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18 and a half 2.A rat tushed out from under the bed. from under 3. 4. 5. 6.A man is diligent will succeed. 7.You'd better have that tooth pulling out. 8.They left me waited outside. 9.M+ing M+ed M moving M 12.To see you is always a pleasure. is are? 13. the 14.I don't know what to do it. I don't know how to do it. 15.How to do it is the question. is 16.I think wrong to waste time. think 17. 18.Do you know when will he come? 19. 20.Will you Won't you 21.Why don't you 22.Isn't it a lovely day! 23.Haven't you finished your work? Have you finished your work? 24.Why not not 25.Why don't you why not 26. Aren't you going out? (Yes No) I'm not. yes no? 27. Have you a bicycle? Yes , I've. 28.You're not angry with me? 29. It was an awful party. Was iy? Was it 30. 31.Did you have a great time didn't you? 32.You must obey your parents , needn't you? 33.He seldom gives his wife a present , doesn t he ? 34. Nobody came , didn't they? 35.This is the last bus isn't this? 36.There's no one else in the room , is there? 37.You had a letter from home this morning , hadn't you? 38.She said her husband had gone abroad , hadn't he? 39.I think he's honest, don't I? 40.Do sit down , don't you? 41. can't you ? 42. shall we? 43.Don't forget , do you? 44. will you? would you? 45.You haven't seen my watch around , I suppose? I suppose have you , 46. Nice day , isn't it 47. She loves me she does . 48.John come here. come comes 49. Do be quiet. ? Do not 50. What bright a daughter you have! How bright a daughter you have! 51.May you both are happy! 52. If only you will listen to reason! 53.I had not breakfast this morning . 54.I suppose it's not going to rain . 55. I think not. I don't think so . 56. I don't hope so . 57. She doesn't seem to like you. She seems not to like you . 58 on 59. Nor can I. Neither can I 60 It's no use M+ing to m 61.No m+ing 62. There s no m+ing 63 They no longer live in Hangzhou. no longer no more? 64. Everybody said nothing. ? 65. Mary phoned you last night. It was Mary who phoned you last night . 66 You do look nice today ! do 67 I don't have a car , but I have a motorcycle. have


68_No one expects you to be perfect , but we .always do expect you to do your best . always 69 I wrote to him . I did wr ite to him . _ 70 Bob is always polite , Bob always is polite. 71. It was yesterday when my mother threw an egg at the Minister of Education when 72.A country needs wise leadership most . What a coutry needs most is wise leadership . 73.As it was cold , we went swimming . 74.A very good lesson we had yesterday . 75. He's not afraid to do anything but this he doesn't have the courage to do. this 76.That winter she got acquainted with a young man and this young man She got married to two years later . to 77.That John is a good young man I know that John is a good young man 78.I did it myseif myself 79.I did it myself . myself by 80 I love my husband not his great wealth. himself ? 81. He's a cru el man he is . 82.We had a great time we had. had 83. You must get out of the room and that quickly. that 84. Little I thought that I would now be in Beijing . 85. Do you know where does he live? 86.Isn' t it hot today! ? 87. How lovely are these strawberries! ? 88. Nowhere else in Shanghai have seen that kind of tree . 89.No longer he is living here . 90. Not till he got home he realized that he had lost his watch. 91. Never again I shall stay at that hotel . 92.Only yesterday they got married . 93. After a year I began to see the results of my work. Only after a year I began to see the results of my work. 94. You say he works hard so he does and so you do. 95. That's your little sister , look! so that is! 96.So hard he studied that he could easily pass the examination. 97. Especially in spring I like the country. I 98. With good reason is he called a fool. 99.How many times have I told you not to stand on that chair! 100.Should you run into John tell him he owes me a letter.= you should run into John tell him he owes me a letter. 101. As you like science , so do I like literature. As you like science , so I like literature . 102. What do you mean? asked he. 103. On the bed lay a charming young girl. 104. Here comes he! Here comes the bus! 105. Stay up last night? 106. Don't know what they'll do next. 107. Anybody want more? want wants? 108. You ready? 109. Raining? It raining? Is it raining? 110. Looking for me? 111. Is your mother at home, is she 112. He always expects the worst and he always accepts it. he 113.I work in a bank and my brother works in a factory. 114. He should have broken his engagement to Mary and he should have married Judy instead. 115.I know his father , but I do not know his mother. 116. Is it a color film or a black and white film? 117. Her boy friend is a tall man , handsome man , and good natured man. 118.He's got a job with good pay and good condition. 119.Mary plays wonderfully and sings wonderfully. 120.A gentleman and a woman were waiting for the bus. 121. Let me know what you saw and what you heard while staying in Europe. 122. He was late because he had overslept and because he had missed the bus. 123.Tell me when you were born and where you were born 124. She said that she loved me very much and that she would rather die than live without me. 125. Yesterday I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen for years. 126. I must thank the people whom I got a present from Mary, whom I told you about over there. The people with whom he worked thought he was a bit strange. 127. She was miserable unless she had neighbors to quarrel with. with 128. It is obvious that she doesn't understand spoken English.

