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It's a fact; no one can participate in or even think about locating a cache, no matter its difficulty rating, without a reliable and accurate GPS unit. Keep in mind, however, that not all GPS devices are the same, and the same features that would be absolutely necessary in order to be the best GPS for geocaching to one person, might be considered almost incidental to the next. So, the best GPS unit for Geocaching for any individual is probably a personal matter depending upon their skill level, physical conditioning, terrain, and difficulty of the cache. Geocaching is not only frenetically catching on, you might say, because of the ever increasing worldwide access to the Internet, it is sweeping the globe. Individuals, groups, and organizations are hiding caches and posting them for all to see online. It's easy, just boot up your computer, and target a cache of your choice. It can be near your home, down at the local park, near a river bank, on the side of a mountain or smack in the middle of some desert. Literally, caches are placed all over the world. People from all walks of life, from all countries, and from all economic levels are quickly becoming avid participants in the fun, exciting and challenging treasure hunting game of geocaching. And, if you're just beginning the sport, there are a number of important GPS features that would be beneficial to and enhance your early success as a geocacher. Some of the more recent GPS units even have built-in features that are geospecific to the adventurous game of geocaching. Here are critical GPS features to consider before purchasing the GPS device that you'll be using when tracking down a cache: 1. Look for a screen that is of decent size, with good contrast, and make sure that it is easy to read. Also, check to make sure that it has trans reflective properties for easy readability in bright sunlight. 2. The GPS should be able to lock onto satellite signals quickly, and it should be accurate to within ten feet. The device should provide guidance through heavy tree and cloud cover, or while in your pocket, or even through the windshield of your auto? For this, you may want it to be WAASenabled for accurate pinpointing of caches, and you'll need twelve parallel channels. 3. It should be fairly small and lightweight for easy carrying. Look for one that will be small enough to fit into your pocket.

4. It should be easy to understand the information you're receiving. You'll want your GPS unit to have the capability of marking no less than 500 waypoints. These are significant points along the way. This capability will help you find caches easily and will, most importantly, keep you from getting lost. 5. The unit you choose should be waterproof. At some point, on one or many of your hunts, your GPS will get wet. You may drop it in a puddle, it will come a torrential downpour, you'll slip in a river or stream, trust me, you can plan on its getting wet no matter how many plastic bags you bring along. 6. How sturdy and rugged is it? As a natural part of geocaching, your GPS will get dropped and roughed up a lot. If you're a hiking/camping geocacher, you may be receiving information that will take you through brush, over rocks, across rivers, and through forests. Naturally, your unit will get banged up. 7. Finally, the GPS you choose should have a descent battery life. Generally speaking, the longer the battery life, the better, but also, the bigger the battery, the heavier the weight of the GPS. If you weigh 110 lbs., the unit's weight will be a real consideration. If this is the case, you could opt for a lighter weight device, and just take along some extra batteries. In no event, do you want your GPS to quit on you before you locate the cache. You can find GPS units with all of these features in almost every price range, size, shape and color, but you should make sure that the one you actually purchase for your geocaching treasure hunting adventures at least has these minimum features.

Ryan Westmoreland enjoys the adventurous game of geocaching, and runs a blog all about the Best GPS For Geocaching Guide BEFORE you buy your first geocaching GPS.

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Criteria For the Best GPS For Geocaching  
Criteria For the Best GPS For Geocaching  

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