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Informative | Always Learn New Ways To Do Things To Move Forward by fanomar | on December 7, 2012 1 Tweet

All of us will encounter problematic situations using the conventional way that they would normally do sometimes. When that happens, it is good of you to learn new ways to do things, instead of relying on what you know all the time. It may sound easy, but the problem is….. ……are you able to do that?

Why it is challenging to learn new ways to do things

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Let’s look at one of the most problematic situation that most of us are facing right now. In our current society, with the rise in inflation everywhere, we are facing an economic downturn right now. Millions of people across the globe are bound to lose their jobs now, or in the near future. Clearly, what used to work for us back then doesn’t seemed to apply it in the current context isn’t it?

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I mean, you graduated, got your degree, look for job, only to lose it a couple of years, if not months, later. So is that the ‘safe’ way that everybody else have been telling you to do so? ……..And that was partially why I did what I did. I know that times are going to be tough soon. I need a better way to do things instead of relying on a failed system that most governments in the world are promoting. So I started my own business. It is actually one of the new ways to do things for me in order to survive the maelstrom that is coming upon us now. Well, that is just me, but are you willing to do that as well?

Unfortunately, for most of you, you simply won’t…… …..Simply because you would think that it might a scam, or you still think that the traditional way still works. Whatever it is, if you are always having cash problems, don’t you think it is time to find new ways to make money instead? That is just my two cents with regards to our current traditional system. You can choose to agree, or disagree if you want. Anyways, what I am trying to get at you is that you should always be willing to open up your mind to newer ideas and not just be stuck ‘in the box’. Throw away that ‘box’ if you can.

How you can learn new ways to do things I was listening to some of the leaders in my business talking the other day. One of them were saying something that made my eyes kinda popped out. He kind of nailed it when it comes to this topic. You see, some people in my niche are not making the income that they want. It is not the system’s fault. It is more of their ego that is what made them what they are. They think they know it all.

This guy, named Justin Verrengia, was one of them…. …..until he dropped his ego and learn from the leaders that are making more money than him. Now, he is one of the top few people in the Empower Network that is earning $30 grand per month.

He is right! This ego problem needs to be checked even when you are facing personal problems as well. I did a reflection to myself the other day and found out some interesting things that made me excel in what I did in the past. When I was working in a school back then, I realized that I was more of a messy person. I was always disorganized, and many times, whenever my boss gave me assignments, I got problems with trying to finish it, simply because I forgot about it most of the time. Bear in mind though that I had 2 superiors to work with at the time I was working in the school. So you can see how busy I was. Then, one fine day, my big superior, among the two of them, lectured me about my work ethics. At the end of the conversation, he advised me that if I want to work properly, I have to change my way of doing things. To be honest with you, I wasn’t ready to change at that time. I still wanted to do it MY way, converted by

instead of HIS way. But because having a job outside got ridiculously hard back then, I wasn’t ready to get booted off because of my stubbornness. So I let my ego down, and absorbed the way he did things as much as possible. You see, he is a great man. He is a very systematic person. Over time, after hanging out with him for a while, I became WAY more organized, and I had developed a better system of doing things eventually. Not only my 2 superiors started to acknowledge about my new found strength, but technically, most of the other staff as well. Because of that, that made me saved my job. Imagine if I don’t put my ego down back then. I don’t think I can last that long, to be honest with you. So please, when you are stuck with something, always put your ego down and learn new ways to do things, rather than doing the same things all over again. Trust me, it will never work if you don’t have that open mind.

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Always Learn New Ways To Do Things To Move Forward  

All of us will encounter problematic situations using the conventional way that they would normally do sometimes. When that happens, it is g...

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