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We got that covered in this issue.

Sneak Peek from a NEW Futuristic, Steampunk Series

Fill Your Bowl Up! News of all the latest releases in the Urban & Paranormal SoupFantasy season is here. Let's warm up. AUTHOR INTERVIEWS

Amos Cassidy Mistral Dawn

Simple and Sweets FANTASY AUTHOR FEATURE: Indulge in AARON-MICHAEL HALL A treat. Low fat BOOK FEATURES desserts. Demon Within- JulieNicholls

Lycan Heart - Barbara Chioffi Kiss of Silver - Amos Cassidy Captivated by the Winter King - Mistral Dawn Norma Jean's School of Witchery - Rose Montague and much more

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Welcome to this first edition of Fantasy Worlds emag. We hope to bring you some fantastic books by some fabulous authors, both old and new. Fantasy Worlds emag is dedicated to Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, and Fantasy Romance books. We'll find the best books available and also up coming ones too!

Introudcing Amos Cassidy. Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy and New Adult writing team Featured author : Aaron-Michael Hall Mistrals Musings : Fantasy Romance Popularity Featured Author : Barbara Chioffi FREE BOOK if you vote on Kindle Scout FREE Short Story by new author Rosalynn Serenity Book Feature : Demon Within Julie Nicholls Featured Author : Morgan Smith Author Feature : Rose Montague Book Feature : Captivated by the Winter King - Mistral Dawn Author Feature : K M McFarland Interview Mistral Dawn : Sneaky Peek New Cyberpunk novel coming soon

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What is Fantasy and what will we be covering in this magazine? Fantasy is a genre of fiction that uses magic or other supernatural elements as a main plot element, theme, or setting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic and magical creatures are common. Fantasy is generally distinguished from the genres of science fiction and horror by the expectation that it steers clear of scientific and macabre themes, respectively, though there is a great deal of overlap between the three, all of which are subgenres of speculative fiction.

So basically, vamps, werewolves, lycans, magic, the fae, science-fiction and things that don't fit under the 'normal' category!

Amos Cassidy

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Destinies aren’t written, they’re forged, and Jake

Winters is about to get a 101 in forging.

Hi, we’re Richard Amos and Debbie Cassidy, writing under the pen name, Amos Cassidy. We’ve been writing as a team for about four years now and hope to write together for many more. We both live in Bedfordshire, England, and share a love of all things Joss Whedon and Jensen Ackles. Sugary snacks and caffeine are our fuel of choice when writing. We write mainly in the Urban Fantasy genre, dark, gritty and no holds barred tales. We’ve also taken a ride into Post-Apocalyptic fiction and intend to go back there very soon. Well, that’s us as a team, but what about us as individuals? Amos:  I’m a daydreamer… Sometimes I just drift off on little explorations of other worlds in my head when the sun has his hat on… And when he’s hung it on a hook for the night. Okay, so make that a dreamer at any time of day. I love dinosaurs and dragons. Stick any Jurassic Park film on and I’m one happy chappy! I love books and art and travelling and music. My CD collection is HUGE! I couldn’t function properly without music, or books. I’m currently studying for a degree in Humanities. I have a huge obsession with London, and live about forty minutes outside, so I visit every Sunday with my boyfriend (as well as other adventures in other cities from time to time). Amazing city! I’m in love with it. And, I must add, I also cannot function properly without writing. Goodness, it keeps me going through rain and sun and snow and all three at once! Writing = THE BEST! LOVE IT!

Cassidy: A little about me…hmmm…I have Psychology degree in a drawer somewhere, yep it’s mine, and I worked in marketing and the civil service for a few years, but now I’m a mum of three and a housewife, which I have to say is a lot harder than both my previous careers combined! When I do get a moment to myself I usually unwind with a good book or an episode or two of my favourite tv show. The rest of the time I’m juggling housework, kids and writing.  I have a notepad filled with novel ideas and can’t wait to get to each and every one! I’m frequently buoyed by the future of our writing and can’t wait to share all the stories in my head with the world. You can check out what we have to offer here: Amos Cassidy Stalk us on: FB: Amos Cassidy World Twitter: amoscassidy Blog: amoscassidyauthor

A quaint British coastal town hiding ancient secrets, a heavenly weapon that claims a host, a dragon’s egg that has a tale to tell - Jake Winters is the line that connects all the dots. But Jake has much to learn, and very little time, because a serial killer is on the loose, a monster with the face of a fashion model, and it’ll take Jake’s special brand of intervention to stop him…  Features a gay male protagonist, some M/M and M/F sexual content. Mature audiences, 18+



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Introducing Fantasy Author

Seed of Scorn Book II

Aaron-Michael Hall Aaron-Michael Hall is a native of southern Illinois. He was born and raised just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Mo. After moving about the country, he has returned to his roots and where this journey began. When he was younger, Aaron-Michael would get lost in the fantasy and sci-fi worlds created by Andre Norton, N.K. Jemisin, R.A. Salvatore, Octavia Butler, Ursula K Le Guin, and R. Scott Bakker. His recent favorite authors are Michael Moorcock and George RR Martin. Being from a large family, Aaron-Michael would often steal away high in a tree or nearby wood seeking solitude. While enjoying the peace his natural surrounding

provided, he created his own worlds and languages. For hours, he would be lost in the magnificence of his own imagination. Some characters and elements created then are used now in his current series. The Rise of Nazil is the first in a series of books from this new author. It is a fun and intriguing read with a host of characters. When asked why he wrote this novel, Aaron-Michael simply said, “It needed to be written.” It is his hope that the readers enjoy the wonders of Faélondul even more than he enjoyed writing about them.

THE RISE OF NAZIL BOOK 1 It was the 75th year of Alberoth when the AsZar summoned the Guardians. There was an imbalance in the lands of Faélondul. The Zaxson, Draizeyn Vereux covered the lands in a pall of darkness. There was a plan to exterminate the infestation in Nazil, a plan to eradicate the humans. Led by the priestly cast called the Cha, the Xenophobic Nazilians dominating Faélondul justified their brutalities against the humans. But when the First Chosen of the elite guard of Nazil discovers Brahanu Ravenot lost near the gates of the city, not only his life but also his entire system of beliefs is forever changed. With all the darkness covering the lands, can love—forbidden, yet eternal—save both humans and Nazilians? The Rise of Nazil is an adult fantasy novel that takes your breath away. Intricate plotting, intense passion, exciting battles, and complex, challenging characters pull the reader into the mythical world of Faélondul, where powerful ethereal beings wrestle for domination against the brutal Nazilian rulers. “Aaron -Michael Hall has the uncanny power to weave even the most delicate tapestry of conflict—both within and without—into a deeply moving narrative. A dazzling read, ‘The Rise of Nazil’ is a story that will leave you gripping the edge of your seats. It is an unforgettable tale of love, self-sacrifice and acceptance that will haunt you days after reading it. Begin your journey through the land of Faélondul—and witness how love can transcend race, belief, and deadly prejudice—and lifts away darkness from the lands.”

