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Mary Kay cosmetics was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. The company is currently a multimillion dollar industry that houses over 600,000 distributors nation wide. The products that Mary Kay offers are mainly cosmetics, skin creams, and anti-aging products. To purchase these products the customer has to go through a distributor by either contacting them by phone, in person, attending a Mary Kay party, e-mail, or going to their website. When utilizing their website, the products are shipped directly to the consumer. This business will require you to house your own inventory so this is something to keep in mind. The products are purchased at wholesale cost but you will have the ability to purchase the products along with starter packages that will contain bonus products as well. Shipping on each order will be around $8 so that will have to be figured in when making your purchases. You will earn about a 50% commission on all sales. The company is a multi-level marketing business opportunity. With that being said, you will have the ability to recruit new sales people to your team of distributors. Recruiting new people adds a little twist to the business. When you recruit a successful person to your team you will be making between a 4% to 13% commission on the sales that your recruit makes. To remain an active member of the business you will need to place an order of at least $200 a month. Also, when recruiting new people, you gain the ability to move up to sales directors positions which will house little perks as well. They provide elaborate prize incentives for hitting certain sales levels Mary Kay offers weekly sales meetings and trainings for current consultants and also specialized trainings for new consultants just coming into the business. A majority of the consultants appear to be individuals, like you and I, who are more geared for the ability to stay home with their families and still be able to generate monthly residual income in the place of their current jobs. This is a legitimate business opportunity that offers several incentives both monetary and otherwise to keep their team members motivated to sell. The key to this type of business is being able to sell your products. If you lack somewhat in the social skills area then it would be beneficial to know the many other techniques out there that are available to aid in getting your name out there be it to advertise for parties or general marketing for your website. With enough expertise on these techniques and the motivation for success you could profit greatly from this business.

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Mary Kay Cosmetics Review