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Urgh…. I’m Really Getting Sick Of Election News Right Now… by fanomar | on January 27, 2013 Yesterday, one portion of Singaporeans went to the polling station to poll for their favorite party to serve them after the previous Member of Parliament (MP) resigned due to another sex scandal incident that rocked the country. Well, to me, while it was great to see another opposition party to win in this election so as to check the ruling party’s policy, I was a bit disgusted and got sick of election news that poured the whole mainstream media, as well as the internet.

How can I NOT get sick of election news? Look, this post is more of my opinion about the 2013′s Singapore Bi-Election. If you feel offended, then please stop reading it.  As usual, as in all the elections so far, those parties that competed in this election talked about the common issues, like the bread and butter issues, and more. Things like low salary wages, inflation and housing are some of the most common issue. While I agree that some of the things like housing and inflation are very serious issues, I don’t agree much with some of the Singaporeans asking the government to work harder, or even complaining about low salary wages. I know that inflation is a quite serious issue in Singapore. If the government cannot correct it, it would make even the rich in Singapore become poor.

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Thus, it is no wonder why the Singapore’s ruling party lost another seat in parliament. But I got sick of election news not because of this. I got sick of it because of the people’s mindset.

Urgh…. I’m Really Getting Sick Of Election News Right Now…

Why the people’s mindset got me sick of election news

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Source: via DAP Media Group, LLCYou on Pinterest

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see, to

me, I felt that most Singaporeans have not

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been looking at the bigger picture here. In the election campaigns, some parents were complaining that they don’t have enough

Have You Seen Floor Made Of Pennies?

childcare centre to put their kids there so that

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they can go to work. Can’t you see where the problem lies here?

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It is not the fact that parents have to go to work, hence the problem with insufficient childcare centres. If you think deeper, it is actually something else.

This Just In: Bulgaria Politician Escaped Death Due To Failed Assassination! (Must See!)

And this something else affects almost everything in our lives. Want to know what it is? The root of the problem is…. …. money.

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If you have abundance of money, do you think that you want to be dragging your feet to work everyday, and not actually take care of your own child, instead of asking someone else to do so? Heck, you don’t even need the childcare centres by then, don’t you think so?

Here’s A Video On How A Squirrel Feeding Itself On A Peanut That It Stole From A Cat (Must See!)

Another thing is the low wage salary problem. With inflation on the rise in Singapore, people who have a low wage salary are actually suffering right now. Look, Singapore does not have a minimum wage policy. So the salary for low wage workers

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can be pathetically low. I mean, many companies in Singapore are actually heartless. They rather look for foreigners

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that pays low wages than having to employ Singaporeans that demand a higher pay. When that happens, don’t you think that that policy will make Singaporeans go out of job? Well, you might say that if the foreigners can do it, so can Singaporeans right?

It Is Unfortunate That These Kids Are Living On A Street

Well think about it, those cheap foreigners mainly comes from third world countries. To them, if they bring back their pay to their hometown, they would be a millionaire. Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness…. Who Says So??!!

But what about Singaporeans then? How can we live with a pathetic pay like these foreigners when we have….

This New Kids Band Will Blow You Away!

- bills to pay? - skyrocket debt to pay for our housing? - high inflation rate?

Why You Lack Of Success Is Due To Your Lack Personal Conviction

The list can go on, but I shall just stop there, because those 3 are enough to make almost every average Singaporeans crazy. Even the middle class Singaporeans are struggling right now.

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Look, I can understand where they’re coming from. But don’t you think that in every problem, there are plenty of solutions?

Why Would She Create A Barrier For Her Own Son?

I mean, take a look at mobile phones for example. We use it to communicate with our loved ones, don’t you think so? Why is it that some of us can use an iPhone to communicate, while others uses Android

Cute Baby Dancing In Front Of Stage As Dad Performs In Front Of Crowd (Must See!)

phones, or even Windows phones for that matter? I mean, whichever phones we’re using, don’t you think it does deliver our needs to communicate with our loved ones, right? With that being said, don’t you think that there is a better way to do this, rather than holding

People Who Help People In Need Will Always Get What They Want

on your current job? If you know that your current job is not making you live comfortably anymore, don’t you think that it is time for you to find a better solution instead? Click on the button below and watch the video now. I will show you of a better solution that

January 2013

can change your life….








…. unless you want to just continue complaining about life.

































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Urgh…. I’m Really Getting Sick Of Election News Right Now…  

Yesterday, one portion of Singaporeans went to the polling station to poll for their favorite party to serve them after the previous Member...