With The Rise of Nazil and threaten the peace of the lands the defeat of the Vereuxs, the and the lives of the Benoists. lands of Faélondul were freed. With the release of a Zon'tul and Pentanimir Benoist now stands as Zaxson—the most powerful man in the lands. The love he held for Brahanu was the catalyst for Nazil's liberation. Will that same love also lead to its destruction? In Seed of Scorn, the much-awaited sequel to The Rise of Nazil, Pentanimir and the entire House of Benoist face an insidious threat—a threat that assails them on all fronts, yet remains largely invisible. Both Nikolina d'Garrion once pledged to Danimore Benoist and Molag Bomgaard—unwittingly manipulated by an ancient evil—

an indissoluble pact, the pall of darkness manifests. A darkness the Guardians could not foresee nor deter. Seed of Scorn takes the epic saga to previously unheard of levels of complexity and intrigue. It is an enthralling tale of love, honor, betrayal, and the perfidious depths people will descend for the sake of revenge. Aaron-Michael Hall's craftwork—the unforgettable characters, the surprising twists, and turns, the intricate, rich plotting—will dazzle you. If you loved The Rise of Nazil, prepare to be blown away! Seed of Scorn will grip you from the beginning and leave you in awe.

CONNECT WITH AARON ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOODREADS AND HIS OWN WEBSITE. IF YOU'D LIKE TO PURCHASE ANY OF HIS BOOKS, USE THE BUY LINKS BELOW Piercing the Darkness (Book III) Available for Pre-Order April 1, 2016 DUE TO SOME GRAPHIC SCENES AND ADULT SITUATIONS, THESE BOOKS ARE INTENDED FOR MATURE READERS ONLY Website: Mehlonii Language Link: FB Page: Aaro-Michael-Hall Authors DB: Twitter: GoodReads: Smashwords: Kobo: iBook: Oyster: BookHippo: B&N MineEye:

Pages 8 - 9 March 2016 FWemag Mistral knows what she's talking about when it comes to hotties. you should check out her first novel, Taken by the Huntsman. Click the link to Amazon


universal appeal and are prone to

Then, there's the romance. Okay,

capture the imaginations of a wide

be honest, who doesn't enjoy a good

I've got a random musing for you

variety of people. Why else would

love story? Huh?   There's another

today. Specifically, I've been thinking

they have lasted so long? But that

universal theme for you. Either you

about why science fiction/fantasy/

doesn't explain what about them is

identify with the rush of passion,

paranormal stories and the romances

so alluring.

think of it with nostalgia, or wist-

that fit within those genres seem to

Well, as you might have guessed,

fully dream of the day you might

be so popular.First, I decided to see

I have an opinion about that. And

experience it, right? And then add

if they really were as popular as they

that's all it is, just my opinion, I

the superpowers, supernatural good

seemed to me, and the information I

don't have any statistics or research

looks, and element of mystery that

found bore out my assumption. Ac-

to back it up. But you can decide

many characters in the paranor-

cording to the Business of Consumer

if you think I might be on the right


Publishing 2006, the science fiction/

track or not. Personally, I think it's

possess, and you have the perfect

fantasy genre accounted for $495

because it allows us to explore the

recipe for some good, old-fashioned

million out of the $6.31 billion in

extremes of human nature in a safe

lust. After all, who wouldn't want

book sales in the US that year and


to be swept off their feet by a hottie

romance accounted for $1.37 billion

Think about it, in a lot of sci-fi/

with mysterious powers and lots of

in book sales. So, clearly people are

fantasy/paranormal tales, there are


spending some serious cash on both

clear and well-defined delineations

The best thing about characters in the

romance and sci-fi/fantasy stories!

between "good" and "bad." Yes,




some stories also have shades of gray

genre, in my opinion, is that they're

ing. Human beings have been

in them, and they are often fantas-

almost never perfect. Generally

spinning yarns about the super-

tic, but one of the things that defines

speaking, the authors in this genre



these genres is having a "good guy"

build complex, imaginative worlds

Hey Everyone!










tive for thousands of years. Just

and a "bad guy." That leaves readers

for their characters to contend with,

look at all the god/goddess/fairy/

with the option to put themselves

and the way all the moving parts

monster/etc legends there are in cir-

in either role and exploring either

come together leaves a lot of room

culation! Every culture has its own

their light side or their dark side. So

for the kind of quirks, foibles, and

version of those familiar themes,

much fun to be had!

imperfections that make charac-

and the stories have survived the test

Add to that the fact that the char-

ters "real." The "good guys," while

of time to be passed down through

acters in these stories often have

clearly good, have their faults. And

generations so that now they can

superhuman powers, intelligence,

the "bad guys," while clearly bad,

be made into movies starting Hugh

technology, etc, and you not only

have their virtues. Which makes the

Jackman, Vin Diesel, Chris Hems-

have the opportunity to be a hero

ride through the story all the more

worth, and Sean Bean.

or antihero, you can be an ultra,

fun! Escapism at it's best.

And as for romance, well, have you

super, mega hero or antihero! Talk

So, there you have it, folks. My take

ever read some of the old Greek and

about getting a lot of bang for your

on why the sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy

Roman mythology? Whoo! *fans

buck! ;-) Who wouldn't want to go

genre, and the romance subgenre, is

self* Steamy stuff there! ;-)   And

on those kinds of adventures? And

so popular. It provides wonderful

considering that "Greek God" has

when you're reading about the excit-

opportunities for escapism, vicari-



ing exploits of your favorite char-

ous wish fulfillment, topics to tease

perfect male body, who can blame



acters, you're probably not thinking

readers' imaginations, and themes

those people for fantasizing?

about the shopping or the laundry

that appeal to almost everyone. Now

But none of that answers the question

or your asshole of a boss, am I

pardon me while I find a vampire,

of why it's so popular now. Okay,

right? It's escapism, and everyone

shape-shifter, hot fairy, hunky alien,

some of it has to be that these are

needs to escape now and again, even

or sexy god to read about.

clearly themes that have an almost

if it's just between their ears.

