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The simplest explanation is that a compost bin is where you put your yard and kitchen waste for it to turn into compost. It is where compost is created. Compost bins can be simple to elaborate. They can be homemade or purchased. Let's take a look at the different kinds so you can decide what's best for you. Simple to Elaborate The simplest compost bin can be just a black plastic garbage bag full of leaves left alone to decay into compost. Not the fastest method but it works. The most elaborate compost bins are tumblers. They are barrels mounted on a frame that are turned regularly. The turning causes aeration which in turn makes the matter turn into usable compost faster. Commercial Bins Take a look at any gardening catalog and you will see a variety of compost bins for purchase. They come in different sizes from a small kitchen composter to larger ones for the garden. Most are black plastic, the black plastic helps retain heat so the compost gets hotter and decays faster. The main function of the bin is to keep the compost contained in one place, allow aeration and access to the finished compost. You'll find commercially made bins with drawers that make it easy to turn the compost and to access the finished compost from the bottom. The only complaint I have with commercial bins is their size. They're great for kitchen waste and some lawn clippings but that's about it. If you have a small yard and want to recycle your kitchen waste they're ideal for that. Homemade Bins You can make a compost bin from anything at all as long as it contains the compost, allows air in, and it is easy to turn the compost. Since a compost bin is for recycling, I like to try and build them from recycled or left over materials. Frames can be made from pallets that you break down, fence slats, scrap lumber, chicken wire, rebar, whatever you have. An easy way to build one is to set 4 posts, approximately 3 feet apart and 4 feet tall, use old fence slats or chicken wire on the sides for containment. As the pile grows place slats on the front that can be removed when it is time to turn the pile.

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What is a Compost Bin  

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