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There are so many different December 2012 predictions from so many different scholars that it is difficult to separate the truth from the garbage. There is also a lot of fear mongering as people are talking of Volcanoes exploding around the world, that the polar shifts that will cause huge natural disasters including earthquakes, nuclear reactors bursting, and huge tsunami like tidal waves. The belief that December 2012 is the end of the world is because the Mayan calender, a large physical stone calender from the Aztecs, ends December 2012. Information that supports this date are purported to include Nostradamus, alien prophecies, numerology, interpretations of mythology. Here is a list of the many different December 2012 predictions so you may have a good general understanding on the subject. Beginning of a New Spiritual Age This is the most positive school of thought. The 2012 prediction behind this is that after December 2012, human consciousness will shift and we will all become more enlightened. December 2012 predictions and the coming of it are nothing to fear, but instead should be embraced. Natural Disasters The basic premise behind the major natural disasters that will occur in December 2012 are due to the fact that many people believe that our planet will either align with a black hole in space, collide with a mysterious planet or that a dramatic change in polar shifts will occur. From these three beliefs it is thought that earthquakes will come about, all volcanoes will erupt - including the dormant ones, nuclear power plants will explode, and giant tidal waves will sweep the earth. If you want to more about 2012 in depth and really learn how to plan ahead for it, I highly recommend you download the bestselling eBook 2012 Official Countdown Guide.

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