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Don’t You Dare Quit Easily On Your Dreams! by fanomar | on January 29, 2013 Many people have ambitions in life. Some dared to be a stuntman, a doctor, an actor etc. But as time goes by, majority of them did not make it. Why? Simple. It’s all because they quit easily.  Are you one of them? Then if you are, perhaps you need to continue reading this, because it can change your life.

Why people quit easily on their goals You see, people are always beautiful when they reach that success point. But to be in that situation, you need to know that there is always a price to pay, or an obstacle to go through. Sometimes, these obstacles can be very difficult to overcome… …. but never say never. Unfortunately, a lot of people quit easily when they are faced with some challenges and setbacks. That is why many people don’t succeed in life.

Don’t quit easily, for success is always around the corner I am referring to those who work hard for it, not those who pray hard and hoping that success

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will come to you without ever working for it. You see, having success is tricky. Sometimes, they will come when you are all the way at

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the low bottom of your life. On the other hand, sometimes, it will come when an opportunity arises…. …. like this one, if you’re looking for a way to make yourself an income on the internet.

Don’t You Dare Quit Easily On Your Dreams!

But many times, we hear a lot of stories about people rising up from the bottom of their lives. And most of the time, it is their determination to succeed that made them to the top.

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Source: via Margot on Pinterest

Dave Mustaine was a profound lead guitarist for Metallica when they first started. He

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played in quite a number of shows for them

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before, mostly at the San Francisco Bay Area. Things started to get worse for Dave as he

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struggled for his alcohol addiction. And because of that, it affected his band’s image

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and relationship with the rest of the members. Then one fine day, he got a boot out from the

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band, without any warnings at all. I know that his alcohol addiction is causing problems to the band, but don’t you think that this was not

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fair for him? I mean, getting kicked out without warning?

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So in any case, he got pissed with Metallica. And wanted to form a band that is bigger than them.

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One fine day, in his apartment, he heard a bass guitar player (David Ellefson) jamming on his bass all day.

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At first he couldn’t take it, but long story short, he invited him to be in a band that he was forming at that time. And the rest was history…. …. because Megadeth was born.

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Well, to be honest with you, Megadeth is still not as big as Metallica, in my honest opinion, although I prefer the former’s songs more. But they are still quite big though. Anyways, realize one thing….

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Had Dave Mustaine quit his guitar career and find a normal job to survive, do you think that he can…. ….. form one of the biggest bands in the history of Thrash Metal?

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….. live in a million dollar house/mansion? ….. become one of the well known and well respected musicians ever?

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That is why you should never quit easily on the things that you want to achieve in life. You might never know, for success might be just around the corner for you. If your goal is to make money online, or interested in doing it the easier way, then this

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opportunity will be the one that can change your life. Click on the banner below and watch the video now

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This New Kids Band Will Blow You Away! Why You Lack Of Success Is Due To Your Lack Personal Conviction

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About The Author: fanomar My blog is all about me - what I do in life and the things that I like to do. Sometimes, it can be a little bit controversial, but hey, that is who I am. I mean, I don't normally think the same as other people all the time. I have my thoughts too. I think I would be a robot if I were to think exactly like others lol. With that being said, some people think that I can be VERY philosophical at times. This is true, if you see a few of my posts. Well, to put it bluntly, all I can say is I put lots of positive information in my brain and removed majority of my negative

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ones nowadays. Anyways, another big interest that I have is to check out lots of musical bands around the world. I would love to be exposed with them as much as possible, solely because I am a musician myself :) With that being said, if you want to know more about me, then check out my blog, or just contact me. Oh and by the way, if you want to learn more about how I make money for just 3 hours per day in my house and without any specific time constraints, then you need to click here and watch the video now.

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Don’t You Dare Quit Easily On Your Dreams!  

Many people have ambitions in life. Some dared to be a stuntman, a doctor, an actor etc. But as time goes by, majority of them did not make...

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