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Wherever the sinus cavities are located, sinus pressure headache occurs in that part only. That means, a person has to suffer from sever pain behind the forehead, eyes, in nose and cheeks. There are few reasons why a person experiences this sinus pressure. The first reason is the inflammation of sinuses that causes due to the bad conditions like cold and allergy. In addition, weather changes, flight traveling, swim in deep water and climb at high peaks are some of the other causes of sinus pressure headache. A person has to face various discomforts and that includes sore throat, toothache, fatigue and hay fever. Sudden pain while moving the head and colored nasal discharge are the other symptoms those have to be tolerated. One of the best treatments for sinus pressure headache is decongestions and pain relievers. Doctors prescribe these treatments only after a thorough check up of a patient. Certain tests should be taken like CT scan, x-ray or Magnetic Resonance Image. After these tests only, doctor would recommend the medicines to cure it effectively. Decongestion sprays are also advised as it opens up the clogged sinuses and mucous membrane. But it is better to use nasal spray for 3 or 4 days. Because over usage can cause rebound congestion and it could be a problematic situation for sufferers in future. It does not mean that sufferers can never get rid of sinus pressure headache. If they follow some of the natural homemade remedies with medications, then they never have to encounter with it. Eat a ripe apple with little salt or drink one glass of water with 1 tablespoon of honey early in the morning. Both these intakes could be great relievers from sinus pressure headache. Other than that, sufferers can moist the sinuses through steam inhaling. Steam cleans the mucus and other dust particles of sinuses and mucous membrane. Therapies are also an oldest and suitable form for sinus pressure headache sufferers. Acupuncture and aromatherapies are the comfortable treatments one can go for. These above-described details of the sinus pressure headache can clear the doubts related to it.

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