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Business Marketing Liz Gray Professor, Lawrence Kinlin School of Business Liz Gray is a faculty member with the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business at Fanshawe College where she teaches Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Google Analytics (GA) courses in which students benefit from hands-on applied learning. GA students are partnered with businesses to analyze their web traffic patterns and make recommendations for site design improvements and search engine optimization. SEM students create and run a pay per click advertising campaign for their partner businesses through the Google Online Marketing Challenge, an international competition with over 10,000 entrants.

When asked about HRdownload’s success, John says, “it’s a 50/50 thing. Fifty per cent recruiting; 50 per cent company culture.” “They hire great people and they inspire them to do well for the company by making them like working here. It’s simple really – and it makes sense. As long as we stay true to these ideals – great people, great place to work – we will continue to see consistent growth.”

“The analyst program was great because it was right up to speed on the technology. I basically walked out of school and into my job using exactly the same tools. But in my role here, the soft skills I learned really help too. Not just database design and testing, but real business management skills like organization, scheduling, planning and business communication.” Nobody really has to know the business better than Jeremy. In a place where everything is IT, it is not enough for the “computer guy” to just make the computers work, he also has to possess intimate strategic knowledge of what the computers are supposed to be doing and what the goals of the processes are. He says it’s a challenging job, but that’s part of what makes HRdownloads a good place to be.

John also acknowledges that company founder and CEO, Tony Boyle (Web Design ’02 / Animation ‘02) had a great idea. “The Internet is a boon to the efficiency of business operations in that it allows for a massive centralization of resources. Knowing this, Tony found a hole in the marketplace and here we are.”

Information Technology

Talking to John, one begins to understand that IT isn’t just the product at a place like HRdownloads; it is also the way you move product. From the first point of contact with a prospect, through conversion, through product delivery, through after-sale service, IT has become the lifeblood of this kind of business. And the IT nerd, far from the on-call cubicle-dweller of yore, is now a versatile front-and-centre generalist cue Jeremy McIvor (Computer Programmer Analyst ‘09).

Garth Santor is a faculty member with the Information Technology Division at Fanshawe College where he teaches C++ Programming, Object-Oriented Design, Design Patterns, 3D-Graphics, and Concurrent Programming courses to the students of the Computer Programmer Analyst (CPA2) program. The CPA program is one of the original laptop based programs at Fanshawe that emphasizes a hands-on industry experience. Fanshawe is also one of two colleges with SharcNet, one of the fastest supercomputing clusters in Canada.

“I am in charge of everything IT,” says Jeremy. From maintaining web presence to automating and tracking systems that rang from sale cycle monitoring processes to document download and e-commerce transactions, Jeremy is the guy.

Hired as a software developer back in 2009, he, like John, sings the praises of the education he received at Fanshawe, especially the soft skills that accompanied his computer training.

Jeremy McIvor

Garth Santor Professor, School of Information Technology



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Fanshawe College Alumni News Issue 30  

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Fanshawe College Alumni News Issue 30  

Alumni News from Fanshawe College. This is issue 30. Stories include: Damian Warner, Sam Stout, Julie Greer, Andrew Schiestel, HR Downloads...