last night, is standing whom

129.When she was young , she loved music. 130. If it is possible , arrive at once. 131. If that is so I will call you tomorrow . 132.Mary tells me you are coming to Shanghai . When are you coming to Shanghai? 133. You didn't phone me yesterday . Why didn't you phone me yesterday? 134. It's late. I know. know 135. Only after we have studied all aspects of the plan , will we make a recommendation. ? 136. My fathter who was born on December 25th , must celebrate his birthday on Christmas Day. 137. He was born on the very day when his father died. He was born on August 15 when his father died. 138.Seeing a policeman he turned and fled. 139. Lying under the tree , was a charming gift aged about seventeen or eighteen. 140. On arriving at Hangzhou I found my girl friend was waiting for me at the station. 141.The sky looks clear , however , I shall take an umbrella just in case it should rain 142. We must be early ; otherwise we won't get a seat 143. His wife too is a doctor. 144.Shall we go to see Mary on May 1st , that is to say this day week? 145.That is the best though not the cheapest method , of rebuilding your garage 146.Her latest article on earthquakes and their causes was published in August . on earthquakes and their causes 147. Dinner is served sir. 148. Pigs , cows , horses , sheep , and etc . are all animals 149. The fact is things are not working out as we hoped that 150. It was a long long time ago. 151. Work not words is what we need . 152. Just come here a minute will you? 153.Just listen to her! 154Will you please call us at once if we can be of further help. 155.You expect me to believe his story? 156.I can use your car , can't I , whenever I wish can't I 157. The key question is : Whom shall I nominate for next year's election? is 158 How can we achieve these goals is the next question. 159 Why did they get divorced and still live together has never been known. 160. Has your loan been approved ? when ? by whom for what amount? 161.Who will be responsible for drafting the proposal ? obtaining comments from all the interested parties ? preparing the final version? 162. O , China , where are you headed? 163. Oh John will you take these books please? 164. We'll take a trip to the seaside during the holidays , and Mary is going to . 165.I called I screamed I cried but no one came to rescue_ me. 166.It rained very hard therefore the football match was postponed. 167. John is a good student ; namely , he gets good grades in school 168. The information I sent you is true ---and you know it 169. The Lees--They used to live in Hongkong.---have moved to Haiwaii. 170. Mother said--and you can check with her yourself--

I'll buy you a new watch.

171. The job needs to be done; --moreover it needs to be done well, 172. Please try to get back early---certainly by 9 o'clock at the latest---, otherwise , we'll start without you. 173.Plan to stay with us (We're only ten minutes from the airport.) whenever you come to Wuhan. 174.May I still get tickets to the show (and may I bring a friend?) , or is it too late? At the coming meeting (will you be able to make it on the 15th?) let's plan to discuss next year's budget. 175. When I asked Mary whether she liked me , all she said was no. 176.Bob said We were all impressed by her can do attitude. 177. Last Wednesday you said I will mail a check today ; however , it has not yet arrived . 178. When will she say , I will marry you , John ? 179. Bob said , I can t wait to get back to work . 180. Who yelled Watch out! 181.Don't waste your time reading Who Pays the Bill? 182. Have you had a chance to read Who Pays the Bill? 183. I'll stay here until 5:30 p.m. he said .


184. Don't say I can't do it without trying . 185.Your last question How can we do the job well? can best be answered by you. 186.His boss said that, You're still in the running. 187. Three 6s are 18. 188.the winter of 83 189.the 80s 190.a room 15 30 191.Dry-cleaning is the best way to clean this garment . 192.This is a past time job . 193.Grandfather lives in a country . 194. a good idea a good news? 195.A dog is a faithful animal. Dogs are faithful animals. 196.many a time many times 197.The Chinese is a peace-loving people. 198.Look , a police is coming . 199.The average family , who now consists of four members at most , is a great deal smaller than it used to be . who which ? 200.Tables chairs and beds are all furnitures . 201.He had so many baggages that I helped him carry them . 202.This is a gold opportunity . gold golden? 203.An advise is not always welcome . ? 204.I need some informations on this matter . informations s 205.I hope you had a good travel . 206.The patient is making a good progress . 207.Sailing is a good fun . 208.Shanghai is New York of China . 209.Miss Lee a Miss Lee 210.We're inviting Chens to dinner next Sunday . Chens the? 211.means crossroads works a? 212. scissors 213.mankind the 214.I bought two fish today . 215. two ten-dollers notes ? 216.I want three dozens of these . brother-in-law 218.somebody else 219.I saw him at my uncle's house . My uncle's house stands on the hill . house 220. 221. my uncle's that automobile 222. today's paper today a Sunday paper Sunday 223. a women's lavatory women drivers women 224. the bicycle of my brother ? 225. a nine-room house room rooms? 226.If anybody calls , tell him I'm out . him them? 227.He and you are students , aren't you? 228.The United States has decided to increase his trade with our country . 229.She sits between you and I . 230.It was thought to be her . 231.He has a pain in his shoulder. 232.The song of the lark is sweeter than it of any other bird . 233.It doesn't seem much good to expect him to help . 234.I think not easy to speak English well . think 235.She always dresses herself in while . She's learning to dress herself . herself 236.Myself did it . 237.John's so a clever boy that everybody likes him . 238.I always eat bread for breakfast . My wife never does so . does so 239.One should take care of his health . his one's 240.Anyone must do one's best to save the country . one's 241.Both of daughters have been married . of 242.both children both the children 243.They both are pretty . both 244.He invited each us to his birthday party. ? 245. each each of 246.Everyone of them said so . 247.It was you all . I love you all . you all 248. any some?

