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Life in Your Landscape Happens with Native Plants

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What do we have here? Creamy colored sugar sand dug from below ground and tossed to the surface by Ms. Vanderbilt, a gopher tortoise who somehow made her way through a suburban Orlando neighborhood to a native landscape maintained by FANN member Amanda Martin, Grounded Solutions. All those native wildflowers are just steps away from the street. Amanda has given Ms. Vanderbilt some added privacy by planting a clump of native lovegrass, Eragrostis elliottii, near the tortoise’s burrow entrance. The stick pile may house other “neighbors.” Plant it and they come. This is the deeply joyful and rewarding experience that native landscape owners have. You can have it too. What can it look like? See different landscape styles using all or mostly Florida native plants on the next few pages. Visit the professionals page on our site to find help and plants near you.

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ABOUT THIS GUIDE: This annual publication is a quick introduction to Florida native plants and the benefits of using them in your home landscape. Available free from your local FANN nursery or online. ABOUT US: FANN is a statewide network of independently owned and operated native plant nurseries and landscape and environmental professionals. We grow, plant and promote native plants for sustainable Real Florida. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This publication made possible with financial support from our advertisers, sponsors, members and nonprofit supporters, and the generous contribution of photos and information from lovers of Real Florida. PROUD PARTNER WITH Florida Native Plant Society, Florida Wildflower Foundation and the Wildflower Seed & Plant Growers Association.


About our cover: Lives can be changed with just one native plant and its ecological story. Be the example your neighborhood needs now. Our future depends on a change of values. Artwork by Spence Guerin.

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A fairly formal native landscape designed by FANN member Kirsten SharpOrtega, Green Isle Gardens Nursery. The rock pathway is bordered with neatly maintained Twinflower, Dyschoriste humistrata, fast becoming a favorite for tight spaces. The Weeping Yaupon tree, Ilex vomitoria cultivar, is an east Texas, not Florida native, but it performs well here. If a frost burns the Firebush, Hamelia patens, it will come back quickly in the spring. Yellow flowering perennials include Starry Silphium, Silphium asteriscus, and Cutleaf Coneflower, Rudbeckia laciniata. Against the wall on a trellis is Skyblue Clustervine, Jacquemontia pentanthos, a winter-flowering vine featured elsewhere in this guide. Around the corner are trimmed shrubs of Rougeplant, Rivina humilis, and Simpson’s Stopper, Myrcianthes fragrans. This landscape is about two years old and professionally maintained. Photo by Kirsten Sharp-Ortega Nature, organized. Another Green Isle Gardens Nursery design and installation. The curvy Sabal Palm, Sabal palmetto, our state tree, creates a fun, happy Real Florida welcome. Native plants installed around the driveway include, from left, Muhlygrass, Muhlenbergia capillaris, Lance-leaved Coreopsis, Coreopsis lanceolata, behind the Coreopsis is St. Andrews Cross, Hypericum hypericoides, to the right and behind are Coontie, Zamia pumila, behind the Sabal is Firebush, Hamelia patens, and to the right is Tickseed, Coreopsis leavenworthii, and more Muhlygrass. The trees include Eagleston Hollies and Magnolias. The Eagleston Holly is said to be a natural hybrid of Dahoon, Ilex cassine, and American Holly, I. opaca, admired for dense foliage and abundant bright red berries. The Eagleston’s origin is unknown, so FANN classifies it as a southeastern native, rather than Florida native. The Magnolia trees shown here may also be cultivars chosen for their upright habit and foliage color. The surrounding property consists of many acres that the owners are maintaining as natural habitat by controlling and removing invasive species. Photo by Kirsten Sharp-Ortega (continues on page 7)




NATIVE LANDSCAPES (continued from page 5)


Perennial wildflowers, grasses and a deciduous flowering tree are planted close to the front porch where observers can sit back and enjoy seasonal changes and pollinator activity. This small front yard has what designer and FANN member, Amanda Martin, Grounded Solutions, calls a “peek-a-boo garden,� a collection of plants that are out of sight or low to the ground part of the year but quickly shoot up and flower during their blooming period. Spotted Beebalm, Monarda punctata, and native lovegrasses, Eragrostis spp., begin developing in late summer and reach their full glory in the hottest months of the year, August and September. The Flatwoods Plum tree, Prunus umbellata, will lose its leaves, develop an abundance of tiny white flowers in late winter and then leaf out for the start of spring. Closer to the street: Evergreen Wild Coffee shrubs, Psychotria nervosa, look great year round in areas without persistent frost. This landscape is less than a year old and professionally maintained. Photo Heather Crane Photography WWW.PLANTREALFLORIDA.ORG




