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So, you and everyone else in the world want to get a low priced ticket to… Oh, I don’t know... you choose the destination. OK, so now that we all have the perfect location in mind, let’s start with the basics. Yeah, yeah, website searches followed up by phone calls to the individual airlines – this is a solid way to proceed – but there is a step that most people miss that can save you even more. Sign up with and begin your fare search with an automatic discount on purchases you make through any of their travel related sights (you can actually get cash or % off on literally any purchase from hundreds of stores – but we are not dealing with that right now). Why not begin your airfare search knowing that you have already saved yourself some cash. Depending on the site you link to on Ebates, you can take 1% - 2% off of your purchase – or even straight cash!! Now, if you are buying a $60 flight across the state, this may not amount to much ($1.20). However, if you are looking to purchase two tickets to gay old Paris from the drizzly caffeine driven city of Seattle at a price of $1,100 per ticket, you are looking at a savings of (assuming 2% off) $44. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to start off an airfare deal search. Now, you have the first step so let’s move on. Don’t be foolish!! Just because I told you about a super duper secret discount website – FOR GOD’S SAKE!! – don’t feel that you have to work only within the confines of that one site. Check all of the websites that you can. Scour all of the databases and ring all of the airline and travel agents you feel fit to speak with. Eventually, you will have gained enough information on the cost of flights to your perfect location to feel that you have found the lowest possible price (don’t we feel better now?). The logical thing to do at this point is to; before you make a purchase on the site you found, go and see if that website is listed on Ebates. If it is, why in the heck would you not link to the discount site of your choice via Ebates and then make the purchase (This isn’t brain surgery people – it is your money to keep). Is there a markup on Ebates to offset the discounted price? Not that I have ever seen. I always compare the two options for the same purchase and have never found the price to be inflated whatsoever. OK, so enough about that. Let’s move on to some additional money saving options. I would highly suggest that you use a credit card that offers you cash back on your purchases (or airline miles as my wife refuses to use any other type of card – she is clearly afraid of cash). This can save you up to an additional 5% off of your purchase. Here, we have just started looking and we have already found a way to save up to 7% off of the lowest possible price that we were

able to find. Amazing isn’t it?!! The rest of my tips include information that you can find just about anywhere. 1)Try and be flexible with your travel dates 2)Book early 3)Fly on non-busy travel days (mid-week is usually best) 4)Use a multiple site search engine i.e. Sidestep or Kyak (.com of course) 5)Search using different airports 6)Stay over a Saturday 7)Buy round trip over single (one way) flights Try these tips – and you will discover the best possible rates to that beautiful, relaxing vacation location that you first began daydreaming about when we began this learning experience called an article. As always, I wish you the very best in all of your travel experiences. Please feel free to visit my website [] for other airfare and travel related articles by me as well as other cash strapped travel junkies.

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