249. some? 250.Why don't you give her any flowers? 251.some any some any of 252. any 253.none not any 254. some a certain 255.You may choose someone of these men . 256.Nobody of his friends lives here . nobody 257.Anybody can't fly . 258.somebody , anybody , nobody 259. who 260.Tell me what is this . 261. do you think 262. +to m 263.He's not the man who he was when I saw him first . 264.I want this book, that is interesting . 265.The man whom I thought was my friend deceived me . 266.As many children as came here were my father's pupils . came 267.There's not a mother but does not love her children . 268.Children should not have more money than is needed. is needed 269.Let me tell you interesting something . 270.Those present were all surprised at the sudden death of this great man . presence? 271.John stands five fect height . height 272. 273.m+ed 274.Don't afraid of the dog . 275.Don't wake the asleep bady . 276.She's very afraid of death . ? 277.The house is little . 278. and ? 279.The good is not lonely . 280. 281.The good are not always the true . 282. Which one do you want? The cheapest . cheapest 283.Her husband is as twice old as she . twice 284.Mary is cleverer of the two sisters . 285.Iron is more useful than all metals . 286.Mary is taller than anyone in her class . 287.Nothing is so precious as time . 288.He's a most proud man . ? 289.This method is simplest . 290.Jon's pronunciation is worse than anyone else . 291.The climate of Japan is not as mild as the Philippines . 292.The ground was covered with falling leaves . 293.There are lots of bread in the refrigerator . 294.A great many a great many of 295.The food isn't enough . 296.There's enough of food for everybody . 297.Pay him a thousand dollars only . ? 298.There are three two in six . 299.She got married in her teen . 300. 301.It's eight minutes after nine o'clock . 302.The Chinese swimmer came the first . 303.My old house is half of a mile from here . 304.That's a double beds . 305.He made himself ill by looking after his ill mother . ill 306.The car isn't worth being repaired . 307.This is worthy of doing . 308.He has no a wife . 309.He took me by my hand . 310.How a beautiful sunset it is! 311.I have hardly any time to watch the TV . ? 312.Child as he is , he talks as if he were a man . Child 313.He's turned a traitor . a

it present high?



314.They are teachers of our school . Thay are the teachers of our school . 315.He learned to swim . He learned how to swim . 316.go to church go to the church 317.He's in school . He's at school .. 318.She's the kind of a woman who likes to help other people . 319.What kind of man is he ? What kind of a man is he ? 320. They are a husband and wife. 321.A gentleman and a lady are walking towards us. a 322. 323.He seems to be the boss. to be ? 324. He doesn't seem to like you. He seems not to like you. 325. grow get 326. look 327. Look 328. The strong should protect the week . the strong the weak 329. Very few people really know how reading? 330. Your watch wants being cleaned . 331. Do you think how old I am? 332. that clause that 333. Very good lesson we had yesterday. 334. When do you think she will come? think 335. He chose her private secretary. He chose her a private secretary. 336. He thinks himself to be a genius. He thinks himself a genius. 337. He regards himself a genius . 338.m+ing m+ed 339.I saw him kiss your wife . I saw him kissing your wife. 340. apologize for apologize to 341.I was laughed at . 342.I called on him yesterday . I called up him yesterday. 343.Everybody stand up , please . 344. In the evenings I like to see friends or to listen to music. to ? 345.I like to see friends this evening . 346. Do you like to listen to music Yes I like . 347. He was lying on the lawn with his eyes shut . shut 348. My little brother isn't old enough to dress himself . himself 349. Mother got engaged to Father for a year before they got married. got 350. He was ill yesterday. He got ill yesterday. 351. I've got toothache. I've got headache . a? 352. the scholar and poet the scholar and the poet 353. He or his brothers are coming this afternoon. 354. Bread and butter is Bread and butter are 355. No one but he knows No one but him knows 356. They each plays several instruments . plays 357. Nobody came , did they ? they 358. anyone and everyone 359.I am a person who have have has 360 The Chinese is a peace-loving people. ? 361.To teach foreign languages are not so easy as you think . 362. more than one 363. He starts for Beijing tomorrow . starts? 364.As soon as I will get to America I will write to you. will 365.I hope you sleep well. sleep will sleep? 366.I bet I get there before you . get 367.It doesn' t matter where we go on vacation. go 368.He'11 be on the same plane as you are. are 369.We'll probably drive faster than you do. do 370.I'm going to make an early start so that I don't get stuck in the traffic. don't get 371. 372. I used to go to Hongkong three times. 373. I used to live in Wuhan for four years . 374. It's time you go home. go 375. Don't come and see me today . I'd rather you came tomorrow . 376.If only he returns safe and sound . returns 377.You look as if you know each other, know 378."Daddy can I watch TV ? " Suppose you did your homework first ?" did)

came returned? knew?