This large backyard has a formal paver walkway and patio surrounded by informal, diverse native plantings designed and maintained by FANN member Troy Springer, Springer Environmental Services. Sunlit grasses on the right include Elliott’s lovegrass, Eragrostis elliottii, Purple lovegrass, E. spectabilis, and Muhlygrass, Muhlenbergia capillaris, mixed with wildflowers including Lanceleaved Coreopsis, Coreopsis lanceolata. On the left is a mix of long-blooming Tropical Sage, Salvia coccinea, Lance-leaved Coreopsis, Saw Palmetto, Serenoa repens, and Broombrush Falsewillow, Baccharis diocia. About 18 months old, the landscape is maintained with quarterly visits to remove weeds, do hand pruning of shrubs and flowering plants, and replace and add plants where possible to maintain diversity. The site is former scrub, a system of more acidic, infertile and excessively well drained sand from ancient beach dunes. There are two remnant Sand Pines, Pinus clausa, along the fence on the right. Planted to the left of the pine trees is a mix of native trees and shrubs, including Tough Bumelia, Sideroxylon tenax, Simpson Stopper, Myrcianthes fragrans, Yaupon Holly, Ilex vomitoria, and Red Bay, Persea borbonia. Photo by Troy Springer Tough Bumelia, Sideroxlyon tenax, a large shrub or small tree, requires nothing and is surely one of our best pollinator plants, attracting a great diversity of buzzing insects when it flowers. It thrives in full sun and sandy soil throughout most of the Florida peninsula. Photo by Spence Guerin (continues on page 21) 8 | GUIDE FOR REAL FLORIDA GARDENERS 2019-2020

FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries






f you’re planting to sustain pollinators and other wildlife, you may want to exercise caution when using cultivars, even cultivars of native plants. Huh? What’s a cultivar? A cultivar is a plant selected by humans and bred for certain attributes in appearance or behavior that humans prefer. Cultivars have existed since the earliest days of agriculture. If a plant exhibits early, late or longer bloom time, bigger flowers or fruit, novel flower color, more compact growth, double flowers, different leaf color or shape, disease resistance, sterility or lack of pollen, someone will name it and put it into production, typically through some form of cloning to ensure the desired trait continues. Every year, the horticulture industry produces new cultivars, and cultivars of native plants are becoming more available. You can recognize cultivars by their marketing tag names. For example, Coreopsis 'Full Moon' is a cultivar and a hybrid (cross between species). Cultivar species are often not listed. The tag name, 'Full Moon,' is probably more appealing than the common name, “Tickseed,” used for many native Coreopsis species (none of which attract ticks). Most cultivars come with little reliable documentation on origin or ecological impact. The concern for pollinators, in particular, is driving some important new research on ecological function of cultivars. Studies have shown different colored and shaped flowers preventing butterflies from accessing nectar and foliage cultivated for red, blue or purple colors reducing the ability of insects to feed.

This North Florida wildflower garden designed by FANN member Larry Teague, Zamia Gardens, features Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea, Blanketflower, Gaillardia pulchella, and Cutleaf Coneflower, Rudbeckia laciniata. Cultivars of all these species are available. There are over 100 named cultivars of Echinacea alone. Echinacea is very popular for its appearance and perceived medicinal values. It’s also a wide-ranging species in the U.S. with a very limited natural distribution in Florida. Will a cultivar originating in Ohio do well in Florida? Maybe, maybe not. Photo by Larry Teague, Zamia Design

Some cultivars even produce less nectar for pollinators. As a result, many native plant advocates are recommending avoidance of cultivars. Renowned entomologist and native plant advocate Doug Tallamy says: “The proliferation of cultivars demonstrates the extent to which the nursery trade is still stuck on the idea of plants as enhanced decoration rather than as essential to wildlife ... always

Choose true native species whenever possible. Ask for true natives whenever possible, even when not available. No demand, no supply. When considering a cultivar, ask a lot of questions about how it differs from the true species and how its selected traits affect wildlife. Choose cultivars of native species that originate in your region. FANN lists native cultivars that developed naturally within major ecoregions that encompass Florida.


request true native plants because there is only a market for cultivars if we buy them.” Sometimes cultivars of native species are available when straight or “true” native species are not. Some, but not all cultivars are problematic. There are cultivars providing ecological value. Cultivars arising naturally may be responding to an ecologically driven need. We don’t have all the answers