Pages 10 - 11 March 2016 FWemag

Introducing: Barbara Chioffi Hi..My name is Barbara Chioffi, and I've lived in the Northern Virginia area for over 35 years. Born in NC, I and my family trekked to my father's birthplace when I was in high school. A beautiful little town, situated on a bluff above a river between Alabama and Georgia, it was and still is filled with southern charm. I finished high school there, attended college, teaching two years in a rural black school before moving to my present location. I write in multiple genres, whatever happens to be in my head, and my head has been filled with stories since I was little. My first word was 'book', and after following family members begging to be read to, my mother taught me to read for myself. New worlds opened up, some reality, but mostly fantasy. I lost myself in the books I read, becoming heroine after heroine and every now and then, a villain.

ANGEL MINE This is a short contemporary romance. It's available from Amazon.

Jeza is a gorgeous redhead with a broken heart. One afternoon, she meets a handsome stranger at a local gun range and the sparks fly. Instant attraction results in a hot romance, but trouble looms on the horizon. Her former abusive boyfriend returns to reclaim her with dangerous intent. As she put on her headphones and readied her weapon, a tantalizing scent hit her nostrils. It was all male, not cologne, but sweat, mixed with woods and smoke. She shook her head and concentrated on her target. Taking aim, she fired. Damn! She missed. Frustrated, she fired again with the same result. An exaggerated huff left her lips and from the next stall, she heard a chuckle. Peering around the divider, an extremely, tall, well-built man stared at her for a few seconds, and said, “What’s the problem there, sweetheart?” Her brows drew together and her mouth opened, and she suddenly found herself angry.

How dare he say such a thing? As a matter of fact, he should mind his own business and she was going to tell him exactly that. But as her eyes met his, all her ire vanished, as she experienced an unusual tingle. Then he smiled, and it was as if everything in the world was right again. Remembering that she was supposed to be angry, she said, “Not a thing.”

He laughed, “Well, that’s a relief. Thought I was going to have to rescue you for a minute.”

Her first inclination was to bite back, but his smile was so beautiful that instead, she said with a smirk, “Maybe I need rescuing"

Aware of a soft touch on her face, she opened her eyes to find a man leaning over her. He was large, well over six feet, with amber eyes and golden highlights in the dark hair that fell past his shoulders. She shoved him, but he held her in place with no effort as he said, “My name is Justin and I mean you no harm. This is your dream and I am here for you.” She shook her head. Was this really a dream? It seemed so real and so did he. Soft lights illuminated the room and shapes of the furniture were visible. She felt weightless; the covers were like silk against her body. Looking past him, there was a fire burning in the small fireplace on the opposite wall. Feeling as if she was floating, She realized this must be a dream. Why else would this strange man be in her cottage? The door was locked, the windows closed, and she had not made a fire. He couldn’t be real; he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen… broad shoulders, expansive chest, and large hands. The better to feel you with my dear crossed her mind, and she laughed quietly. If this is a dream, I’m definitely along for the ride. She waited for him to make the first move. Never sure of herself, she had spent most of her childhood moving from one foster home to another. As for men, there had been several, but none came close to the perfection before her. “What is your name?” The man asked in a deep, sensuous voice. “Julia Monroe,” she whispered. Justin took her chin in one of his large hands as he felt the softness of her hair with the other. He bent down and brushed her lips with his, growling as he tasted her for the first time. Julia leaned into him, her body responding to his touch. He held her, lighting a fire in her with his kiss, his eyes glowing in the light from the flames. She found herself breathing a little faster, the taste from his mouth in hers… a taste of wildness that took her senses. If he could do this with a kiss, she could only imagine what was to come.


Looking into her eyes, I envisioned her spread before me, my possession complete, and made idle chatter, assuring her calm state. After a time, her eyes were languid and reaching forward, I took a strand of her hair, letting it run through my fingers. She seemed not to notice, but did, however, lean toward me, giving me the perfect opportunity to complete the distance. Placing one hand behind her head, I brought my lips to hers, once more experiencing the sensation of losing control. Concentrating fully, I took over the exchange of tongues, plying her with my mastery, eager to let the games begin. Smaller than I by six or seven inches, I found it easy to pull her into my embrace, holding her arms by her sides and turning her face up to mine. Sensing her acquiescence, I pulled her down under me on the sofa, continuing our kiss. Her body was soft beneath mine and for a moment, I almost gave in to my baser desires. This, however, would not accomplish my objective and I put them aside. Amazon Buy Link Seeming to sink into a euphoric state, she remained quiet as my mouth released hers. Lifting her was easily accomplished and I placed her on the coffee table, releasing the cuffs at each corner, restraining her hands and feet. Her eyes opened and she stared into mine, suddenly aware of her state, however, no fear showed on her face. There was excitement which surprised me. Perhaps this would prove to be the most rewarding experience yet, finding one who reveled in the same perversion as my own, although the end result would be the same. No evidence would be left.


Pages 12 - 13 March 2016 FWemag

Nineteen-year-old Priya has lived in the shadow of the forest all her life. She knows the rules better than anyone. Do not go into the forest alone and never stray from the beaten path. Her village has lived in tentative peace with the inhabitants of the forest for decades, until the day that someone breaks the rules. From the dusty heat of the village, to the icy grandeur of the Capitol, Priya must make an impossible journey.Will she succeed in delivering a message that could save them all?

Debbie Cassidy needs your help! This fabulous half of Amos Cassidy writing team has released a book to hopefully attain a publishing contract with Amazon Kindle Scout. Her chance of getting this contract depends on how many votes Forest of Demons receives and this is why we need your help. If you vote, you WILL receive the book FREE if it's published as part of the kindle deal. You get to help and Indie Author turn professional and get a free read! Please follow the link!

