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Steps in Playing Fantasy NBA Together with the internet rapid grow and popularity, the fantasy sports have become well-known too, and these include the fantasy basketball or also known as fantasy NBA. With fantasy NBA game you can be able to organize your own team of real NBA player onto a team. A winner is determined by how you control your own team against the other fantasy teams. There are easy steps to play fantasy NBA First, learn the format for NBA fantasy basketball. A fantasy league is made up of "owners" who draft real NBA players onto their teams, track the real life stats of the players on those teams and manage those teams during the season. Second, since there are many fantasy NBA leagues to choose from find one that intrigues you. Third, study the player stats, who plays where, what players have changed teams and how that will impact their statistics. Next is to do the draft. Rank your players for the draft. Fifth step is to pay close attention to the NBA; know how your players are performing, work to improve your team all season, make trades with other teams, claim players that are on waivers or are free agents. Lastly, enjoy every game. Learn how you can improve every year. In a fantasy NBA, you also have to learn the different categories to be used for your league. An assigned commissioner is the one who chooses the categories to be used; it is important that it was chosen carefully to maintain a fair weight for all positions. A Fantasy NBA leagues usually track 3 to 11 categories which are as follows: • For fantasy NBA league with 3 categories it is typically involves NBA statics for points, rebounds and assists. • For fantasy NBA league with 5 categories it usually consists of points, rebounds, assists, block and steals. • For fantasy NBA league with 8 categories it involves points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, free throws, 3 point field goals or goal percentages • For fantasy NBA league with 9 categories it includes points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, free throw, 3 point field goals or goal percentages and the additional turnovers category. • There are some sites that accept the foul statics as a category but this is very rarely.

On the other hand, there are also leagues that focuses more on rebounds, then break it into two types: defensive rebound and the offensive rebound Among these categories, most leagues use the eight statistical categories in compiling their league rankings. Why it needs to determine what categories your league uses? This is to be able to totally stats for your team’s point total. For example, in a 10-team league, 10 points would be awarded to the manager who has the highest number in a specific category, down to one point to the manager with the lowest number in that category. The steps are repeated for other statistical categories to give each manager a total number of points. Those points determine the fantasy league's overall standings.

Steps in Playing Fantasy NBA  

FifthstepistopaycloseattentiontotheNBA;knowhowyourplayersareperforming, worktoimproveyourteamallseason,maketradeswithotherteams,claimplayers...

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