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Fantasy Football – How To Play The Famous Game Fantasy football is one of the most popular games on the internet. With the millions of people already involved in fantasy football, there are still many that do not know how to actually play fantasy football. It's not difficult at all to play and it makes the sport a little more interesting. First, you will need to choose a website that has fantasy football like; yahoo, CBS, ESPN, or NFL. These are the more popular websites, but there are plenty of more options, just type in "fantasy football" in your search engine. One website I enjoy to play in is FantasyFactor. Once a website is selected and the free registration process has been fulfilled then you’re ready. Next, you'll have to choose a league, and there are literally millions of leagues available under two basic categories, either free or pay and whether the league is open to the public or a private league. Just starting out, a free and public league is recommended. Leagues are categorized under many different parameters such as geographical areas, interests, favorite teams, cultures, Before you choose a league, the details of the draft will be displayed. Make sure you are available on the day(s) and will have the necessary time available for the entire length of the draft. Once you have selected a league and have agreed to the draft date, you will be entered into the league and your own personal web page. You'll also have access to draft preparations, you can go to the actual draft room and you can also do mock drafts or practice drafts, so you can get a feel for how the draft works and learn the options available to you while waiting for your turn to pick. There are many useful options available during the draft and before the draft even starts. So, go in there and check out some things. On the draft day, try to log in about 20 minutes before the draft starts. Fantasy football is based on real active NFL and NCAA players and how well or how bad they perform in their perspective games. The "hard" part is done and you now have a fantasy football team, congratulations, now what? You will have more players than you are allowed to play at a time, per week. So, with that in mind, all you have to do is make the weekly difficult decision of whether to start 'em or sit 'em, and that's about it! Sit back and try to enjoy the games with the hopes that your players do well. Later, during the season, you may want to make some adjustments, depending on how good or bad your team is performing, by means of trading players and picking up free-agents. You don't have to commit to spend countless hours on the computer every single day to be successful at fantasy football, but you do have to commit to spend 5 to 10 minutes per week, and that's just to change your line-up, if that's even necessary.

I have been playing the game for several years now. I've won some and I've lost even more, but that doesn't change the fact that I enjoy it each and every year!

Fantasy Football – How To Play The Famous Game