DAMNED SOULS BY ROSALYNN SERENITY FREE SHORT STORY Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…. The short mantra was doing nothing for Dani’s nerves as the cab drove through the streets of New York. She could hardly believe she was finally there. To make matters even nerve racking, she was on her way to the biggest meeting of her life. Today would solidify her position in the newest and hottest development company and if things went well, would give her a stepping stone to partner one day. Even with the crazy dreams that plagued her throughout her life couldn’t overshadow the excitement running through her body as she sat in the back of the cab. Picking at a small thread from her skirt, her mind slowly gravitated back to the dreams. They had been going on since she could remember, at least once a week since childhood. A man as striking as the sunset back in Oklahoma walking in a forest with her. She was never afraid but could never speak to him. He whispered words in a foreign tongue she never understood nor did she mind. As a child she would call him Charlie and he was the one unwavering thing in her life, the only constant through the never-ending foster homes. It was like no one ever wanted her for too long except him. An overactive imagination with a fixation of a safe person is what a therapist had once said to the foster parent at the time. Others just called her broken, untreatable, even possibly unstable with the fixation. All she knew was Charlie was safe and for her to stay safe, she had to keep him to herself. At around 10 she stopped telling people about him. Sometimes she just wish….that maybe, just maybe he was real. A loud honk and sudden yank of a seatbelt told her the cab had abruptly stopped, jarring her from the thoughts that wanted to possess her mind. Peering over the seat, she could see traffic backed up all around. At this pace she would never make that sales pitch meeting. The rain seemed to be coming down even harder, which always caused traffic to take longer also. Making a quick decision to brave the rain coming down, she grabbed her purse digging a twenty out and handed the cabbie the fair. “Keep the change and have a wonderful day!” she said as she quickly dove for the sidewalk. The company building was only a few blocks away and thankfully most of the area was covered by awning of the shops lining the street. She could make it in time to dry off and still be prepped for the meeting. As she dodged a puddle on the sidewalk she looked around at the different shops just opening up for the day. Most were large name brand companies but a few smaller businesses opened. Those were the ones that she loved the most because they reminded her of something innocent and peaceful. Rounding the corner, she was still smiling when a window caught her eye. Simple, old western lettering said BOOKS across the middle of it. With no awning covering the front she was about to make a run to the next store front when she glanced into the store. A person..a man..caught her eye just before she dashed across. It couldn’t be him, she thought as she watched him move in the small book shop behind a counter. There he was, this man she had dreamt of for years. As she tried to gather her wits about her, she realized she was quickly becoming drenched by the rain coming down. Without a second thought, she walked to the door of the shop and opened it. A small bell tinkled overhead announcing her entrance and the smell of well-worn leather and strong coffee hit her at once. For some reason, the smells put her at ease as she shuffled in the quaint store and she took a deep breath in reveling in the warmth that enveloped her as she took a few more steps in the shop, letting the door close behind her. A voice snapped her out of her thoughts, “Bit of a nasty day out there isn’t it?”. Turning to her left, there he was. The reason she had stopped, the reason she was now running late for her meeting with the developers and worst of all, her boss. She could turn around and walk out. Maybe if she left now she could make it still. “Miss…are you okay?” he said as he started to move around the counter to walk towards her. She then took in his features as he walked closer to her. Eyes that were the color of moss looked at her with a hint of mischief as a quirked smile played across lips that were meant for kissing. Hair as dark as onyx fell across them and as he pushed them away she could see the muscles that danced in his arms from the simple movement. Dressed in a simple tee and loose jeans, he still looked like a model and oh the Gods he was in front of her now. Quickly trying to gain some more of her composure she answered him “Yes, I’m so sorry. I…uh was outside and seen this was a bookstore and I needed a book. Right. Yes. I needed a book.” She said matter of fact, straightening her back again and trying not to ogle him. Even in her 4 inch heels and 5’6 height she still had to look up at him slightly. He had to be about 6’4 at least, she thought. “Well you came to the right place then I hope. Is there a particular book you had in mind?” At this she felt his hand brush her arm and a shock go through her system. Looking down she realized he was slowly caressing her arm, goosebumps raising even though she was no longer standing in the cold rain outside. “I have no clue. I mean, I wanted just a book to read. After work I mean. For myself because I have nothing better to do.” She blurted out. Oh for the love of Pete’s sake what was coming over her? She was a brilliant saleswoman with the newest developmental firm in the city. One look from this man and she became a blubbering idiot. Get it together Dani she scolded herself. She heard a small chuckle and turned her eyes back towards him. Did she just see his eyes flash gold? She must be more stressed than

she thought. Thinking her dream man was in front of her and his eyes changed colors. Scoffing at the idea, she took a step back trying to put some distance between herself and him. “Don’t do that Danielle..”he reached for her arm again, pulling her towards him. She didn’t tell him her name. She could barely form proper sentences so how in the world did he know? “Who are you?” she said with panic lacing her voice. “How do you know my name?” “I can explain. I’ve been waiting hundreds of years to tell you..” Rebecca knew with those words she wouldn’t make it to the meeting. Her world was about to turn upside down and with determination she didn’t feel she looked him dead in the eyes “Then tell me.” Hugging her purse close to her body as if was a shield, she continued to stare at him. Waiting for him to either speak or disappear. There moments like these growing up, where he would appear all of a sudden and just as quickly vanish. The first few times are what caused the trips to the therapist. “Don’t think like that. I’m not leaving this time I promise. I’m just going to go close the door okay?” His palms were raised up showing he meant no harm as he scooted past her. Watching him walk to the door, she knew she should just bolt for it. Her heart was pounding but she ignored it, letting her curiosity get the best of her. “What do you want? You’ve been following me haven’t you? How do you know my name? What did you mean you waited hundreds of years? How the hell do you know what I am even thinking?!?!“the questions came flooding out of her before she could stop. If she was going crazy, she mind as well figure out what this stranger wanted that had been haunting her thoughts. “You know me by Charlie but my name Is really Jacob. I was sent to look for you a long time ago. “ he stopped, looking at her to make sure he wouldn’t be interrupted. She nodded for him to continue. “I was supposed to keep my distance from you but as a child you were so intriguing. You could see things that others could not. I first noticed when you tried to talk to me once. Mind you, we never thought you would be so strong even at such a young age.” His eyes were looking at his feet now, not daring to look at her. “What do you mean we? And strong? I was a wimpy kid growing up. You made me think I was crazy!” she said, starting to raise her voice before she caught herself. “I’m sorry, please keep going..” “Well, we are a group of angels on Earth. We are meant to watch and protect without intervening in so much unless absolutely necessary… I was tasked with watching for the one born with a star mark on her shoulder…” at this her hand instinctively went to her right shoulder. The stupid birthmark gave her hell growing up. As large as the palm of her hand, it was near perfect but not everyone thought it was unique. Without realizing it, Jacob had continued on. “See, the one born with the mark on their right shoulder is destined for something that will destroy this world now. I was supposed to kill you. “he said looking back up to her finally. She hadn’t imagined it. His eyes had turned to the color of molten gold. “You weren’t supposed to live after the first time I seen you but..I couldn’t do it. So I had to hide you from the others. I had to keep you moving otherwise your power would have been overwhelming and they would have sensed it out.” “It was your fault. It was your fault I never had a home?” gasping she leaned against the counter she had backed up into. Disbelief flooded her system. She should be running away from this crazy man but her mind seemed so accepting of what was going on. As if she knew the whole time. “Why? Why didn’t you do it? I wouldn’t have had to live like that growing up. I never had a home because of you so what was the point in keeping me around huh?” she said in an almost whisper. What had she done to deserve this? Being born with a stupid birthmark all of a sudden means she couldn’t have a family or home? What in the hell? “I just couldn’t. I could see you were innocent still. Then I watched you grow up and..the evil that was supposed to happen it never did. You kept love in your heart and it wasn’t supposed to be like that!” He now was in front of her, grabbing her arms and speaking as if he was angry. The it was all gone. His eyes slowly turned back to that beautiful green staring back at her. “You weren’t supposed to be good. There is an evil inside of you you were born with and it was told it would consume you. I just…” he stopped looking at her with eyes filled with regret and pity. Turning her head down to stare at the patterns on the rug a small question slipped from her lips. “What am I supposed to be that makes me so horrible? Her eyes were squeezed shut, trying to hide herself from the world and the madness threatening to consume her. They stood like that for a few more seconds and as they ticked by, she felt tears begin as she was so afraid of what he would say. Finally with a small sigh, he let go of her and took a step back. She dared a look at him to see him with his face marred with a frown. “Tell me please…” “ are the Queen of the Damned Souls…”

