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How to Prepare for a Daily Fantasy Sports Draft I am quite sure you are looking for effective tips in having a successful daily fantasy sports draft which is the reason why you are reading this. It is really important that participants in leagues actually know what it means to be prepared for the draft, both mentally and physically. As with any daily fantasy sports draft, you can't just print off a series of lists and expect to go into a fantasy draft or auction as a successful GM unless you have the pieces in place and armed with the right tools to succeed. With that in mind, let’s go over the essential factors that make for a successful daily fantasy sports draft. • Be emotionally prepared. The key here is to remain focused on a task and that task is to assemble a team capable of crushing your opponents. • Be organized. Being organized means that you are able to consolidate all your draft information in such a way that you can quickly make decisions about players whose names come up. • Bring a calculator in auctions. There's nothing worse than falling behind in an auction because you can't quickly calculate how much to bid for a player or worse, how much money you have left. • Do not get attached to a player. This is a good way to lose. It gets you stuck in a rut and may even lead to a waste of bidding money. • Take note of positions filled. This is so easy to do that it's not fair but don't make it complex. You need to know which teams have which position filled. Much of your success in both drafts and auctions will come about by knowing where the other teams are already filled up. • Have a plan. Having a plan does not mean you plan to win in your fantasy league. That’ a goal. A plan is going in and getting $333 worth of draft picks for $260. The plan relates to the goal and must be flexible but you have to have some sort of method by which you're going to assemble a winning team. • Do not overemphasize balance. Balance is important in fantasy baseball but don't let a 50-home run guy go to another team because you'd rather add an extra 10 steals. Balance,

while important, should help you focus your trading efforts and should also be a tie-breaker when it comes to tough decisions. But in general, go after the player you think would have the most value. • Be a winner! Being a winner does not mean bragging about your team immediately after the draft. It can be guaranteed that at every draft, there's someone who wants to be awarded the trophy spot on. This is the same owner who, at the end of the season, will be complaining about injuries or how the "best team" didn't win the league. When the draft is over, be relatively silent. Say as little as possible about your team and let the standings do the talking. The key here is not to talk like a winner but to be a winner. The year-end standings will speak for themselves. It drives your opponents crazy to see a winner who doesn't talk up his team. They always think you fluked your way into first place—and then you do it again next year.

How to Prepare for a Daily Fantasy Sports Draft