379. He teaches English . He's teaching English. 380. I'm always meeting Mary in the park . I always meet Mary in the park. 381.She's being terribly energetic. She is terribly energetic. 382.She's being sick She is sick. 383. How are you feeling ? How do you feel? 384.I'm living in Beijing . I live in Beingjing . 385 Mary will not be cleaning the windows . Mary will not clean the windows 386. He has gone to America . He has been to America . 387.My father has seen Dr. Sun Yet-sen . 388.It is three years since It has been three years since 389.It's a long time since you didn't come to see me. 390.I'll be here since one o'oclock tomorrow . since 391. I lived here for three years . I have lived here for three years. 392. How long have you arrived? 393.I ate something before dinner . I had eaten something before dinner . 394.I saw him before he had seen me. I saw him before he saw me. 395. We had hoped that he would be able to visit us . 396. He has been drinking six cups of coffee . 397. Have you come here before ? 398. Did you sleep well? Have you slept well? 399.When have you seen her ? 400.I saw Mary this morning. I have seen Mary this morning. 401. He has died for three years . 402. If it will make you happier , I'll stop smoking. 403. You look as if you had seen a ghost . had seen 404 He asked that he come to see me that evening . come 405. He insisted that he was innocent was 406. It is essential that every child have the same educational opportunities . have 407. The doctor suggested his patient stop smoking . 408.It is strange that you would say that . would 409.I would not rather go to the movies . 410.I would go to meet him rather than waiting here for him . waiting 411. I prefer walking to ride in a bus. ride 412.You had not better wake up the baby . 413 Mary may be home now . Mary might behome now 414.Did she say when she would be back ? When did she say she would be back? 415.To smoke is not allowed. 416.It's not allowed to smoke here. 417. She would not allow me in. allow per mit? 418.How did the window get broken? 419. If we are cold we shiver . shiver will shiver? 420.I recommended that he not go mountain climbing . not go ? 421.I would rather he didn 't leave now . didn't leave 422. I would rather you went to the movie last night. 423.I shall have finished the work before you return . shall have finished 424.I would prefer you stayed home tonight . stayed 425. had better to m 426.If money grows on trees , all of us will be millionaires . 427.God blesses me! 428.He can't be relied on for help . on 429.The child must be taken good care of . of


shall finish

430.I've got married to you for over twenty years. 431.You ought to paint your house . You ought to get your house painted. ? 432. Spring is come. 433. Potatoes cook slowly . 434. When are you going to marry ? marry 435.She married an engineer . married got married to? 436. Formerly people didn't know that the earth moved . ? 437. He said he gets up before six every morning . gets got? 438.She told me she is getting married next month. She told me she was getting married next month . 439.I told him this morning that I should be twenty tomorrow . 440.She does not love me because I am rich . 441.Mr . Lee said , We'll close early on Friday ” . 442.Why did Mary ask , “Will Judy be there ? 443. “I had enough. said John .

444.He asked me that what we were talking about . 445.She said if I wanted her to help me. 446.The teacher said he wants us to read Chapter Nine . wants wanted? 447. He told me she is his wife . He told me she was his wife . 448. Our teacher said Columbus discovered American in 1492 . discovred had discovere? 449. He said his wife is always leaving things about. He said his wife was always leaving things about. 450.“He is sorry. she said, “He cannot come 451. Yes , I suppose so her said . “ It's difficult , isn't it?" 452. It is important that you should not be late . It is important that you not be late. 453. begin start (= begin) 454. allow permit to m, m+ing 455.John told me about it yesterday . John was telling me about it yesterday . 456. When the clock struck six he was getting up . When the clock struck six he got up . 457. When I had put the cat out , I locked the door and went to bed . When she saw the mouse she screamed. break when 458.The servant broke the plate , and concealed it The servant concealed the plate which she had broken break broke had broken 459. I wanted to have seen him 460. Would you take me to the airport tomorrow morning ? would will? 461. I never liked her . I never did like her. 462. I did do my homework 463. I nver saw such a fool . never 464.My father has a house tn Shanghai . My father has got a house in Shangai. 465.I often have got headaches . ? 466. When I was your age , I must do the cooking and washing . ? 467.Passengers don't have to walk across the railroad line. 468 .He was able to swim across the river . He could swim across the river . ? 469. I could have lent you the money . 470.Accidonts can happen to any drunken driver . can 471. That man can be your father . can 472.This could be your big chance . conld can? 473.You had better take an umbrella; it (may, might) rain this evening . 474.You can be right , I think . con may? 475 I could write a better English grammar , but I hadn't enough time . 476. Where can Mary have gone ? She can't have gone to school . It's Sunday . can can't 477. Where has your sister gone ?" "She can have gone swimming with some friends. can could , may might? 478. "Could I use your phorm ” Yes, of course you could ." could 479. Could I kiss you?" "Oh, no , you can't can't couldn't? 480. I was allowed to see her yesterday evening . was allowed to see could see? 48l. We cannot be too careful in the choice of our friends. 482. Might I borrow your toothbrush ? "No you might not might, ? 483. He may be sick . " He might be sick . " 484. I might get a job soon. Yes, and man may have a baby . might may, 485.Cars cannot be parked in front of the entrance . cannot ? 486.This popular song may be heard everywhere may can? 487.Sunny flew to America She may not be home . may 488. "May it be your father ? It may, or may not , be my father , I'm not sure , may, 489.May Mary not be home now ? may 490.I can't find my sunglasses . I might have left them at the restaurant yesterday . might may 491.You were stupid to try climbing up there . You might have killed yourself . might may? 492.That may be your father. That will be your father . 493. A stone will not float . will? 494. 'will'' 495. Will you pass me the salt ? Pass me the salt , will you ? 496.Will you have some more wine? Won't you have some more wine ? 497.Won't you have some more wine ? Have some more wine , won't you? 498. "Will you come with me ? “Will you be coming with me ” II would like to very much, thank you. 499.You should go with him yesterday . 500.may, must, should ought to 501.If your parents should disapprove of the plan , you should give it up . ought to



502.It is necessary that these questions are answered at once. 503.They insist he do the work all over again . 504. The old man used to sit under the tree for hours at a time , without saying a word .

used to

505.We would go to the National Palace Museum four or five times when we lived in Kunming.