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Demon Within - Fallen Angels Book JULIE NICHOLLS This Box Sex contains Demon Within, Angel Within, and Ascensino Within. There is also a short novela which takes us to the very beginning and explains how it all began. BUY LINK: Box Sex The series is also available individually. Demon Within, Angel Within, Available in eBook, Paperback & Audio Book. Ascension Within: eBook and coming soon to paperback & Audio book

A former slave who is now a feared warlord, a princess, a king, angels and fallen-angels make this an epic romance you will love from the start. When the Seraphim ruled the heavens, a vain angel dared to risk everything for the love of a human and paid the price of eternal damnation. Sold into slavery when he was six years old, Kai has never known love. As he reached maturity, his slavers realized Kai was no ordinary man. There was something else lurking inside. An uncontrollable force which feeds on his rage and anger giving him the advantage when thrown into the fighting pits of Darkmide to fight for his life. Here he learns that killing brings rewards when after each win he is given a female slave to sate his sexual needs. After years of many victories and a life of pain under the lash, in a bloody battle Kai breaks free from his chains and releases all the slaves, and raging a war against the slavers, he kills them all. Closing down the goldmines in Darkmide, he vows no one else will die doing the backbreaking work of harvesting gold. His deeds are famed throughout the lands, and after four years, he settles in Blackhill, a town not far from Darkmide, where he rules with a firm hand. King Garlan from Brightstone, afraid of losing his throne to a threat from the Highlands, and hearing of Kai’s formidable reputation, sends his envoy to request an alliance with the infamous warrior. The agreement is to offer his daughters hand in marriage, Princess Eloise,

Demon Within

in exchange for Kai’s support. Kai instantly falls for the beautiful princess and soon discovers he’s not the only one with a secret. The princess holds a power gifted to females on her mother’s side by the seraphim. Controlled all of her life by her father and brother, Eloise is timid and shy, but she soon learns to overcome these traits. The Highland Lord arrives in Blackhill and he meets with Kai and the king. Many secrets are revealed which bring answers to Kai’s lineage, though stubbornness causes him to discard them as false. When an act of betrayal causes the alliance to break, Kai rejects Eloise. Stubborn and running away from confrontation, Kai is about to lose everything, and only his trusted friend, Sabe, shows him that his fears of dying alone will come to fruition unless he admits his need for love. Submitting to his needs, Kai and Eloise unite and the alliance forms once more. A connection between Kai and a fallen-angel, who is systematically destroying all the nearby towns, is revealed, bringing the two of them together in a battle that could kill everyone in Blackhill and all those Kai cares for. He attempts to fight the fallen angel, but he is badly injured. In a twist of fate, Eloise is the key to aiding Kai and his friends to defeat the vengeful fallen angel. Can Eloise save Kai and the town of Blackhill from the destruction of the fallen angel? What does the future hold for Kai?

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FEATURE : MORGAN SMITH Morgan Smith has been a goatherd, a landscaper, a weaver, a bookstore owner, a travel writer and an archaeologist, and she will drop everything to go anywhere, on the flimsiest of pretexts. Writing is something she has been doing all her life, though, one way or another, and now she thinks she might actually have something to say.

Casting in Stone – A Novel of the Averraine Cycle hey said ill T winds blew at her back. They said she was cursed, a hex, a jinx, a hissing in the dark. And it was true: everywhere she went, no matter what she did, misfortune seemed to follow in her wake. But that, of course, wasn’t the worst of it.

he evil that T seemed to track Caoimhe throughout her life had caused many tragedies. She fled her old life, trying to lose herself in anonymity , but the unholy circumstances of her birth, and the machinations of those who sought to use her existence to further their own schemes followed her still. Can she overcome a long-dead evil and finally be free?


News comes late and slowly here, when it comes at all. But there were two missives today, brought to me by the last traders, stragglers working their way through the valley before the snows come. One was from the Reverend Mother, approving my request to stay on permanently in Rhwyn. I could sense her puzzlement, though. She wants a further explanation, and I cannot give it to her. The other was about the babe. Born weeks too early, it seems, but hale enough, nonetheless. It was the old man who sent word, and he has questions, no doubt, and suspicions, aye. He’s a canny one, though, and he couched it all in unexceptional words. Nothing outright, nothing that could alarm anyone, but he knows something is wrong, that’s plain enough. He puts it down to that old stand-by, a hard birthing giving rise to the sad-mother sickness. It’s common enough. But underneath the careful phrases, I could sense his disbelief and his disquiet. She hadn’t been easy, he wrote, even before she was brought to bed. What can I say? Mayhap time will ease their anger. If they can just keep their secrets, if they do not shout from every hilltop what a poor, misbegotten creature we wrought, if the Goddess has a care for the babe - it might yet come aright.

