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Have you read about this recently? There are innumerable benefits of fish oil, which can turn around your health and your life in a short order. Many people are now becoming aware of this wonderful natural oil that provides so many benefits to us. Let's find out what are these benefits exactly. These are the top five benefits of fish oil: 1) Cancer prevention - Cancer is the number one killer disease in the country right now. Millions of people are affected by it, and the only recourse they have is chemo therapy - which is not only painful and expensive, there is a high degree of failure rate in it too. Increasing the intake of fish oil has been found to significantly lower the risk of this deadly disease. 2) Heart ailments - Heart problems are responsible for the highest number of deaths after cancer. Fish oil benefits include reducing the risk of heart diseases to a great extent. The Omega 3 fatty acids in the oil prevent the blood platelets from clotting, which if left unchecked can block the arteries and cause heart attack. 3) Arthritis and joint pains - The primary cause of pain in Arthritis and gout is inflammation in the joints. Fish oil has pretty effective anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing the joint pains to a great extent. 4) Skin problems - Inflammation also cause skin problems like Psoriasis and Acne. Fish oil helps in controlling these problems too by reducing the inflammation in the skin cells. 5) Benefits to the Brain - 60% of our brain is made up of fats. Half of that fat is the DHA Omega 3 present in fish oil. The intake of fish oil then boosts our brain activity which results in improved memory and focus. It also helps in controlling ADHD and preventing the onset of Alzheimer's disease with age. Now, it is true that you can get all the benefits of fish oil by directly eating fish. The reality is; it is difficult for most people to include salmon or tuna in their diet on a daily basis. Not to forget, the costs for this diet addition would also quickly add up. In fact, just for the price of a single dinner containing fish, you can get a month's supply of a fish oil supplement that can provide your body with all the Omega 3 it needs! Let's take a quick look at what you need to check in a fish oil supplement: - Check the source of the fish used in making the supplement. Fish caught from clean water is going to have much less pollutants inside than fish from a polluted area.

- Look for a company that uses molecular distillation for refining the fish oil. This process filters out most of the man made and natural impurities from the oil, resulting in a highly pure fish oil supplement. - Most of the benefits of fish oil are due to the DHA fatty acid it contains. The second most important fatty acid in it is EPA. Now, DHA is much more expensive and harder to process than EPA. This is the reason many supplements just contain EPA with a smattering of DHA to go along with it. Avoid this at all costs. You want to take fish oil rich in DHA, if the body needs any more EPA than it already has, it can easily convert a little DHA into EPA through a simple biological process. Make no mistake about it. If you take just one supplement ever, it has to be a fish oil supplement containing Omega 3. All the benefits of fish oil can be yours, you just need to make the right choice.

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==== ==== If you are looking for more information on benefit of fish oil, check this site ==== ====

A Guide to Why Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements Should Not Be Ignored  

If you are looking for more information on benefit of fish oil, check this site