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Back to the future and vice versa ILIKEMYSTYLE.NET sampled by Adriano Sack and Judith Bahnham

These photos were taken from the 24’’ screen of an Apple iMac with a Leica D-Lux 3 camera. They show images on This website was founded two years ago and is run independently by a group of journalists, designers, programmers and enthusiasts. The users of the website upload pictures of themselves, their friends, their clothes and their world. They comment on the pictures of others, starting discussions, debates or friendships. They also can pick their favourite pictures and put together a Toplist. All the images here are on the Toplist of Clark Parkin, username: Clark, a stylist and fashion editor based in Munich. They represent both the variety, beauty, vanity that you find on as well as Clark’s taste, humor and some very personal relations he has to the people on the photos. To create a Sample Size we decided to photograph the images from the screen because we see the dynamics on as a series of magnifying glasses. Before becoming active, the users of the website take a scrutinizing look in the mirror - both metaphorically and naturalistically speaking. They carefully chose how they want to expose themselves in the semi-public space of a social network. They look at other pictures, comment on them, rate them, add them to their toplist and by doing so they make the process of looking at someone (and judging her/him) visible to other users. By taking pictures of Clark’s Toplist from the screen we make the process of ‘looking at somebody looking’ visible. And so on. Users of are under suspition of being uninhibited and self-obsessed, which we on the other hand regard as one of the key virtues of the digital age. Also we feel that the speed and insatiability of the Internet create anxiety because a lot of beauty, fun and creativity is swept away without being noticed. The next logical yet slightly ironic step for us is to create a printed magazine based on We all find ourselves in a constant search to figure out how different media will work. To create a user generated but printed style magazine seems a step back to the future. • 50

Fantom Photographic Quarterly · Issue 01  

Fantom Photographic Quarterly, Issue 01, Autumn 2009