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$1,155,354.50 In Commissions! – Another Reason Why You Should Believe And Act Upon It by fanomar | on July 18, 2013

I’m just going to be a bit blunt here in this post. I got an email from Dave and Dave a few weeks back, saying that they just wrote a check worth over a million dollars on JUST that week alone. And I couldn’t help but ponder the past that they’ve been through. It seems like a miracle…. …. But it’s not. It was something that they believe in so much, and they act upon it like there is no tomorrow… …. until they made Empower Network work. And really, it was an enormous effort to make the company running.

This was how they act upon it… You see, it all started with a single

empower-network | act upon it

vision. Dave had an idea of a compensation plan that didn’t exist at that time, as well as an idea to help thousands of

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people all around the world to live their lives the way they want it. Like any companies wanting to own a product of their own, they had to work

$1,155,354.50 In Commissions! – Another Reason Why You Should Believe And Act Upon It

hard to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

And when the time comes for them to launch, something happened.

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They thought that everything was going to be a smooth ride for them. So just when people tried to order online, their site didn’t work. This means that they can’t process payments automatically.

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Thus, they had to resort to the old-fashioned way, which was to process it one by one, offline – by themselves. Try to imagine yourself processing 100s of orders every day, on top of running your

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own company, with no employees whatsoever. It must have been hard and tiring for them, I feel. And there they were, day and night, trying to figure it out how to solve this problem.

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Then, one fine day, Dave stumbled upon a programmer that can help him bring the

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site up once again.

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And that’s what the programmer did. They were relieved that this major problem was fixed.

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They thought that they could carry on with the business aspect.

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But you know what?

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Out came another one… Merchant account | act upon it

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This time, it was their merchant company that created the problem.

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They didn’t believe what Dave and Dave were doing.

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They thought it was a pyramid scheme. And so does the critics and naysayer.

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These people also thought that the company won’t last long, just like most companies out there.

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On top of that, every members during that time were not paid, for the whole 2 months! That’s another reason why they thought that Empower was done for good.

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But Dave & Dave did not want to give up on their dreams that easily.

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They continue to act upon it..

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For 2 whole months straight, they’ve struggled to figure out how to solve this major problem. And they finally did.

And THAT shut most of Empower’s critics off.

July 2013 M

































But some hardcore anti-Empower continued to relentlessly assault them. This time, they were saying that it was saturated. And they told many people to back away from joining it, simply because they couldn’t make money anymore from Empower.

« Jun

But guess what? Empower held an event in Atlanta in April 2012. And about 1250+++ people turned up for that event.

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After that event, those critics thought that it was definitely ‘saturated’.

But they were dead wrong. Empower held their second event in September 2012.

* Email

And you know what?

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About 3000++ people were on that event.

Then came another one problem.. Facebook started to slap Empower

FB | act upon it

Network. Every single Empower users were not able to promote them in Facebook. (Kind of bias I feel, considering there are thousands of other people out there promoting other stuff there as well. And I feel that Facebook saw this as a threat to them because Empower Network is growing at a faster rate than them) But whatever the case was, critics were cheering for Facebook’s action. They were thinking that this was one of the signs that Empower is going down.

But too bad for them… Because what they didn’t know was that there are workarounds for it. And on top of that, a few months down the road after Facebook slapped them and countless critics said that Empower was going down, and that it was definitely saturated etc.., a guy named Vick, signed up….. ….. and crushed everyone’s results in Empower. He made about half a million in just around 20 days there. Here’s a picture of him earning his income for the month of January 2013:

<<<– Follow the system that Vick uses here —>>>

So what does this tell you? It goes to show that firstly, Empower Network is here to stay, whether you join now or not. Truthfully, there are still plenty of room at the top. I mean, if it is saturated, like what most critics say, then Vick won’t be able to make a lot of money in such a short period of time, don’t you think so? So screw those

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naysayers out there. What you need to REALLY be doing is to believe that this system will work for you. Then, you need to act upon it, just like what Dave and Dave did. And so does the rest of the leaders. Work with me now and I will show you the 3 things on how you can make money every  time.  

-Fan Omar “Empowering you to be who you want to be”

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About The Author: fanomar My blog is all about me - what I do in life and the things that I like to do. Sometimes, it can be a little bit controversial, but hey, that is who I am. I mean, I don't normally think the same as other people all the time. I have my thoughts too. I think I would be a robot if I were to think exactly like others lol. With that being said, some people think that I can be VERY philosophical at times. This is true, if you see a few of my posts. Well, to put it bluntly, all I can say is I put lots of positive information in my brain and removed majority of my negative ones nowadays. Anyways, another big interest that I have is to check out lots of musical bands around the world. I would love to be exposed with them as much as possible, solely because I am a musician myself :) With that being said, if you want to know more about me, then check out my blog, or just contact me. Oh and by the way, if you want to learn more about how I make money for just 3 hours per day in my house and without any specific time constraints, then you need to click here and watch the video now.

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$1,155,354.50 In Commissions! – Another Reason Why You Should Believe And Act Upon It  

I’m just going to be a bit blunt here in this post. I got an email from Dave and Dave a few weeks back, saying that they just wrote a check...