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Your Daily Fantasy Strategy about Controlling Bankroll Variance Are you one of those people who wants a good daily fantasy strategy out there over the internet? Well, you don’t have to look any further since we have just what you need. Fantasy sports is a growing activity online and a lot of people are taking interest in the game but before proceeding, read a bit of tips first. Here we have really great ideas for spreading your bets around and be able to reduce your variance in your bankroll: here’s a hint – Play on more than one site as your daily fantasy strategy! Anyone who wants to delve into the world of fantasy sports should at least be a member of two fantasy sports sites where they feel confident playing. At times, players prefer to play at sites with the similarity in stats and rosters, but you guys may find other sites better suited to your tastes. You can go ahead and split your bankroll for two sites for a good start. This achieves two things in your daily fantasy strategy, firstly it allows you to play different opponents which spreads risk and the second one, if the two sites are structured differently, it will allow you to select different fantasy players and create different rosters on each site. If you choose to only play on a single site, there’s usually a clear single best roster for that site’s game structure. However, if you spread your bets for several sites, the correct roster on one site may be different from another site. Spread the risk to reduce the bankroll variance. This daily fantasy strategy works through pricing the system of the players which are a little different on each site. Some site use an average season fantasy score, while others use a weighted dollar salary amount. The two different player pricing methods often make a fantasy player a good choice on one site, but not such a good choice on the other site. You will encounter a lot of times that each site will have different rosters but both will be the optimum roster for that particular site’s pricing mechanism. So there’s also a possibility that you may get killed on one site but your games on the other site will still be in good shape. Although this won’t always save your butt, it does help still with reducing risk and control huge swings in your bankroll.

Your Daily Fantasy Strategy about Controlling Bankroll Variance