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Why Would She Create A Barrier For Her Own Son? by fanomar | on January 15, 2013 Yesterday evening, I had a dinner with my mom. Out of the blue, a set of question was being thrown to me by her. It turned out that her friend has a rebellious kid that doesn’t want to listen to her. But as I kept listening to her explanation, I realized that the mother is the one that create a barrier for the son right now. What do I mean by that? Read on….

This is how she create a barrier for her own son The conversation started by: “Fan, when you work in the school, what would the school do if there is a rebellious student in class that don’t want to listen to the teacher?”, mom asked. I replied,”Well, the Teacher’s Aid councillor will step in and handle that student. Why did you asked this out of a sudden, mom?” “Well, my friend has a son. That son is way into skateboarding. He doesn’t do well in school because he cannot concentrate in class. But she wants her son to study hard and get a degree so that the son can be successful in life”, mom gave a swift reply to my question. See the problem there? The mom wants the kid to do something else while the kid wants to do something else. Isn’t there a disconnection there?

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Well, this is what you get when you live in Singapore. Many parents, or even workers for that matter, are programmed to think that the only way to survive is to get a job that pays well in the future, which is not true at all. No wonder Singapore doesn’t excel much in other areas except for those typical ‘work industries’. They need to import ‘foreign talents’ and make them a Singaporean so as to compete with the world in other areas such as sports, music etc.

Why Would She Create A Barrier For Her Own Son?

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Stupid mindset, isn’t it? I mean, doesn’t mean the government does not encourage much about you venturing in other areas, doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it, don’t you

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think so? So coming back to my story, she is the one that create a barrier for her own son’s future, do

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you agree with me? I mean, his success will also be dependent on his parents directions, too.

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If she do not realize that the kid do not like studying, and the kid just want to skate all day, why not support him in that direction, instead of fighting the current? The more she does the former, the more the kid will not succeed, and the more she will be stressed out.

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Anyways, I cannot guarantee as to whether her son may succeed in life or not…. …. nor am I a god to predict his destiny….

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…. but all I can say is if he don’t try, he won’t know his capabilities.

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be a lesson to all of you too. I am sure that most of you have dreams in life.

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And NEVER say that it is beyond reach because you create a barrier for yourself if you do so.

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I don’t know what your dreams are, but if you keep acting on it, it will come. It is just a matter of time, that’s all.

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Now imagine yourself doing something successful in life. Maybe you just passed your driving lesson or whatsoever.

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Ask yourself, what if you had not made that small baby steps…. …. would you make it? Of course, if you have not done so, you wouldn’t be in your current situation, don’t you think?

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Now imagine yourself living your dreams. I am not saying that in the future…. …. you can live your dream lifestyle….

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…. have the time freedom to do whatever you like…. …. or even travel around the world without worrying about the lack of resources to do so…. But you will never know, unless you try. 

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So do yourself a huge favor right now. Click on the banner below and watch the video now, that is if you want to make your dreams turn into a reality and not create a barrier for yourself:

Find Alternative Ways And You Could Be On Your Way To Success

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Why Would She Create A Barrier For Her Own Son?  

Yesterday evening, I had a dinner with my mom. Out of the blue, a set of question was being thrown to me by her. It turned out that her fri...

Why Would She Create A Barrier For Her Own Son?  

Yesterday evening, I had a dinner with my mom. Out of the blue, a set of question was being thrown to me by her. It turned out that her fri...