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The best homemade compost bins are usually the ones that you know you'll enjoy using. A creation such as this can be very rewarding, and can give out so many beneficial things as well. How to make a compost tumbler is something that you can make on your own. So to find out more, you can read on below to get some handy tips on how to construct it. Before you can start on your D-I-Y compost tumbler, you'll have to prepare the following materials: a plastic barrel, a tape measure, some galvanized metal fence pole that are half-inch, four 2 by 4inch treated lumber boards that are 8-feet long, a metal rebar pin, a nails drill, a large drill bit electric saw, some small hinges and hasps that are galvanized hardware, and some paint if you like. After you've prepared the materials, you can then proceed to constructing your homemade bin. You can start by measuring and locating the central part of your plastic barrel. The barrel will serve as your home compost tumbler. And as soon as you find the center of the barrel, you may now proceed to drilling large holes on it. The holes must be big enough for the metal pole to fit in. After this, do some drilling again (on the barrel's surface), but this time, make small holes only. These smaller holes will serve as a drainage and aeration pathway. Next, use an electric saw to cut a rectangle-shaped hole; and then cut on the barrels side area. The hole should be big enough for an average shovel head to fit in; as the size of the hole will enable you to put-in and take-out compost from the rotating barrel with ease. Now, as you complete this step, you may now drill holes for your screws, hinges and hasp hardware. Make a few holes on the top and bottom part of the rectangle-shaped holed that you've previously cut. Drill holes on the top and base of the whole barrel as well. After this, you may now start fastening your hardware with some galvanized nuts and bolts (the hinges are placed on the barrels top side, as the hasp is to the bottom side). After securing this, you may now attach the door (this was the cut piece from your rectangular hole), and then close it using a hasp. After you've measured the lumber boards that you have, you should then cut these into half, to make out four more boards (4-feet long each). Form an X-shape using two boards, and then pound a few nails on them to safely secure it. Make 2 sets of these, as these will serve as the legs and support for the barrel. Also cut two sets of 2 by 4-inch boards, as you'll be using these to connect the two X-shaped boards (for stability purposes). After you've set the support on your barrel, you may now drill a half-inch hole to the metal pole (choose any side of the pole). You'll be putting in the metal rebar pin on this hole, as this will be used as a handle for your home composting container. And as soon as you've done this, you may proceed to painting it. That's if you want to put paint on it. Your D-I-Y tumbler, will surely work wonders. Not only did you make your own eco composter,

you've also paved a way for a cost-effective recycling system. The best compost bins homemade like this can definitely guarantee you long lasting results.

Start vermicomposting today! If you wish to learn more about other alternatives to compost bin constructions, then you can read about this from our previous post: guides in starting your own wood wormbin construction.

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The Best Compost Bins Are Homemade  

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