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Cupertino-based Apple's iPad represents a dream come true for many smartphone and netbook aficionados, as it is a cocktail of the best features delivered by the two: making calls, reading and sending mails, accessing social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, listening to music and watching videos on YouTube, working by using a complete office suite and a storage bigger than that many personal computers had a few years ago. In other words, the gizmo unveiled by the charismatic Steve Jobs delivers everything at the user's touch, all the progress registered in the last decades in the field of technology being available in one small, powerful and sleek device. That is why you should go for the best iPad stylus bent on making your experience as pleasing as possible. But how about traveling in time to see when all of this started? Slim, sturdy and classic-looking styluses were developed to enhance gaming on portable devices and the use of smartphones. As they are very small, manufacturers designed modern pens meant to replicate the human hand's actions, a must have for those with long or bulky fingers, dependent on writing everything down or those who are not fond of keyboards. As such, the best iPad stylus money can buy should be fast, accurate, slim and well built, thus increasing efficiency. Here is what you should take into account when looking for the best stylus for iPad out there: sturdiness, slimness, the quality of the material it is made of (especially metal, as it is very resistant), the colors it is available in and, the most important of them all, responsiveness. And now it is time to see some of the products that have iPad stylus best written all over them: the sturdy Jet Black BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus, the bold and stylish Crimson Red Pogo Sketch Hot Pink and BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus that will certainly make heads turn, the classiclooking RadTech Styloid v2.0 Stylus for iPad and Acase Apple iPad Capacitive Stylus, which will surely be a statement for professionals. I for one own the first generation Acase Stylus and I'm more than satisfied with it. However, these days there's a new improved 2nd generation version, which offers a more ergonomic body and a thinner tip, thus making it easier to use on all kind of capacitive displays, from the small 3-4 inch ones you get on phones, to the big 7 to 12 inch ones on tablets. There you have it: great gizmos that are well built, available in colors that will make your business partners, colleagues and friends ask you where you bought them from and, the number one aspect for those who care a lot about their image, that also fit the user's lifestyle and wardrobe.

Mike writes about netbooks, tablets and all sorts of gismos on Netbook Live. He is very passionate about technology and one of the best people to ask for info if you are in the search for the best iPad stylus.

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==== ==== check out more information about latest Ipads ==== ====

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