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Stop And Think Like A Successful Person When Making Decisions by fanomar | on December 25, 2012 Wondering how successful people do when they are faced with a huge obstacle in front of them? Well, the truth of the matter is, they don’t just jump the gun. They stop and think. Simple isn’t it? But the reality is, most of us don’t do that. If you want to know what I mean, then read on..

Don’t get your negativity decide for you. Stop and think first! You see, the problem with most of us is that when we see an obstacle, we would say things like… …. I cannot do it …. This thing is too hard …. I don’t have the time …. This thing is too hard …. This is impossible …. etc.. Those are some typical sentences used by an impossibility thinker – person who thinks

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negatively. But for a possibility thinker – person who thinks positively, if they had an obstacle in front of them, instead of ‘whining’ like those negative thinkers, they would ask

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questions that would provoke them to take some form of actions, like…. …. How can I do this? …. Is there a way round to this problem?

Stop And Think Like A Successful Person When Making Decisions

…. Is there an alternative solution to it? …. What are the possible ways to overcome this problem? …. etc..

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See the BIG difference there? A person who is negative will quickly dismiss something as “cannot be done”, while a positive person will try to find a way no matter how difficult it is. God gave us brains to think. So stop and think, rather than whine about it!

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You need to be able to stop and think when deciding on your options Many of you might have known that I am working from home. It may sound like the best job in the world. In fact, it is. 

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But there are a lot of challenges to it. That was why I used to fail when I was younger. Back then, I have to admit that I was such a negative kid. Without fail, I would say “it cannot be done” almost all the time. That stupid attitude eventually affected my decision making in my quest to work online. Because of that, I was making a grand total of $0! And I lost money from that. Why? Because I invested some ebooks on how to make money online, yet I wasn’t making one. Most of the books that I invested in are pretty reliable at that time. It was just that my thinkings were not aligned to make it happen. You see, the ebooks told me the step by step instructions on how to succeed online. But because of the troubles that I have to go through, I threw the towel almost immediately without asking how can I solve it. That made me quit the industry because I was thinking that it not realistic to make money online. Fast forward a few years later, I came back to this niche again. This time round, I had a different mindset altogether. Every time when I had to go through obstacles, I would stop & think first, before I make my decision. And when the decision is not the right one, I would stop & think again for another alternative solution to that problem. Because of that shift in mentality, eventually, I managed to have a breakthrough that I always wanted – i.e. make money online! The victory was sweet, to be honest with you. Imagine getting a $1000 depositing in your bank account while you sleep one day. Yeah, that happened to me. I’m not joking! But there are quite a number of things that I did in order to have that ability to stop and think. You would think that is actually easy, but it is not, especially to a negative kid like me. If you want to know how I did it, you need to seriously check Empower Network out. Why? Because not only it helps you to make money online, but it helps you to change the way you think in order to have that entrepreneurial mindset, as well as that “never say die”  attitude. That was what happened to me. And the best thing is, I don’t only apply it in my business, I also apply it in my personal life as well. A lot of people have told me that I am very optimistic in a lot of things nowadays. That  sentence actually came as a shock to me. I mean, nobody would say that to me in the past, and here I was hearing such things for the first time. Anyways, if you need to have that breakthrough in whatever things you want to pursue, Empower Network can seriously help you. Click on the banner below to learn more

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Stop And Think Like A Successful Person When Making Decisions  

Wondering how successful people do when they are faced with a huge obstacle in front of them? Well, the truth of the matter is, they don’t...

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