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FANSITES: NEW WAYS OF WORKING Hey Fansites! I hope you are well and are enjoying full chat back in Habbo again. It has been a busy few months and we are dedicated to providing a well moderated and safe service to all Habbos. Moving forward, we are slightly changing how we will work with Fansites. Please read below… Habbo Fansite Badges: Badges should be created using the existing ‘Group Badge Editor’ in Habbo. We will no longer be distributing customized badges due to an inability to keep up with the numerous staff changes at Fansites. Users who have already received the badge (HFAN1) can keep it. Communication: We will not read or respond to any emails sent to Communications will ONLY take place during Fansite meetings in Habbo, or on Twitter, as it is concise (to the point) and is public for all to see. Follow @Fansites_jason to stay in the loop :-D. Habbo Ideas: If you have a big Habbo idea, please add it to our User Voice Forum ( If you have a ban enquiry please contact our Player Support Team ( . Link Spamming: This is not the Habbo Way and if enough users complain, our moderators will take action. Please refrain spamming with links to your site as this program will not offer any assistance for bans or mutes of this nature. You are the experts!!: Occasionally we will run campaigns where we may need help from the most talented Habbos out there. We want to take your creations and put your name up in lights!

Fansite Submissions: We will only accept new Fansite submissions at special times throughout the year. These times are yet to be decided, but you will be able to submit your details through an online form, which is likely to be on our blog ( Please DO NOT email Fansite Meetings: These will happen on an Adhoc basis and you will be notified through email or on Twitter. Updates & Sneak Peeks: We will continue to send Habbo content and sneak peeks to all Habbos on our mailing list. We are giving you full rights to use the Habbo brand on your site. Inactive Sites: We will be able analyse inactive sites by checking if emails are opened. Email addresses and sites that become inactive will be removed from the program and will be able to re-apply on the next submission period. URL / Email Changes: you can access our ‘Manage Your Subscription’ page by clicking the Manage Your Subscription link on every bottom of any emails you received from us. Pinterest: If any of you have some cool images on your sites, Tweet me and I will pin some images to the ‘I Love Habbo’ Pinterest board. A BIG Thanks! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fansites who continually support us and offer great content to fellow Habbos. We have some great campaigns coming to Habbo soon, we hope you like them!

I am on Twitter if you have a question (@fansites_jason).

Thanks Jason.

Fansites: New Ways of Working  
Fansites: New Ways of Working  

Here are the detials on how Habbo will work with Fansites.