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Do You Know What Majority Of People Complain About All The Time? by fanomar | on February 27, 2013 I saw an interesting article the other day in Yahoo! news and.. ….. Singaporeans began to complain about it. Wanna know what is it that made the country so frustrated about the government again? Read more to find out….

What do they complain about? Apparently, in the article, MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) is clamping down the price of car loans. And that made Singaporeans angry. Why? Source: via Chrissi on Pinterest

In case you don’t know, cars in Singapore are naturally VERY expensive to buy. One small Toyota Camry in Singapore can get you a Maserati in many other parts of the world. How come? Because of this thing called COE (Certificate of Entitlement), as well as the shipping

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charges. We are not allowed to drive a car on Singapore road without the former. You see, why this toilet paper cost a bomb

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than any other papers in the world is because the government wanted to “clam down on the number of cars on the road”. Thus, at the end of 2011, the price for COE increased by a lot.

Is Yahoo! Trying To Teach Us How To Be In Debt By Getting Bank Loans?

Even though this was the case, cars are still considered “affordable”, because of the low interest loans and the extended period of payment. Thus, that contributed to the increase in the number of cars even after the COE is in place.

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But just 2 days ago, MAS started clamping down on the loan packages for cars so as to prevent people from getting into a bigger debt. And because of that, Singaporeans generally started to complain about how this move is going to affect them.

Do You Know What Majority Of People Complain About All The Time?

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And it is interesting to see some of the complaints…. If You Don’t Know How To Develop Faith In What You Are Doing Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Here are some of the interesting complaints that were surfaced:

frankly this car policy is crashing many sandwiched class families down their throat…

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if you dont want to help us, we have to accept and move on… WHY you want to step us everywhere??????? PAP KARMA WILL COME TO YOU SOON…

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This person was trying to give suggestions to curb the car population. I applaud his/her suggestion by the way:

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Why don’t they throw in, 3kids above free Coe, 2kids, 50% off Coe, 1kid 30% off, valid till last kid is 12. Also, one car per house hold (per address), 2nd car double Coe, 3rd car 3times and on and on…this surely will curb car population.

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Especially the rich who have 2 or more car at home. Plus cancel ERP charges for taxi and buses…this will encourage people to take public transport, and there will be more taxi going in to pick up passengers, bus company cost will cut down hence fare won’t go up and up…….

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This one is equally interesting:

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MAS is killing the people who need a car. How many percentage of MAS officers own a car? It is not an innovative to solve the over populated car problem!

Who Else Dare To Do This Crazy Stunt?

By just changing to 60% and 5 years tenure of car loan, it is only improve the life of the rich families. For those having young children and old age parents in the middle income families, this change has affected their quality of life.

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The rich families who come to Singapore are not affected. Those born in Singapore would have problem in social mobility as this kind of transportation become hard to attain.

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The cost of living become higher. MAS should have open dialogue before making this decision to change rule as they like.

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This change should have been public debated before implemented as now we are first world country.

The number of interesting complaints are quite tremendous. Read more about them here.

It Pays To Focus On One Thing At A Time!

March 2013 M

Did you notice the similarities that they complain about?










If you don’t, let me tell you…. 4














That is why they kept saying something like “make the rich suffer more”….








….. or “Singapore road is going to be exclusively made for the rich”









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And this is mostly coming from the lower to middle class. Majority of them are actually complaining that they don’t have enough money.

Look, I am not siding the government here although I think they are bullshit majority of the

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Is Yahoo! Trying To Teach Us How To Be In Debt By Getting Bank Loans?  

Ok… I just read an interesting article about the recent clamping down of car loans in Singapore. (read more about it here) In that article,...

Is Yahoo! Trying To Teach Us How To Be In Debt By Getting Bank Loans?  

Ok… I just read an interesting article about the recent clamping down of car loans in Singapore. (read more about it here) In that article,...