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Charlotte Olympia Lookbook Spring/Summer 2013

By Fanny Marie Julie Bervard

By Fanny Marie Julie Bervard


Charlotte Olympia Dellal

The half-Brazilian, half-English designer behind the label Charlotte Olympia. Her designs are characterised by towering heels, bold colours, vivid animal prints and the glamour of the 1940s. The cordwainer graduate is looking like a classic noir femme fatale herself. With bright red lipstick and her hair laid in waves, she is an eye-catching image from that bygone era. Born 1981 into a prominent family of London real-estate developers, Charlotte is the eldest of four children. Her siblings are also often featured in the press. Alice, her sister, is a style-setting model with a punk-rock image and Alex, her brother, owns an art gallery and dates MonĂŠgasque beauty Charlotte Casiraghi.


harlotte Dellal has inherited the grace and beauty of her mother Andrea, a famous `70s Brazilian model. Last year, she not only got married to the father of her first son Ray, she also opened her first shop in London’s Mayfair. er designs were featured heavily on the catwalk at London Fashion Week and can be bought at well-known reatilers around the globe, like Bergdorf Goodman in New York and Selfridges in London among others. In Zurich, her amazing creations are available at Lovers Lane. The newly opened corner at Salvatore Schito is a must for all shoe-lovers!

Business Strategy Target

Market Segmentation Luxury

Premium Diffusion Bridge Mass Market

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Communication Message


Charlotte Olympia dellal wants to be different than the rest of the luxurz shoe designers.SHe takes her imagination and puts it in a shoe


/girly is one of the core messages of the brand. A shoe should make a women feel feminine and confident


Working in fashion means being fashionable and following trends with each design having the designers personal touch


No women likes to walk in high heels that hurt. Charlotte Olypia puts an end to that. Quality shoes for a comortable walk

Outdoor Advertising Being part of the UK’s high society for a long time, vene before being a designer, Charlotte Olympia has many celebrity friends that wear her shoe daily.

Moodboard Charlotte Olympia




Introduction The Spring 2013 collection is entirley inspired by the 40’s and the concept of this season. The season’s concept will be explained at the end of the lookbook. This is made on purpose. Once the consumers have a look at the concept they will understand it better and have another peek through the lookbook again. The lookbook cover will be made covered with a “picnic” inspired red and white squared blanket. The book will contain different shoes of the upcoming season aswell as the creative proposal for the advertisment and commercial. The main colors used in the lookbook are red and white. Since Charlotte Olympia is a women-only brand the lookbook should look feminine and fresh.

Spring/Summer Collection




Propos al For the upcoming season, Charlotte Olympia is shooting an advertising. There will also be a commercial for the brand with the same scenario & actors

Concept Story The story takes place in the 1940’s. A family is having a sunday picnic in a beautiful garden in a parc on a sunday afternoon. Daddy is grilling the burgers. Mummy is playing with the kids. Mummy took of her heels because she’s sitting on a blanket in the grass, under a tree. Lily, the elder daughter is trying on Mummy’s heels and starts walking in them. Jacob, Lily’s youger brother gets jalous and also wants to try the heels on. The kids start fighting. Daddy lightens his cigarette in the barbecue fire. Mummy laughs.

Location The family is from New York. For the weekend the family decided to go to Hudson Walley.

Light/ Feeling The scene takes place during a very sunny but not overwelming hot day. The mood of the advertising and commercial should be nostalgic.. a lot of sun an orange colors in the sky and in the trees.

Decoration Red&White square picnic blanket Vintage wooden picnic basket Vintage Coca-Cola refrigerater box 1940’s car 40’s clothing 40’s Hair & make up

Actors Husband&Wife +/- 28-40 years old Brother & Sister +/- 6-8 years old

MoodBoard Editorial

Actors Jon Hamm as the Husband an Zooey Deschanel as Wife

Neva Vodianova Portman as daughter Lily & Aaron Hart as little brother Jacob


Staff Photographer

Ellen Von Unwerth Ellen von Unwerth is a German photographer and director, specializing in erotic femininity.


Cate Adair Cate Adair is most known for her work on the ABC series “Desperate Housewives� as their celebrity stylist and Emmy-nominated costume designer.



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