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The videos that we watch on the Internet or on your cellular phones have a particular format and extension. These extensions may vary from .mp4 to .3gp and many more. One such common platform is the .FLV extension. You find these extensions at the end of the name of the file. For instance, you download a video song from the Internet such as the famous vertigo by U2. The file name would say, Vertigo.3gp where.3gp is the extension of the file. When you download a video, you first have to look for the compatible extension for that file. This is because if your device or gadget does not support the format, it will not play the video. If new to this aspect, you would be wandering what FLV exactly is. Well in simple words, FLV is the extension for all the flash-based videos and video players. Now you might be thinking how a flash-based video or video player looks like. The simplest answer to this is an online video streaming website. You must have definitely taken a tour on the various online streaming websites for browsing movies and videos. The video players used on such website platforms are FLV players. Sports and news websites make most use of FLV players. To know more about its functions and features, go to any of the search engine website and search for the required keyword. You will get detailed information regarding the file extension, its features and functions. The best way to know the benefits of an FLV player is by using it once and comparing it amongst other players. You might have come across various difficulties such as shutting down of the player, codec error and many others. However, the FLV players are smooth, effortless and do not shut down automatically. This is because they do not require vast memory to run. When you download a licensed version of the latest FLV player, you will come across five new features. These features help you watch videos in five different modes.

Minimum: This offers a minimum resolution and is better for low-resolution movies and videos. Normal: This offers a standard resolution picture. Maximum: This offers a higher-level resolution. Multiple: This offers you to play multiple videos at a single time. Adjustable: This feature allows you to adjust the screen size and its resolution for better viewing. Therefore, FLV player is an open source player and is customizable as well. The reason that makes FLV player the most suited player on websites is that it is easily compatible and uses comparatively less memory space than other players. Apart from the memory space, it also has the following aspects:

No scaling problems No crashing and hanging of the system If you have not yet tried using FLV player, then it is time to start using it and enter in the comforting world of the flash-based movies and movie players.

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