Chapter One The silence was vast, broken only by the sporadic sobbing breaths of the woman crouched over that little, twisted body. I watched the villagers with interest. As neighbours, they were usually a dull lot, but their reactions to this tragedy needed comprehension. The corpse was not pretty, and they were doing their level best not to look too closely. One of the women was kneeling beside the child's mother, trying to offer comfort. Her heart wasn't in it, though. Even from a distance, her tense shoulders and shadowed eyes shouted soundlessly what every one of them was thinking. “Thank the Goddess, it wasn't one of mine!” I understood that. You couldn't blame them, it might easily have been one of theirs, after all. It already had been and likely would be again, if someone didn't do something soon. They were grateful when Eardith arrived, brisk and business-like, but with that rough sympathy they understood. She was strong, opinionated, stern and forthright, all qualities that would have given her nothing but trouble in a larger, more sophisticated place. People in those places are accustomed to having their priests excuse their little transgressions quietly. Eardith's advice and solace tended to come with a bracing dose of sarcasm and common sense. I had shared her cottage peaceably for nearly three years. She didn't pry, she didn't gossip, and, luckily for me, she never refused to assist anyone in need. She looked at me over the mother's bowed head, and I just nodded. Yes, it was pretty much the same as the other ones. No, I had no idea how to prevent it. Lord Owain and his forester Joss came around the side of the village’s only inn, looking grim. Owain went straight to the women by the little corpse, resting a hand on the mother’s shoulder in helpless sympathy. “Something,” said Eardith, “will have to be done.” Well, that was obvious. It was the third such incident in less than a seven-day. There was a fresh grave already for Briega’s next-to-youngest, and Gair’s daughter was lying ripped and nigh-on bloodless, barely clinging to life. Folk murmured that she was a lucky one, but I wasn’t so sure. If she lived, which seemed unlikely, it would be with a scarred face and a useless leg along with the memory of a savage and horrific attack. Joss had stopped by Eardith, whispering something swift in her ear. Her reaction was neither helpful nor promising: she merely looked, if it were possible, more shuttered and bleak than ever. Owain, having nothing he could do for the grieving, began to organize the removal of the body, and issuing orders for caution, patrolling, not letting the youngsters out on their own, all of which had been said from the start. What could you do? A toddler waking in the night and creeping out to use the latrines wasn’t something you could prevent, not really. Gradually, the crowd dwindled, the women rallying around the bereft parents and bearing them off to the inn, a few of the men coming back with a hurdle to carry the little scrap of dead humanity off to the shrine. In the end, it was only Joss, Owain and Eardith left. And me. They were all looking at me. I was, for all intents and purposes, the only armed and mildly dangerous person here, and I filled no identifiable village role. I was easily the most expendable person they knew.

We'll have more for you next month from this fabulous author

Rose Montague Rose has always been a big reader and her dream of becoming a published author became a reality when Jade was published in November, 2013. Book Two (Jane) was published February 2015 and the first book in a new Young Adult fantasy series (Norma Jean's School of Witchery) was published March, 2015 followed by Book Two in that series, Ghost School which published October 2015.. Rose has worked both in a library as well as several bookstores. Rose lives in Elon, NC and is currently working on Book Three in the Three J'Amigos series which will be called Jill. Excerpt from Norma Jean's School of Witchery, Book One: Jewel

“This a friend of yours, Wyatt?” his Mom shouted, looking like she was about to lose it. “Yes, Mom,” he said, but he didn't sound too happy about it. Nothing I could do, things were about to get worse. I reached the house and went around the side of it, still flying, with the truck bouncing up and down and hit the edge of the woods, turning the lights off at the same time as I jerked the truck left, right, and left again, weaving between the trees I knew were there only from my gift. It was pitch-black dark in the woods. The only lights came from the dashboard. Limbs were slapping against the truck on both sides and the sound of small bushes we were running over scraped against the bottom of the truck. A loud snap and a crack appeared in the front window on the passenger side. “Trust me, Wyatt,” I shouted above the noise and his Mom's now also sobbing, pleading demands for me to stop. “Her eyes are closed,” screamed his Mom. “We're going to die!”

Norma Jean's School of Witchery, Book One: Jewel

LINKS Amazon Author Page Norma Jean's School of Witchery Book One : Jewel Norma Jean's School of Witchery Book Two : Ghost School A dangerous and powerful magical device is stolen and Jewel is recruited by a shadowy government agency made up of witches with special abilities to recover the device. Jewel soon finds herself matched against a power even greater than hers and must rely on her friends from Norma Jean's School of Witchery for help. When Jewel finds herself pitted against an army of Zombies, things really heat up. It doesn't help that someone has put a bounty on her head. Secrets are revealed, romance takes an unexpected turn, and a new world of adventure is opened up. Ghost School is full of action and surprises and the magic and mayhem continue to grow in this exciting sequel.

A presidential election. A witch with a target on her back and a magical arrow. A shadowy government agency made up of witches with unusual abilities. A game called Witch Pong. The Mighty Thor?

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Captivated by the

Winter King

Mistral Dawn - Spellbound Hearts and he leaned down to Excerpt From Captivated By The whisper in her ear, "I bet I could distract you if I Winter King: really tried." Narrowing her eyes, Glaring at him, she she stalked towards backed up to the bench him and poked him on where she had left her his chest. "You did that supplies. She picked up on purpose, didn't you? a pair of elbow-length, You're trying to distract leather gloves and slid them up her arms. After me. It won't work." His smile sharpened pulling the material tight Want to read more? You can find it on Amazon here: Captivated by the Winter King

over her fingers, she took the bottle of lube she had brought and walked back to Ankou. It was the fiery lubricant she had learned was his favorite, and the gloves allowed her to use it in ways she hadn't been able to before.

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K. M. McFarland


New Orleans author, K. M. McFarland, has released Vampyr: The Complete Trilogy. The new release includes all three of her novels: Song of the Vampire, Under A Bourbon Street Moon, and Masquerade.

vampires. McFarland takes you on a journey inside the mind, heart and soul of the vampire and presents them as genuine beings as opposed to the monsters in which humanity perceives them.

