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HTC HD2 is a phone you should look out for. This stylish touch screen phone is backed by a powerful processor and has a big screen. HTC HD2 is a significant improvement, when compared to its first counterpart. Not only its screen is bigger but its dimensions are bigger than other smartphones. HTC HD2 weighs 157 grams and has dimensions 121*67*77. Besides these, HTC HD2 is the first Windows mobile phone to have a capacitive touch screen. Due to this, it can be operated using fingers and does not require stylus. A GPS receiver, 5 MP camera with flash and 3.5mm headset jack are few other features which further increase the value of the phone. Technically speaking, HTC HD2 is one of the best phones available in market today. It is powered by Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro OS through a powerful 1GHz Snapdragon processor, which is much high when compared to other phones in this category as majority of them have a processor of only 528 MHz. This is the reason why operation in the phone is much faster when compared to other phones. However, it is also worth noting that many people are not appreciating the Windows OS installed in this phone. The OS is given style by HTC Sense, which was formerly called HTC TouchFLO. It gives a series of homepages having larger icons. Each of these icons has dedicated functions like media planning, web browsing, e-mail reader etc. It even has a separate tab to enable twitter connectivity. Overall the phone is worth buying, but like other phones, it too has some deficiencies. The absence of stylus in the phone is not justified. Sometimes it becomes difficult to access the application using fingers as the icons are too small. It doesn't even have a trackball or navigation pad, thus making it more difficult for people having big fingers. The internal memory of this phone is only 512MB and thus you have to rely on memory card to boost up your memory. HTC HD2 supports GSM and HSPDA networks and connects to LAN, 3G, and EDGE etc. The GPS in this phone is supported by application such as Digital Compass, NaviPanel and HTC footprints. It has Bluetooth device compatibility which allows you to use hands free headsets. The external casing of this phone carries a nice black finish. Given its 3G technology, Wi-Fi and other connectivity functions it will always keep you and your work connected with others.

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HTC HD2 Unique Windows Mobile From HTC  

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