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Tips for Fantasy Baseball Auction Draft Is there a fantasy baseball auction that will happen on your league right now? I know your excited and you want to get players as soon as possible for your fantast baseball team. Don’t jump into excitement yet. Think first and read this tips for fantasy baseball auction draft. 1. Spend early, but not too much No fantasy team ever wins the championship without having at least a couple of studs on it and you can’t be the person who sits there and doesn’t spend in the first half hour of the draft. You have to have someone along the lines of Albert Pujols, Hanley Ramirez, or Alex Rodriguez that you pretty much know you can count on to produce. But, I’m not saying you spend 75% of your budget on four players and sit back and wait for one dollar bargains for the rest of the night. Balance your money well for your team. 2. Be sure to hit all the categories Most auctions are also rotisserie leagues, and while free agency is always an option, I always like to get my team off on the right foot and be sure that I get someone who is going to help me in certain categories. Don’t come out of the auction already looking like you are going to have to punt steals or saves, which are the two most popular categories to give up on. Usually you can get some good bargains late in the night in specialists in those categories and then you just have to be diligent throughout the year maintaining your team. You can have a category or two that you are strong in, but don’t come out of the night with gaping holes in your team. 3. Don’t get into a bidding war There are always guys that we all like and want to target and are dying to have on our team. The problem is the price tag starts going higher and higher and soon it is higher than you expected. But damn it, you want the guy. Well, the next thing you know you spent ten to fifteen dollars more to get that player than you had thought you should and that could be a huge detriment to your team. Keep your head and don’t go chasing a player for way too much. Sometimes someone else is just upping the price tag because they know that you really like that player. 4. Never be the guy who has no money left after the first half hour If you try to get to spend the majority of your money on say the first six guys on your roster and then try to piece things together the rest of the night you will fail. Not only do you need balance in baseball, but it is a very long season and there are always injuries. You will leave yourself no depth and likely be out of the running before the All-Star Break. There is a fine line between smart spending early and killing your chances before your auction is even over. Spend wisely!

5. Never be the guy who has tons of money left with not much time left to go... On the opposite end of the spectrum there is the person who refuses to spend the money it takes for the top stars and thinks that they can win the league by being patient and put together a team of mostly lower level stars and mid range solid fantasy players. This seems like it could work, but every team needs those studs that carry your team in certain times of the year.

Tips for Fantasy Baseball Auction Draft  

Is there afantasy baseballauction that will happen on your league right now? I know your excited and you want to get players as soon as poss...