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Initial Evaluation of Fantasy NFL Draft Prospects 2011 It also takes talent to evaluate talent. The many superstars that came out of the first round of NFL drafts each year, expect to see just as many disappointments. Drafting for Fantasy NFL can be quite a gamble and it can cost million of dollars too for NFL teams. It’s a good thing that we are faux-football managers and our gamble may simply cost us $50 fee for the year and maybe a few arguments with our lady friends for spending so much money on this none-existent team. Why do we spend so much time on fantasy football again? Oh that's right, because it's flipping awesome. Why don’t we try to have some thoughts on a few players from the 2011 rookie class. Let us discuss the great rookies worth discussing for shall we? Cam Newton (QB) Quite mature which is his biggest knock, Newton has all the physical talent in the world but of course he has to level up his commitment to being the best NFL player he can be. He has Daunte Culpepper type size at 6'5" tall and 250 lbs., and he has tremendous athleticism and mobility, both of which are becoming more and more important in today's NFL. Your fantasy NFL team can make use of him. Blaine Gabbert (QB) There aren’t a lot of Gabbert fans since his quite a small quarterback with physique 6’5” and weighing in at 235 lbs. He has a bit of inaccuracy in his throws which is not so bad but disturbing to some. There’s a reason why the NFL world is enamored with him but others are just skeptical. If you want to draft him go ahead, but some say there’s nothing much special about him.

Jake Locker (QB) He can be quite raw but he could really be a solid quarterback with solid coaching. He has a great potential waiting for him to become a great quarterback. Locker is very athletic and mobile and has leadership skills that NFL teams covet. Though his size isn’t ideal coming in at 6’3” and 225 lbs, it’s close enough. He has the talent and should not go to waste. Mark Ingram (RB) Ingram is tough and he could finish runs, which is loved by many. The problem is his speed, which can cause for some concern. Ingram isn't a game-breaker, but he's a very intelligent, patient and instinctive running back with tremendous vision.

Initial Evaluation of Fantasy NFL Draft Prospects 2011