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Another Touching Inspirational Talent Story. This Is Easily One Of The Best Motivational Videos Around! by fanomar | on July 29, 2013

Jonathan has an inspirational talent story to tell. You see, Jonathan is a big sized guy who got ‘bullied’ by people. People would call him nasty names because of his size. And it is sad, coz every time such things happen to him, it just ‘take a little piece of him’ in that sense. Also, it was for that very reason that he lost a lot of confidence in himself. He thought that he couldn’t make it in life… ….. until his music teacher suggested to him to pair up with Charlotte for the Britain got talent show. The rest? Watch him and Charlotte in action below:

Jonathan, the inspirational talent, performing with his partner, Charlotte, in the Britain Got Talent show

Recent Articles Another Touching Inspirational Talent Story. This Is Easily One Of The Best Motivational Videos Around! LOL… Have You Ever Heard Of The Fake Slim Shady?

What The…. I Don’t Think People Can Do Th Prank Idea! About Fan Omar

I really have to disagree with Simon for his nasty remarks on Charlotte though. She

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sang pretty well and was equally good too. It’s stupid for him to even try to break them up just because he thought that Jonathan is the better one there. But that’s beside the point. My point here is that…

Another Cool Prank Idea That Went Viral :)

You Need To Do Your Homework First Befor Make A Conclusion. Here’s Why

… Jonathan is definitely an inspirational talent to many people now

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You see, there will be people that are going to say nasty things about you.

I Had To Laugh When I Watch This Awesome

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Internet Marketing Service Video! …. or things that can pull you down. …. or even unexpected things coming your way.

If You’re Wondering How To Improve Yoursel Then This Is It:

And Jonathan is no stranger to this. Like I mentioned before, people used to say nasty things about him just because he is


a big sized person. And because of that, it took away his confidence in going out there to achieve what

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he wanted so badly.

Your Comments And when you’re feeling so low like Jonathan, seriously, you feel like you cannot get up on your knees and move forward anymore. That’s what he felt at that time.

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And when he was forced to go for the Britain Got Talent show, you could just tell from his body movement that he was not comfortable. You can tell that he was trembling. You can tell that he is not being his usual self. You can tell that his heart was pounding hard, and fast.

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But after he started singing with Charlotte there, everything’s changed. You heard praises everywhere to both of them, especially to Jonathan. That is why Jonathan, like many others here, is indeed an inspirational talent to many right now.

Every successful people goes through the same path as Jonathan You see, success is not easy to get by. You’re bound to have some issues along the way, just like these people as well. In Jonathan’s case, it was the confidence issue. But it could be different to everyone else, including you. I don’t know what you’re getting into, but if you were to ever face it, always remember these 2 things: 1. Look up 2. Continue to move forward And NOT move backwards by whining like a coward and blaming other people for your failures. Overcome your problems. Find a way to get there. Because if you can get there, the reward will be sweet.

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-Fan Omar P.S. I don’t know what you’re seeking out, but I think I can help you, directly or indirectly. But only if you are willing to do these simple things.    

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Another Touching Inspirational Talent Story. This Is Easily One Of The Best Motivational Videos Arou