506. She used to be very shy . used to be would be 507.I'd rather go to a movie than to study grammar. 508."Did you go to the concert last night ?" " Yes , but I would rather stay home watching TV . 509.I need hardly to say that time is more precious than money . 510.I wonder if need take my mosquito-net take to 5ll.You need not light a match ; the room is full of gas . need not 512.Where need I put it ? need must 513."Must I go ? No , you must not . must 514.I needn't have gone to work yesterday , so I went fishing . 515.Would you mind closing the window ? Would you mind my closing the window ? 516. They ought to have arrived at 8:30, but they didn't turn up . ought to have arrived arrive were to have arrived? 517. People live in town do not know rural pleasure. 518. He hoped to see you before his death. He hoped to have seen you before his death. 519.I should like to have stayed there some more days. I should have liked to stay there some more days. have liked to have stayed there some more days. 520. I would rather have stayed home watching TV . 521. He was to have left for Guilin. 522.She wished not to have been seen by me . Sbe had wished not to be seen by me. ? 523 I intended to have gone abroad, but my cousin was against it . to have gone to go? 524.Know oneself is difficult . . 525.It is sometimes very difficult to keep your word . To keep your word is sometimes very difficult . 526. It is my advice to do 20 push-ups every morning. ? 527. What do you enjoy to do on weekends ? 528 I think to start work after Christmas . ? 529 Mary was supposed to come to lunch . What's happened ? 530.I don't want there to be any misunderstanding . ? 531.He needs a house to live . 532.I want some money to buy a book. 533 He's looking for a house which to live in . 534.She's nice person to live with her . 535.There's a lot of work to do . There's a lot of work in be done . 536 It's impossible for there is a war between your country and mine . 537.The boy is too honest not to tell the truth . 538.I'm only too glad to see you. 539.She's too ready to suspect . 540.I'm not so a fool as to believe that . 541.Rush to the station not to be late for the first train . 542.In order to appreciate poetry , it should be read aloud . 543.He came here for studying English . 544. Let there be no mistake about it . 545.Go get me ten post cards . go get 546 I wonder who to invite . who whom 547.To ride a horse is fun. Riding a horse is fun . It's fun to ride a horse . 548. It is + of + + to m to m 549.How careless of you to leave your umbrella in the bus! 550.It must be hard for anyone to live on such a little salary . 551.This house must be comfortable to live in 552. A good teacher like him is not easy to find . find 553.Who is to blame for the accident ? to blame 554 .I could not make myself be understood . 555. I have letters to be written . ? 556.Can you give me any work to be done ? 557. There's a lot of work to be done . 558. There's nothing to do . There's nothing to be done . 559. This book is interesting to be read . 560. She's too young to be sent to school .

It is +

+ for +

I should


? to be blamed

were to

561. He promised to do his best . to m that-clause that 562. It's important for her to come straight to me . to m that-clause that ? 563. Who's the first foreigner to come to China. to m 564. He ran hard to catch the bus . to m 565. This book is small enough to put in my pocket . ? 566. He bought some love novels for me to read them . He bought some love novels in order that I might read them. them ? 567. I don't know him and I don't want . 568. Come when you want . want to m to ? 569. Don't let slip the oppotunity . let slip 570. Don't let him interrupted . 57l. You hadn't better take a taxi . Hadn t we better take a taxi ? 572. Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose . 573.I wouldn't rather walk . Wouldn't you rather walk ? 574.They decided that the profits be divided equally. 575. They desire nothing but go home . 576. There's nothing to do but to go on living so . to m to 577. Why you argue with him? 578. Why do not let him have a try ? 579. Why not give her any flowers? 580. All you have to do is to stay home and study hard . 581.He learned how to read and to write at the age of five . 582. Now there was nothing he could do except to admit defeat . to 583.He always tries to do carefully his work . 584. Let there to be on mistake about it . 585.It was too late there to be any buses . ? 586. They lived in a house building in 1888. 587. The surprising man sat up quickly . 588. Anyone wants to come with us is welcome . 589.Do you know who the boy being punished by your teacher is ? being punisbed 590. Any student does not wanting to go on the trip should inform the office . 59l . a drowning man a drowned man 592.Quite a few of the invited women didn't turn up . 593.I want to marry a well-behaving man . 594.I want to talk to the child breaking that up . breaking 595. Do you know anybody having lost a dog? 596.The two people robbing the bank were arrested . The two people who robbed the bank were arrested . 597.Anybody being outside after ten o'clock will be arrested . being 598. the boy questioned the boy being questioned 599. Where's the girl selling the tickets ? selling 600.I like the girl sitting nearest to the window in the first row first row . 601.The woman looking after my small daughter gets paid fifty daughter gets paid fifty dollars an hour. 602. The thief , seeing the policeman ran away.

