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So we have heard hundreds of rumors about the iPad 3. We've seen reports from the probable release date (March 7), to the probable look and specs. But while the world is currently on its heels for the upcoming Apple tablet, experts and critics are elaborately listing the things that they would want to see on the iPad 3. We know you're eying the iPad buyback program so you can get an iPad 3, and we're adding fuel to the fire. Here are a few of the probabilities that the alpha geeks think would make iPad 3 5-star worthy. An LTE/4G Version Apple rumors are very persistent about the iPad 3's probable LTE version. Reports suggest that the iPad 3 LTE (which stands for Long Term Evolution) version will be provided in the U.S. The experts are actually waiting to see if this rumor is true because they have been saying that the 3G connectivity is growing old by the minute. thinks that Apple's new iPad may be featuring a Qualcomm 4G LTE Gobi 4000 chip, a data connectivity platform that was made available last November 2011. The said platform offers both 3G and 4G connectivity. The device promises great speeds and better downloads for mobile devices. If the reports about iPad 3 bearing Qualcomm's newest chip are true, then iPad owners may be in for a good deal if they try iPad buyback programs soon. A New iOS Japanese tech site Macotakara seemed convinced that the iPad 3 will be launched packed with the latest iOS version, enough to make iPad owners make a run for an iPad buyback. Previous reports about the iOS 5.1 revealed that it may be released on March 9, a few days after the rumored release of the iPad 3. But this rumor is still a bit blurry on some points. Experts believe that while Apple is holding iOS 5.1 for release, reports have shown that it has not changed anything major from its beta versions. Write-ups about the IOS 5.1 revealed that it has been enhanced with Rich Text Formatting for the Notes App and a camera slider button in the lock screen. It may also feature a Japanese speaking Siri. These enhancements, however, are targeted for iPhones so the news is still on hold. Bigger Battery and Storage Leaked images of the back casing of the iPad 3 suggested a bigger and better battery. After surfacing on the Repair Labs Blog two weeks ago, the photo had iPad owners and tech savvies fixated on getting an iPad buyback because the photo also showed reconfigurations on the logic board and new cameras. Aside from this, rumors are also spreading about a 128GB storage option for the iPad 3. Experts believe that it isn't impossible at all, but the probability is slim. Apple may probably still go with the 16/32/64GB storage options but we're still holding out for the confirmation.

Thuderbolt and NFC Mac fans are dying to find out if the Thunderbolt will soon be available for the new iPad. Experts believe that Intel's baby will work wonders with the iPad 3 because of its mobility and lightweight nature will make it more interesting to work with than the MacBook Pro and Air. The Thunderbolt is an Input/Output device that features a small port that can connect accessory devices to display devices with astonishingly fast performance. Rumors about an NFC chip inside the iPad 3 are also spreading and since the first two iPads are USB-free, critics are fixated with the possibility of getting Near Field Communications in the iPad 3. The NFC rumor was also linked to the iPhone 4S but was proved wrong when the unveiling happened. And since most Android phones have Google Wallet, an app that works closely with NFC, it is unlikely that Apple would want to be left behind. 'S' Names and 'Point' Versions Rumors about the iPad 3 having more than one version had also spread like wildfire across the web. According to reports, an iPad case maker in China has been releasing covers for a device called iPad 2S. And since Chinese iPad case manufacturers have a good history of being preemptive when it comes to hardware plans, people are on the lookout for the real iPad version to be released this year. Another rumor that is yet to be confirmed is the iPad 3.1 and iPad 3.2 references that were found on new iOS 5 code files in the iOS 5 firmware. But then again, rumors are rumors. So while you're considering an iPad buyback, check out

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