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Are you updated with the latest news from ESPN fantasy basketball? Well, we are and here is the information that we have gathered. ESPN Fantasy Basketball News Update # 1The saga of the Carmelo Anthony story is now simmering down finally. The floodgates which have ushered in a flurry of really strong action after so much inactivity is now over. There is now a trade deadline which is approaching, you only have to count a few more hours before it happens. Here is what is happening to the new sage, the trading. As of now the already completed deals are the following. There is Hilton Armstrong and Kirk Hinrich will be now with the NBA’s Atlanata Hawks. In the meantime Washington Wizard will be welcomin Mike Bibby, Jordan Crawford and Maurice Evans. These are just the 1st round of draft pick. So how do we interpret this in an espn fantasy basketball perspective? Well the trade really centers on 2 NBA players and that is Kirk Hinrich and Mike Bibby. These 2 ballers will have their contracts expire when the next season hits around on time. The things is there is not any of those financial complications for either of the team so that issue will not be influencing any kind of decision. Now The part of the Washington Wizard getting Kirk Hinrich, sadly kind of comes with sort of a bargain price, a sort of discount if you will. However this action will be getting a late 1st round pick. Meanwhile everybody has their eyes on Jordan Crawford who is expected to be an explosive bball scorer when he becomes ripe and in his due time. Jordan Crawford is dubbed to be the next Nick Young or Jamal Crawford. As you can see the Atlanata Hawks has taken a vast defensive upgrade when they took Kirk Hinrich. Though they would be shaving off a bit of an offensive end point with Bibby’s sizzing hot forty four percent clip from three, though if you look at it that is about it and there is nothing more significant change than this. If you look at the numbers the 2 most almost similar assist ratio come from Bibby who gets twenty seven point six percent while Hinrich get a twenty seven percent. There however is a significan difference in the usage rates for these 2 NBA athlete. Bibbiy gets 14.6 percent while Hinrich has 17.1 percent,. Then there are bargain players with nothing noticeable to count. Inclued in the group are Josh Smith, Al Horford and Joe Johnson. So goodluck, we hope this bit of information helped in running your fantasy basketball team! This is an exciting time for NBA season.

ESPN Fantasy Basketball News Update  

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