Did you see the boy being punished by the police .


I like the girl who sits nearest to the window in the

dollars an hour .

603.Being s child he went to America . 604. Being idle in his youth, he has to work hard in his old age

The woman who looks after my small

Seeing the policeman , the thief ran away . ? being

605.Having watched TV , I had several visitors . Watching TV , I had several visitors . 606. Not being read for a long time, the book became dusty . 607. Waiting for a bus , a brick fell on my head . ? 608. Surrounding by many small hills , the lake is very beautiful . 609. While crossing the street, a taxi ran over thi s child . 610. The student came late to school , the teacher was angry . ? 611. Breakfast over, he went to school. 612. I don't mind his living here .c his 613. I'm sure of his passing . I'm sure of his having passed . 614. The Natiomd Palace Museum is worth being visited . 615. The picture isn't worth looking at it . 616. This question is worth being discussed . 617. It is very nice to be with you . Being with you is very nice . 618. Writing books take up most of my time .

? ?

619. You are to stay outside and wait . Stay outside and wait . 620. This is my recreation which is reading novels . ? 621. I object to your going there alone . your you? 622.I spent five hours to do housework last night . 623. He's now engaged to write a love letter . 624. It will do no good sending for the doctor . ? 625. She began understanding what a difficult position I'm in . 626. I don't allow smoking a pipe . 627.I wouldn't advise to take the car---there's nowhere to park . ? 628. I remember to see my grandmother wearing a hat just like that . to see seeing having seen 629. I regret not to have worked harder at school . 630. They stopped talking with me when I arrived . 63l. They tried to put wire netting all around the garden . to put putting , 632. He tried to borrow money , but no one would lend him . tried (to borrow) I tried sending her flowers but it didn't have any effect . tried m+ing sending) 633. Some people don't like to speak English because they 're afraid to make mistakes ? 634. John is certain to win . John is certain of winning . 635. He's inclined to being busy . being be ? 636 .What is the best way of learning a foreign language ? of learning to learn 637. It is as easy to do right as to do wrong . to do to ? 638. It is easier to read English than speak it . speak to? 639.It is as easy as to fall off a log . ? 640. He cleaned his shoes , which was better than do nothing . ? 641. He being rich is ture . He His 642. He's proud of his father being a rich man . 643. That you were absent gave me a l ot of trouble . ? 644. He insisted that he should go there . 645. He's proud of his father's being a rich man . m+ing 646. After he leaving school, he engaged in business . , ? 647.The teacher punished him for telling a lie. 648. As soon as the clock struck twelve all the lights wen t out . On the clock twelve all the lights went out . 649 In talking with my neighbors , they told me of their troubles . 650. No talking in class . No feeding the tigers . , ? 651. Let's go buying meat and wine . 652. Using economically , one can will last for at least two weeks . 653. Falling twice he didn't want to try again. 654. Though slapped in the face by her she did not hate me . 655. Is your father home ? Is your father at home ? 656.I don't like nowadays fashions. 657. He's a wonderful guitarist . He plays wonderful . 658. I was terrible tired when I got back from the long climb . ? 659. He spoke to me friendly . ? 660. She sang lovely . 661. I was deadly tired after the long climb all day . 662. He can jump really highly . ? 663. Speak loudly, do not whisper, if you want people to hear you. ? 664.They were talking lowly when I went in . 665. He quick changed his clothes and went out . 666.Our plane took off at 9 o'clock sharply . 667 .He was sound asleep . He was sleeping sound . sound 668.The apples were packed tight in the box . The apples were tight packed in the box . tight tightly? 669. He didn't speak for long . He didn't speak for a long time . 670. She told me she had met him a week ago . 671. My hair's not quite the same color as yours . My hair's quite the same color as yours . quite 672. The movies fairly good . The movie is quite good . The movie is rather good . 673. He is fairly rich , but she is fairly poor. fairly 674.Pretty well everybody agrees with me . pretty well 675. rather too rather 676. "rather+ rather 677. Mosquitoes are a rather nuisance . 678. Can you perhaps lend me a hundred dollars ? 679. The game will begin instantly . instantly 680. Surely that's a plaln-clothes policeman?

