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We offer you... The offer you are looking at came out as a consequence of thousands of hours spent on photographing conferences and different media events. It also is an effect of experience in postprocessing of a photograph - its graphic processing followed by achieving quality optimization depending on varying type of media, and contingent on distinctive Clients’ requirements. You are welcome to watch the results of our work. At the following pages you will find photos from events covered by us, as well as the exclusive price offer for you.

When anything is happening around we are always just close enough to shot it.

The aim of our lenses are people from the world of media, business, politics & art. We try to make shots showing them in a favorable light, so we always wait for the right moment and pick the proper perspective. This is our way to build a visual prestige of our customers.

We are looking for unusual points of view to make event documentation more various.

The scope of our activities ¢¢ Events - conferences, trade shows, incentive ¢¢ Advertising photography advertising campaigns and promotional materials ¢¢ Photographic documentation of events ¢¢ Photography of architecture buildings and interiors ¢¢ Studio photography - fashion and beauty ¢¢ Broadly defined, portrait photography ¢¢ Photos of the product - packshots

We love to photograph

Vision and details

We cooperate with selected studios in Warsaw to be sure that we can use the best available tools. We prioritize a direct and close contact with our clients. We listen to your needs, and as professionals we are able to share our experience and knowhow. We keep our eyes wide open on contemporary trends in photography because photography is our life.

There aren’t tasks that are impossible. Because of our independence we are able to work in different conditions. We pay attention to details keeping in our minds the wide vision, that makes our photography special. This recepie is what allows us to create images of the highest quality. Professional processing is also helping us to achieve exceptional effects.

We are not afraid of get closer to intensify visual message

Range of exemplary event service: ¢¢ Active photographer’s presence during all-day event, ¢¢ differentiable shots (mastershots, portraits), dynamic takes freezing positive emotions, ¢¢ adjusting photographer’s activities to particular situations, when it is needed of us, we are „invisible”, at other cases we are always in the heart of events. ¢¢ professional postprocessing of every single photograph concerning its internet presentation or a traditional paper publication. ¢¢ digitalization of the photos in two resolutions (prepared for print and use at electronic media). ¢¢ transfer of the proprietary copyright of photos at every possible way of exploitation.

400 GBP (incl. taxes)

We do business photos with the utmost care and attention to detail. At the same time we do our best to make a photo session nice and comfortable to our customers.

We are based in Warsaw, but we are open to make photos and videos at any place all around Europe.

Dear Customers Many companies were trusted us - breweries, pharmaceutical companies, government organizations and NGOs. Facing the challenge we are satisfy both them and us.

+44 759 371 15 21 +48 605 590 450 www.fantasmatic.EU PHOTO@fantasmatic.EU

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