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Daily Fantasy Basketball Draft Strategy Here are a few more daily fantasy basketball draft strategies depending on the draft method of the contest. Salary Cap Contest For this draft type, you pay the actual cash salary for the player for that game. Since the NBA salary system hugely favors the veterans, you end up with a bunch of overpriced veterans and underpriced rookies with this daily fantasy basketball cap method. In general, you will want to try to figure out who the top fantasy scorers will be that day regardless of the cap value. Include the top 2-3 scorers on your team. This may cost a lot, but do not worry. There will be some obvious underpriced players in the pool. Chris Paul, Kevin Martin, and many other young players are way underpriced. You will need to put 3-4 of the obviously underpriced players on your team. After putting the projected high scorers and the vastly under priced players on your team, you just find the best value you can get for the last position or two you need to fill. These contests will not be decided by the

obviously underpriced players that everyone will have. They will be decided by who can better map out the top scorers that day, and who can plug in the last one or two spots on the roster the best. No Cap Contest The No Cap contests allow you to draft any team that you want without any cap restrictions. Players are sorted in the pool by their ranking cap values. The players most likely to score the most points on average are listed at the top. In general, you would want to pick your fantasy team from the top of the draft pool. You find your edge when you can identify players farther down on the list that will outscore the top players. Since most will be selecting from near the top of the list, and if you can find the one or two players down further who will score more, you can get an edge. Also, you pretty much have to pick the top fantasy scorers like LeBron or Kobe. Even if they are facing an unfavorable match-up, it is still likely they will outscore the others on the list.

Daily Fantasy Basketball Draft Strategy  
Daily Fantasy Basketball Draft Strategy  

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