Use cultivars of native species only if you really need to. A good example might be aesthetic concerns in an area of your landscape visible to neighbors, particularly if you live in a managed community that emphasizes certain aesthetics and tightly controls landscaping. If you’re involved in restoring a natural area, don’t choose cultivars. Use true native species. If you have an opportunity to support ecologically oriented research in horticulture, do so. Contact FANN to find out how. FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries

OF NATIVE PLANTS Florida native Blackeyed-Susans are reliable bloomers and do well in our sandy soils, full sun and humidity. Here, we see Florida native ecotype, Rudbeckia hirta var. floridana, a naturally occurring variety of Central and South Florida. Buy your Blackeyed Susans from reliable sources and get the variety that’s right for you—angustifolia for North Florida, floridana for Central and South. Blackeyed-Susans are very popular and not surprisingly, there are dozens of named cultivars sold in garden centers across the country. None of the currently available cultivars originate from Florida native plants. Many do not do well in our state.

and probably never will, as funding for horticultural research is limited. If you must choose between a native cultivar and a nonnative, choosing the native cultivar may be preferable for multiple reasons. But if you can use a true native instead of a cultivar, use it. If the plant is grown from seed, you’ll be


doing your part to preserve genetic diversity. [ED: Not all views expressed here may be agreed to by Jenny Welch, of whom FANN is a great fan. Jenny contributed an article which FANN has modified and shortened considerably.]


FANN ON CULTIVARS FANN will not list a cultivar as a Florida native plant (in FANN publications and websites), unless the selection arose naturally from a native species occurring within certain southern ecoregions. FANN will not promote as native a hybrid resulting from human intervention. FANN encourages its members to know the origin of their plants and provide consumers that information upon request. FANN encourages all buyers to ask questions and thereby encourage their supplier to offer answers. FANN discourages use of the term “nativar” to refer to cultivars of native species.



FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries

Native Plants to use NOW

u Top pick for butterflies u Long season bloomer


Starry Silphium Silphium asteriscus

u Perennial, dies back only

if very cold

Drought tolerant and long lived, Starry Silphium, Silphium asteriscus, is also known as Rosinweed, an unfortunate common name given the plant’s natural beauty. Botanical records show Starry Silphium occurring naturally in flatwoods, sandhills, and disturbed areas in the Panhandle and the western central peninsula south to Lee County. As a garden plant, it performs well throughout North and Central Florida. Plant it in average to moist soils, in full sun to part shade. If you choose to dead head Starry Silphium flowers, leave the leafy stems intact. ASK FOR MORE: Florida has two native Silphium species, both of which have robust foliage and flowers. Silphium compositum, Bigleaf Silphium or Kidneyleaf Rosinweed, occurs in sandhills in the Panhandle and northern counties south to Pasco County. This species is exceptionally drought tolerant and, like its star sibling, has a long blooming season and abundant flowers. The robust basal foliage is very attractive and looks nothing like kidneys. Ask for it. BUY LOCAL: Both Silphium species range wide beyond Florida’s borders. Be sure to get Florida native ecotype by purchasing your plants from a trusted source.

Above: Gulf fritillaries get their fill of nectar on Starry Silphium flowers in PEAR Park, Lake County. Photo by Peg Urban Far left: Starry Silphium flowers can reach 2½ inches in diameter, and are very attractive to butterflies and pollinators. Photo by Christina Evans Left: This 2-5' high flowering perennial blooms from spring to fall in full sun and light shade, average to moist sandy soils. Photo by Spence Guerin Below left: Basal foliage of Bigleaf Silphium, S. compositum. Photo by Nancy Bissett, The Natives




FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries

Native Plants to use NOW

Landscape design u Abundant, showy

blue flowers u Winter-flowering

Skyblue Clustervine Jacquemontia pentanthos

u For trellis, fence or


Skyblue Clustervine, Jacquemontia pentanthos, is a long-lived perennial vine can reach 12' in length. It will need support on a trellis or fence. A native of coastal hammocks in South Florida, it can be used in Central Florida, but is cold sensitive. The flowers provide nectar for some sphinx moths. Plant Skyblue Clustervine in full sun and well drained sandy soils.

Jaquemontia pentanthos is beloved for its unusual blue-colored flowers, most abundant in the winter. Photo by Jenny Evans Skyblue Clustervine is spectacular in bloom on a fence or trellis, and can be combined with other native vines. Photo by Fran Palmeri



Advancing the Next Generation for Native Plants Volunteer Bruce Turley, owner of a garden center and landscaping business, points out plant spacing issues in a design. Bruce’s decades of experience in maintaining landscapes enables him to pass on important information not generally available in textbooks. Volunteer Larry Teague, landscape architect and small business owner, discusses a student’s design, as part of a “Pin Ups” event for landscape architecture students on campus at the University of Florida, College of Design, Construction and Planning.