68l. there are scarcely ten people present scarcely barely ? 682. You can't hardly expect me to lend you money again. 683. She hardly eats something so that she can lose weight. ? 684. You hardly go to the movies , don't you? 685. Have you had supper yet? Have you already had supper ? 686.I will learn to play the piano yet . yet 687. They have quarreled and no more speak to one another. no more 688. Little he expects that the police are about to arrest him . 689. John teaches painting as well . as well 690. It s nearly incredible nearly almost? 691. Nearly nobody believed her. ? 692. America is a far country . far 693.Nothing once happens in this village . 694. You're the worst boy that I've never seen . 695.He denied that he had once loved her . 696. When ever did you meet her ? ever 697. Who in the world is that strange man ? in the world 698 .They are altogether in the sunlight to get warm . 699 .May be the weather will get better. 700.I look forwards to seeing you again . 701. Can I borrow your umbrella ? By all means . By all means 702.I came here (specially especially) to see you . 703. I was indeed glad to hear the news . glad 704.I was tired and so the others were . 705. “I used to live here . So did I . 706. She can swim , and so can he swim. 707. Mary doesn't watch TV very much , and I don't too . 708. It's lale . I shoudn't stay any longer . Neither shouldn't I . 709 ."You are an orphan ." "So I am “So I am “So am I . ? 710. Is she married ? I think not ” 711. "Is he going to tell the policc ? I don't hope so . 712. The boy is so an eater . 713. How do you manage to speak to her with so patience ? 714. As you treat me , so I will treat you . I will will I? 715. It's a too difficult task for me . 716. Don't carry the joke too far . 717. I wish Mary would go away . She's one too many here . one too many 718. I very enjoyed the concert . 719. He is very afraid that somebody will recognize him . ? 720.There's much less water in the river than usually . 721. These shoes are very too small for me . 722. This book is the much best for learning English grammar. 723.His very servants despise him . very 724. Mary is in . Mary is in here . 725. Here are we ! 726. Here s to your health 727.My father stayed at home all day yesterday . at ? 728. Is he not a teacher ? " "Yes, he is not . " 729. "Nothing is more precious than gold ." No, time is. 730."Don't open the window ." "Yes, sir ." 731. There were many a man and woman present at the celebration . 732 .There are more than one way to solve the problem . 733. There are a number of problems to be solved . 734. There is a sandwich , a bottle of milk , and three strawberries on the table . 735. Besides Chinese , he knows two languages , such as English and French. 736. Some subjects , such as English, mathematics , etc. , have always been easy and enjoyable for me . 737.A: I'm going to Hongkong tomorrow ? B: Which flight on ? A B 738. Who knows where is your hat ? 739. Do you think why she hates me ? 740. This is the village where I visited last year . 741. Do you know the time when he will come back ? Do you know when he will come back ? 742. However people are rich, they always want more . 743. I'll call up you about nine o'clock . 744. You study as half hard as your brother . 745. He runs faster than I run . 746. I've been there more of ten three times than you have .

747. John doesn't study as diligently as Mary does. = John studies diligently than Mary does. 748. Mary works harder of the two students . 749.The more I thought about it , the more I became confused . 750. The later you come, the more time there will be for discussion . ? 751. There are much more people than I expected . 752. I made many fewer mistakes on this composition than on the last one . many 753.I was enough fool to believe her . ? 754. This is by far the worst movie I've ever seen ! by 755. "Can you use your father's car ?" "Yes , I can usually . 756. Mary's here . Here's Mary . 757. Here comes Mary . Here comes she . 758. Away they went . They went away . 759. He only had twenty dollars . He had only twenty dollars . 760.I have once been to New York . once 761.The audience waited eagerly for the beginning of the show . I found quickly out the answer . 762 Tom didn't get the money , honestly . Tom didn't get the money honestly . 763.Both Mary and John won't be here. 764. Mary is a teacher , and is teaching now . is 765.The young man has a house , and has been married . has 766. He wants to watch TV or to listen to some music . to ? 767. Because I liked him , so I went out with him . ? 768.Her husband is a teacher and a writer. ? 769. His son and his secretary accompanied him. His son and secretary accompanied him . 770. A needle and thread were found on the floor. 771. He , and not you , are to blame . 772. Every train and bus were crowded to its utmost capacity . 773. We are flying both to Chicago and San Francisco . ? 774. She sings as well as plays the piano . 775.Mary and her mother are beautiful . Mary as well as her mother is beautiful . 776. In addition to sing like an angel , she dances divinely . ? 777. I did not go, nor any one else did . 778. She won't wait for you, nor won't I . 779. I have not met him, nor do I have no desire to meet him . 780. I never saw him again , nor did I never regret it . 781. He does not drink nor gamble . ? 782. He did nothing except complained the whole time she was here . ? 783. Have you or he taken away my umbrella ? ? 784. See to it , that the door is locked before you go to bed . 785.I take that he is not a Chinese . take that 786.I doubt that she likes me . 787.I think certain that he willI succeed . 788 Your essay is good except for the spelling is unsatisfactory . 789.I would go to the United States but that I had a family here . 790.It depends on if we've got enough money . 791.He insisted on that he was innocent . 792.I feel fine except for that I'm a little tired . 793. The report that he is dead must be false . that ? 794. Tbe reason is because I don't know him . 795. Whether she comes or not is unimportant to me . whether if 796. The book I'm reading it is interesting . 797. She is the girl I told you about last night . about 798. I plan to stop off in Nanjing where I used to live. 799. The time when is lost is lost for ever . 800. There's nothing in the world but is not influenced by the sun . 801. He was absent , as it is often the case . ? 802. That's the same man who asked me for money yesterday . ? 803. Anyone who wanting to come with us is welcome . 804. In my class there are 20 students , most of them are from Zhejiang . them 805. When John arrived , I was telephoning Mary . When John arrived , I telephoned Mary . 806. Hardly he had left us when we burst out laughing . 807. After finishing his homework , he went to bed. After having finished his homework , he went to bed . 808. I did not marry her just because she was beautiful . " 809.So fierce their dog was that no one dared to go near their house . 810.She has such many boyfriends that she can't remember all of their names . 811.No task is so difficult but we can not accomplish it .