Using the New Orleans French Quarter and Uptown Garden District as a backdrop, the intriguing tale follows former rock star Quinn Forrester and his daughter, Nadia, the baby he was forced to abandon on that fateful night he was turned into a vampire. Eighteen years later, Quinn and Nadia reconnect. The two bond over their painful pasts and their mutual love of music, but Nadia’s fate is sealed. Saved by Quinn’s blood, they guide each other through the dark world they have become a part of while discovering secrets, lies, deceptions and truths about Quinn’s past. Even though Vampyr: The Complete Trilogy is laced with ghosts, Voodoo, and black magic, its main focus is

From Nashville, Tennessee to spending most of her childhood on the Florida beaches, K. M. McFarland made her way to the Big Easy. Intrigued by its ambiance, stories of Voodoo, vampires, ghosts, and haunted houses have been her inspiration as well as her fascination with New Orleans' colorful history. Aside from roaming the French Quarter researching her next book by patronizing her favorite Bourbon Street bars listening to some of the finest music New Orleans has to offer, she enjoys photography, reading, music, and art. As long as there's a cup of coffee and a glass of dry red wine in her day, life is good.

New Orleans - an enchanted city filled with legends and folklore of vampires, but only a few know the real story. Tucked away in the heart of the French Quarter is a secret vampire bar masked as the coolest music club on Bourbon Street owned by the hottest vampire, Quinn Forrester. Quinn and his vampire lover, Giselle, seem to have the perfect romance, but their relationship is put to

MASQUERADE Quinn has his hands full as the owner of all three vampire bars in New Orleans. As he gets closer to his new attractive young personal assistant, the successful entrepreneur also must deal with his unique blended family: a vampire daughter, a mortal daughter who sees dead people, a spiritually connected vampire ex-girlfriend who is her mentor and a deceased ex-wife that just won't stay dead. Is his mansion big enough?

VAMPIRE Vampires are alive and well in the Big Easy. In the modern world of forensics, technology, and security cameras everywhere, vampires are now forced to live in secret. In this new age where vampires have evolved into gentle predators mainly depending on alternative methods for acquiring blood, vampire bars have risen in popularity. Owned by a former rock star turned vampire, Quinn Forrester, Vampyr is New Orleans' most popular venue. Aside from being the French Quarter's coolest music club, it is also a secret vampire bar serving the finest quality human blood to its vampire clientele. The cryptic alley next to it seduces the most delectable humans just itching to quench a vampire's thirst. Welcome to Vampyr!

SONG OF THE VAMPIRE In 1989, Quinn Forrester was a successful rock star living a dream with a wife, a baby daughter and a hit record. Little did he know that was all about to end the night he met Giselle, the mysterious vampire who would change his world forever. Eighteen years later, a chance meeting with Nadia, the daughter he abandoned as a baby the night he was turned, shakes his lonely, tormented world. As they connect and bond, they help each other battle their demons while discovering shocking lies, secrets and deceptions culminating in the discovery of the truth about the night Quinn was turned.

the test when a beautiful mortal woman from his past and an adorable country singer, who has just arrived from Nashville with her own connection to Quinn, enter his world. While Quinn battles his past that has suddenly come back to haunt him, Giselle must decide if love is enough to save their turbulent relationship.

Buy Link: Website: Amazon Author Page: Twitter: Facebook: Goodreads:

Interview with Fantasy Paranormal Romance Author Mistral Dawn We've already had a en encounter in this mag previously when Mistral gave us an article on the popularity of Fantasy Romance. Now we get to find out a little bit more about this fabulous author.

FW emag

Q1. Mistral, what is the main reason you write?


Ha! That's a loaded question. Because the characters in my head wouldn't let me sleep if I didn't? Does that sound too crazy? Honestly? That's a big part of it, but it's also because I love giving life to new worlds and people.

FW emag

That's not crazy at all!! Having read your books, i understand what you mean about giving life to new worlds and people! Which leads me into the next question. Q2 In the Spellbound Hearts Series of books, the details regarding the world of Fae are fabulous,and really put the reader into the fantasy realm. Where did the ideas for this series come from?


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FW emag Mistral

I agree, it's difficult to be noticed among the millions, we just have to keep writing and Q5. How much time do you dedicate to writing? Is it out of regimen or passion that motivates you to sit and write each day or do you just write when you feel the need?


I'm slightly obsessive compulsive, so things work better for me if I can stick to a routine. I love writing, but sometimes it's hard to focus without a schedule telling me that, "Okay, it's time to write now!" So, yeah, I do try to stick to a routine with writing being done at certain times.

FW emag Mistral

FW emag

FW emag

I'll continue writing about the Fae, as I said, there are more books waiting in my head to get out. But right now I'm working on another series. It's a cyberpunk story that centers around a character named Petri Dish. So far, I have one novel and one short story written for this series. They're both being edited at the moment. I will let the readers into a secret, I have read the first two chapters of this new series and it's going to be fabulous!

Q6. If you could spirit yourself into a published book, which one would it be? Hmmm‌that's a hard one! There are so many awesome stories out there, I don't think I could pick. That's probably why I read so much. Q7. Which authors do you admire, and why?


This is another question with too many answers to list. The authors who have inspired me, and whose work I love, are legion. But I will mention a couple who I can directly point to as having specifically helped me. First, the wonderful and fabulous Tracey St. John. She has a blog, where she posted a series on self-publishing. In that series, she discussed the ways and wherefores and many of the ins and outs. Without the information she provided, I never would have know that self-publishing was even a thing, never mind how to get started. Then there's Timothy Zahn. I’m dyslexic and I couldn't read at all until I was eight years old. I'm also incredibly stubborn and I had gotten tired of hearing adults nag me about reading, so I had decided I wasn't going to do it But as a burgeoning geek and nerd, I loved Star Wars. When he published his continuation of the Star Wars universe, Heir To The Empire, it motivated me to put forth the effort required to learn how to read well enough to be able to read his book. Without that impetus, I might never have learned to read.

FW emag

Q8. 7. How do you engage with your readers and does the feedback you receive regarding your books help or hinder your writing?


I engage with my readers on Twitter, Facebook, TSU, and my blog, Mistral Dawn's Musings, I LOVE to hear from readers!! Nothing makes my day more or makes me want to write more than hearing what someone thought of my work.

