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Sippy cups are used for toddlers when you want them to transition from using a nursing bottle, to use a normal cup for drinking their beverages. Many people think that these learner cups are not absolutely necessary, but they are in fact a great way to help your child improve their coordination and motoric behavior and control. Simply by giving them something that they can use themselves can make a big difference in the learning curve when it comes to independent eating and drinking. Bisphenol-A is a chemical that is used by the plastic industry all around the world, to create plastic that is soft. Other chemicals are used for the process as well, but there are a number of scientific studies showing that by ingesting even small amounts of BPA for extended periods of time, the risk of getting serious long-term illnesses such as cancer increases. Most parents want to give their child a toxin free world, but can only influence the products that they use - not what others use. Toxins are all around us and it is impossible to avoid all of them. By limiting the amount that we are exposed to at home, we can make our body deal with the rest of the world better. Since the immune system and detoxification systems of a baby are not as developed as an adults, it is even more important to avoid harmful chemicals. The immune system will learn how to deal with bacteria and viruses, but the detoxification systems will only be under more stress, and toxins will accumulate in the body of the child. Sippy cups are used at a young age, and they are usually made of materials that are soft. The spout is usually made of a soft rubbery material and it is normal for the child even to be chewing on it. This can cause pieces of plastic to come off and enter the body of the child. Other parts such as the handles of the learner cup are also frequently chewed on by children, and that is why it is important that the sippy cup is 100% made of BPA free materials. Children learn how to use a cup at very different ages, but it is needless to say that at any stage it is important to avoid this type of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Damage that is done at an early stage can cause significant problems later on.

If you want to learn more about BPA free sippy cups have a look at this website about BPA free products. By learning to avoid these potentially harmful chemicals you can improve your health, and the health of your children. Any parent should give their children the best possible opportunities, and taking care of their health is one of the most important things.

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Should You Avoid BPA In Sippy Cups