812.I'm going to make an early start not to get stuck in the traffic . 813. I went to the post office for buying some stamps . 814. Supposing the plane is late ? 815.Suppose you try now ? 816.Although it is late , but he'd like to go out . 817.A fool as he is , he will not do such a thing . 818.Tired as he was , I decided not to disturb him . as 819.If he is poor , he looks happy . if 820.Even if I were sick , I would go . Even though I am sick , I will go . 821.Whether we go or we stay , the result will be the same . Whether I go alone or you go with me , the result will be the same . 822.I'll wait here whether he will come or not . 823.I'll always love you , no matter what . 824.Some people are short while others are tall . 825. You look as i f you know each other . 826. You will be praised or blamed according to your work is good or bad . 827 . A man will succeed in proportion as his perseverance . 828. This rare o p portu ni ty should be made good use of . “of” 829. There's the boy I used to be in love with . with 830. That I do not approve o f . “of” 83l. Your husband is interesting to talk to him . 832 It is silly to take exception to be found fault with . ? 833 She was walking up and down the room . up 834. Whether he is for or against us we can not tell . tell for 835. Why don't you come around on Monday evening on 836.When I was your age I knew much less than you do . of 837. Of what weight are you ? Of what use is this tool ? of of 838. I got there at about five o'clock . I got there at five o'clock . at 839 Is anybody home ? 840. My mother was busy cooking in the kitchen. 841. He wasted the whole summer vacation in doing nothing . 842. I waited for weeks for her letter . for 843. He worked for all day . He worked for the whole day . for 844. Let's have a party on one evening next week . Let's have a party on an evening next week . on 845.They will make this a one-way street on some day or other . 846. She's worried about if her son will return safe and sound . ? 847. In a cold , wet morning in January , the poor old beggar was found frozen to death at a roadside . 848 I'll be seeing Mary Monday evening . 849. You will be seeing your parents on Christmas I suppose ? 850.Not until midnight it stopped raining . 851.Until now I know nothing about it . until till? 852.We had to wait from noon until after 4 o'clock for the doctor to come . 853.He started to study the piano from the age of three . 854. We didn't get home till 2 a.m. 855.I was there since three o'clock , but nobody came . 856.I've been waiting since two hours . 857.I shall be here by six . I shall be here till six . 858. No visitors called in your absence . in during 859.We have had two world wars for this century. 860.Can you finish the work after an hour ? 861.There's a picture of Dr. Sun Yet-sen in page 1 in Book 1 . 862.He was then sitting at the corner of the room . 863.Fruits grow on bushes , trees and vines . 864.I met with him in a friend's house . 865.I met him on the street , not inside a shop . on in 866.The child fell in the water . The child fell into the water . 867.The temperature is five degrees over zero . 868.He spread his handkerchief above his face to keep the flies off . 869.There's a waterfall over the bridge . 870.Our school is about a mile under the bridge . 871.I always prefer to travel in front of the bus . 872.He shared his property among his wife , his daughter , and his sister . 873.We live in a village among hills . among between?

until after

874.Can you swim over this river? There's a suspension bridge over the river . Can you swim over? over 875.My house faces south,toward south, toward the south . 876.He walked to his office . He walked toward his office . 877.France lies toward the south of England . 878.Yunnan lies to the south of China . 879.You should be polite toward everybody . toward to? 880.Her hair hangs around her neck . 881.A boat anchored just from the coast . 882.The new house is a little way from the main road . 883.The dealer will take 5 percent from the price . 884. He was killed with a stone . with by 885.She made the evening dress with hand . 886.How are you going , by the train or by the bus? 887.I'll go by 9 a.m. train . 888.I'll tell you the truth with a few words . 889.He looks handsome on uniform . 890.I sold my house to Mr. A at 100,000. 891.The book is above me . 892.We succeeded above hopes . 893.Who's behind this program? 894.That's going beyond a joke . 895.I ll go on Monday by slow train . 896.This is a good essay except the first paragraph . 897.The roads are deserted except a few cars . All the roads are deserted except one . 898.I went to the school for seeing Mr. Wang . This is a room for sleeping in . 899.She came in a new dress . She came with a new dress . 900.You are both of a piece . 901.He is a lamb of a boy . 902.You laughed him out of his opinion . 903.We went throughout a wood to the village . 904.He turned toward me . He turned to me . 905.He hid under the table . He hid below the table. 906.The bouse is under repair . The house is in repair . 907.He sailed under false colors . 908.Can you tell me the nearest way to the station? Can you tell me the way neatest to the station? to 909.He bought the property with an eye to build a home for himself there . 910.This book will certainly interest in you . 911.It is a matter of life and death . What's the matter of you? of 912.He felt a lot of pity for her . Have pity for me! for 913.I express my regret for not being able to help . 914.Shame on you! 915.Best wishes for a Happy New Year . 916.He's man who is given to boasting . 917.I like to watch basketball matches in TV. 918.Your brothers , sisters , mother , father and you are next to kin . 919.Who was the man sitting across from me? 920.It is anything but bad . 921.I'm tired with teaching the same thing over and over again .


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