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Building a Fantasy Football Dynasty I love playing in fantasy football dynasty leagues and I think I’m pretty good at playing in them. This gives me the privilege to pass along a few very useful tips that may help those who are currently playing in one and for those who are considering playing in one. With some luck and skill and hopefully the use of these tips, you as well can enjoy building a dominant dynasty team. • The Initial Draft The most common mistake during a fantasy football dynasty draft is either drafting too young or too old. To achieve a competitive team that will not burn out on you, you need to draft a quality mix of both the young and the veterans. Don’t make the mistake of passing on the established veteran who can give you 2-3 more years of solid quality starts over the unproven rookie. The ideal veteran to draft is a player that, if everything goes smoothly, has 3-4 years left in the tank and can still produce at a high level. Once you get some value out of him, you can then look to deal him while he still holds decent value and can get you something in return. Watching your former stud decline or even retire on you is a bad place to be in. When getting rookies only invest a top draft pick on the truly elite—the guys everyone just knows will be true studs in fantasy terms are who you should take the risk on. • In-Season Play For the most part, in-season play is the same as your regular redraft leagues. I feel there is a little more importance in doing the little things in a dynasty league compared to a redraft league. A mistake or a missed opportunity can affect your dynasty team for years to come instead of a single season. Don’t burn a top waiver wire priority. Be patient, don’t panic and make sure you get a player of value instead of just filling a minor need. Instead, use your lower waiver priority. Don’t be afraid to use that 9th to 12th priority over and over again. You have nothing to lose so you might as well take a chance. Most dynasties have deeper rosters than a redraft league allowing you some room for adding and dropping players. You have nothing to lose and you may be rewarded with a player who can contribute for years to come for your dynasty team. • Trading Trading is essential and you are more likely to see more blockbuster deals in fantasy football dynasty leagues. Draft picks get involved, and sometimes future picks as far ahead as a couple of years can be thrown into deals, making you think even harder about whether a deal will work for you. There are generally three common kinds of

trades. The first is the simple deal, which is more of a straight up trade. There’s also the playoff run, where an owner is willing to sacrifice some of his young players to bone up his roster. Finally, there are trades for the team that just needs to rebuilt, dealing away veterans for younger players or draft picks. The last two are what you can really take advantage of to improve your team. For an owner that is missing that one piece they feel is needed to make a playoff run, they will overpay. If you have that piece, make them pay. And if you are in a position of power, push the limits to see how much you can get. Look over his roster, choose who you want and go get them. Quite often you will get them for a reasonable price, sometimes even cheaper then you thought. Despair is your friend when making deals in fantasy football.

Building a Fantasy Football Dynasty  

I love playing in fantasy football dynasty leagues and I think I’m pretty good at playing in them. This gives me the privilege to pass alon...