 2017 // University of Melbourne(MSD)  

Fan Wei // // made for MSD application //studying in UoM and looking for an unpaid job in an architecture studio...

Fan Wei // Architecture Portfolio 2017 // University of Melbourne(MSD)  

Fan Wei // // made for MSD application //studying in UoM and looking for an unpaid job in an architecture studio...

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