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When laptops were initially introduced, some of them resembled electric typewriters and weighed just as much. They worked great in freezing computer rooms as they also doubled up as heaters. Otherwise, they would be better known as lap scorchers. As technology improved, hardware size shrunk but its power and features grew. Even software presentation no longer bore any resemblance to white or green text on monochrome screens so synonymous with mainframe applications. The advent of the iPad has brought on much excitement amongst the ranks. Rave iPad reviews churn out by the hour, extolling a feature whilst defending or downplaying a weak point or flaw. It can also be seen that the iPad manufacturer is seeking to combine all the advancements of contemporary computing into a single device. Although it's not as small and light as the other appliances in its family of devices, it certainly packs a punch and has generally been well accepted. Special interest groups are formed to solely focus on the needs of iPad aficionados. Although they are apparently not related to the manufacturer, their goal to cater to all needs related to iPad performs additional marketing on the side. Wallpapers designed exclusively to fit the iPad's screen are available for free download. Special sections guide you on tinkering and tweaking, thus teaching you how to get more out of your iPad. For instance, there is a way to get 3G connectivity from an iPad with only Wi-Fi features. Many other tips and tricks are discovered as the iPad is put under a microscope. Some added functionalities may require a certain amount of bending the manufacturer's terms and conditions. Although the iPad battery is currently living up to its claimed life, the time will come when it runs down at the point you need it most. Some computers allow you to charge your iPad via USB. You'll need to download a piece of software into your computer beforehand to generate the correct level of electric current through the USB port. Everyone wants to have a finger in the iPad pie. To avoid going in blind, iPad reviews serve as an excellent conduit of information on how to get more out of your iPad.

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