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Essential Fantasy Football Tips to Winning I have been involved and passionate about fantasy football. I have been at it for several years now and I still enjoy playing it till now. It is something that relaxes me. Fantasy football has been such a great innovation and this is especially important to sports buffs and fans like me. Fantasy football is like the extension of the pleasure we get from watching football, and it is something that bonds sports enthusiasts together. There is no better picture of American culture than people watching football! And there is no better picture of American pop culture than when you see grown men (or men of all ages) gather together to play fantasy football. That being said, and because I am such a great fan of the game, I have decided to write an essential tip guide to help you enjoy and maybe even win in your fantasy football games. These are things that I have picked up from playing, and I have learned some of them by watching other people play the game. So, good luck with your game and most importantly, have fun! Essential Tip # 1: The very essential thing about playing fantasy football is you are supposed to love the game and make it a point to read about football. In short, you must breathe and speak NFL. Why? Because when it comes to fantasy football, knowledge is power. The more information you know about the teams, the players, the stats, the injury reports, the side stories and the scandals, the better you will be when it comes to playing the game, and the better and more logical your decision will get. In the meantime, here are some other tips that I find essential in playing the game. Essential Tip # 2: There are neverending players. When I say neverending, I refer to the consistency of an NFL player’s performance. There are great players, like Torry Holt, who will give you a great performance all the time. These are the players you would want in your team. There are also, in the opposite side of the spectrum, neverending disappointing performances from players such as Kyle Boller, and this is felt by Raven fans all over. They know this to be true! Essential Tip # 3: When you research or join fantasy football forums, you will encounter people with a lot of opinions. It is okay to hear these opinions, but always trust that you also know how to play the game. And in the end, you should always listen to yourself. Also, still waters run deep, and it is usually the loudest person who does not know what the heck he is talking about.

Essential Fantasy Football Tips to Winning