FW emag


Yes, I love being an indie author. It's a lot of fun, I get to write what I want when I want, I don't have anyone telling me what content I can or can't include in my stories, and I get to connect directly with my readers, which is the best part! But, as you said, there are things that are harder for indie authors. The biggest challenge, I've found, is promoting my books and convincing others to take a look. It doesn't matter how good a story is, if no one knows about it, no one will read it.

FW emag

Well, the idea for the first book in the series, Taken By The Huntsman, came from a dream I had after having a debate with an online friend about the nature of consent. At the time, I was also doing research into European mythology, because I'm a nerd, and somehow the two got tangled up in my mind while I was asleep. From there, it just kind of spiraled, with more and more characters popping up and telling me I needed to tell their stories. There are still at least two more novels and several short stories I need to write in that series.

Q3. So that tells us you're onto a new topic. What is it?

Q4. You’re an indie author; tell us what difficulties you encounter, if any. Would you recommend other would-be authors to follow in the same path?

Pages 26 - 27 Fantasy Worlds emag - Mar 2016

FW emag Mistral

FW emag

Q9. 8. How can readers help indie authors? Well, there's the obvious, buy and read indie books. But it's also beyond helpful if readers leave reviews for the books they buy and read on the merchant sites where they bought the book and also on review sites like Goodreads. Also, it's extremely helpful if readers tell their friends!! Nothing helps promote books better than personal recommendations. Q10. 9. When can we buy the next book in your new cyberpunk series?


Honestly? I'm not sure, exactly. I hope to have the first of the Petri Dish books published sometime in March or April, but I'm not sure yet. But, I'm really excited about this character's story, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with everyone!

FW emag

After having read the first couple of chapters, I can't wait either! I know this is going to be a winner. Thank you Mistral for sharing with us. Please return!

Mistral has kindly given us a sneak peek of the Work in Progress.. Lightning bolts of fire and ice shot up and down Petri's spine as she moved over the human man on the bed. Her short, slender body bowed with the sensations that washed over her. His lust was like a fountain of cold water on a hot day, and she was parched. It had been too long; she needed this. Badly. Looking down on him as she slid her body onto his straining cock, she smiled. This client had wanted to be blindfolded; he said he enjoyed the mystery. That was fine with her. There was more mystery in Petri than most humans would know what to do with, and now she didn't need to be careful to keep her own eyes shut. This was going to be a good feed, and there was no way she could have kept them from glowing. The man moaned in pleasure. Being fed upon felt as good for humans as feeding did for Petri. None of her clients knew she sipped from their energy, their life force, when she fucked them. All they knew was that she was one hell of a talented dolly. A win-win for all involved. This client was a regular; Petri had shown him many times how good it could be with her. Some of her regulars came to crave her, almost like the dream dust that was sold below. They were guaranteed repeat business, and she always made sure to show them a good time. After all, that was her job. The energy of the man's lust filled Petri as she glided up and down on top of him. She shivered. It was renewing, rejuvenating. She couldn't get enough. A few grains of dust remained on his upper lip, just below his nose. Evidence of his earlier indulgence in some of the chemical delights to be found in Abracadabra. Before she had blindfolded him, Petri had noted that the man's pupils were dilated, and his face flushed with

pleasure. It was clear he was high long before Petri started feeding, and she had no doubt the management of Abracadabra would go to great lengths to make sure he was able to maximize his enjoyment of their establishment. There was a reason it was the hottest nightclub in this part of Under City. The club specialized in hedonism in all its forms. Drugs of every description, games, gambling, and other, darker pleasures could be found within its walls. House dollies, little more than sex slaves, waited to fulfill customers' every desire. Freelance dollies, like Petri, rented space to ply their trade as well. The house allowed it because they offered the club's clientele more variety and were motivated to attract business. Once a patron had satisfied their lust, they often wandered downstairs in search of other entertainments. Leaning down, Petri pressed her cat-like mouth to her client's lips in a sizzling kiss. Their tongues tangled as he responded, and she undulated her hips against his, faster and faster. The drugs he had consumed tainted his energy, giving Petri a pleasant buzz. She never took dust herself, it interfered with her ability to control her power, but she enjoyed the effect when one of her johns indulged. As their sex intensified, Petri drank deeper, swallowing down the man's whimpers and sighs of ecstasy as she swallowed his desire. Lost in the haze of feeding for the first time in days, Petri didn't realize it at first when the man went suddenly still underneath her. His penis remained stiff and eager inside her, and she continued to ride it, draining his energy, until she felt the cold, clamminess of his skin. Her heart skipped a beat.

Make sure you drop in on Amazon to check out Mistrals books. If you love erotica and BDSM and the Fae, you're in for a treat! Mistral Dawn Amazon

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CLAIRE Hi. My name is Claire Plaisted. I’m an Indie Publisher and proud to help Indie Authors get their wonderful books of all genres be they novels, memoirs, family history books etc. online for avid readers to enjoy. Plaisted Publishing House Ltd

started as a

professional formatting business to help all Indie Authors realise their dreams. I’m an Indie Author


as well, though helping others is my main business. At Plaisted Publishing House we format your books to a professional standard for a small cost. Our professional standard – since Feb 2016 – has now passed the American Registered Copyright Approval (US Patent Office) – First time and with no changes. The author owns full copyright at all times.


Costs to Authors We charge $60.00 US for on-going consultation throughout the work been done.


This includes emails, live chat and personal meetings where available. We charge $4.00 US per thousand words with a 25% discount for a first time client. This gives the Author full basic formatting with two formatting edits to make sure it

No subscription, just follow and download our FREE emag.

is what the client wants. The book is then formatted into either a PRINT or eBOOK. If both are required then an additional $20 US is required. This deal also includes an interview and having their Bio and book cover on our business website. Any extra work needed is $35 US an hour. We also offer Indie Business links for Editors, Book Cover Artists, Beta Readers on our website etc. You can find us at the below links

Next Month


New Author Rosalynn Serenity's book release Author Feature Veronica Del Rosa Heather R. Blair and much more!

Fantasy worlds emag march 2016  

First issue of Fantasy Worlds emag. Includes author interviews, ebook links, snippets and sneak peeks. Author services and articles, free st...

Fantasy worlds emag march 2016  

First issue of Fantasy Worlds emag. Includes author interviews, ebook links, snippets and sneak peeks. Author services and articles, free st...