Research shows that landscape architects have the greatest influence on plant selection in urban landscapes. The foundation works with universities training future landscape architects to help students learn about native plants. We focus on providing students opportunities to get “real world” information based on practical experience with the plants. And through our partnerships with industry associations like FANN, students can network with industry professionals and gain exposure to future employers.

Volunteer Jerry Fritz (orange shirt), retired tree farmer, talks with landscape architecture students scouting out the site for their competitive landscape design submittals.

Native plants are a simple solution to address urgent problems of water supply and quantity, pollinators, climate resilience and the health of ecosystems that support our lives. With rapid urbanization of our planet, it’s essential to make many more native plants available and train professionals to grow, plant and maintain them.

YOU can make the difference, as does Wendel Martinkovic, pictured here with foundation staff on a visit to our office in Melbourne. A small organic grower of native plants and vegetables, Wendel understands the value of educating the public and the next generation of professionals.


To donate and find out how you can help: FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries

“Where can I find the plants?”

“Everywhere I go, people ask me...and I have to say to them, ‘I do not know.’” —Doug Tallamy, scientist and author of national bestseller, Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants

“Who can I hire to do this?”

There are many potential career paths in the native plant industry. The foundation engages young people with all kinds of interests, including agriculture, environmental restoration, horticulture, sustainability, and landscape design.

Biology student and Iraq war veteran Daniel Hullett, with our Executive Director, Cammie Donaldson, who also works with FANN, our native plant industry partner in Florida. Daniel got our interest with an exotic removal/native plant restoration project he’s working on for his college. The foundation made it possible for Daniel to attend the conference of another industry partner, the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council. Cammie enjoyed introducing Daniel to several potential employers.

Growing plants is farming, a tough and risky business. The foundation partners with other nonprofits and academic institutions to develop programs that stimulate awareness and demand or provide education to emerging or future growers. We support horticulture students and emerging professionals with funding to participate in events where they can advance their skills and business networks. WWW.PLANTREALFLORIDA.ORG

Graduate student Carlee Steppe presented her research at an American Society of Horticulture Science conference in Washington, D.C., with assistance from the foundation. Carlee brought the two native plant species she worked on propagating to our partner FANN’s Native Plant Show, talked about her research and distributed seedling plants (all taken). These plants are very attractive and have potential in landscaping, but are not yet widely available. Carlee’s work can help bring the plants to market.



FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries

Native Plants to grow NOW

u Striking dark purple

flowers with bright yellow-orange anthers u Attracts pollinators and is

False Indigo

a butterfly larval host plant

Amorpha fruticosa

u Reportedly deer resistant

False Indigo has attractive large flower spikes and feathery green foliage. Photo by Mary Keim

Amorpha fruticosa is a large, airy, loose shrub with fabulous spring-summer flower stems 2-5" long. A fast growing, deciduous perennial, it will lose its leaves in late fall in Central and North Florida, but may be evergreen in South Florida. It can reach 6-10 feet or more, so consider using it as an accent, specimen or maybe a seasonal screen or thicket where you have the space. Plant it in full sun to part shade. A native of wetland areas, False Indigo adapts remarkably well to drier urban landscapes once established. You can hand prune to shape it and cultivate the multi-branched habit. Leave the spent flowers to feed seeds to the birds. False Indigo attracts butterflies and pollinators, and is a host plant for the Silver Spotted Skipper and Southern Dogface butterflies. This plant ranges widely across the U.S. Buy from a trusted source and ask for Florida native ecotype.


Silver Spotted Skipper, Epargyreus clarus, one of our largest, most widespread and recognizable skippers. The caterpillar is bright yellow with a dark reddish brown head. Throughout peninsular Florida. Photo by Mary Keim

Southern Dogface butterfly, Zerene cesonia, nectaring on native Summer Farewell, Dalea pinnata. The caterpillar is green with black lines and the adult butterfly has pronounced, black edging on the upper wings, visible only in flight. This butterfly may be more common in natural areas. Photo by Mary Keim


Show Your Native Plant Pride

Show your native plant pride and spark an educational conversation with a cute t-shirt or garden sign. FANN sells these and more online. The sassy Bee tee is back as well! Proceeds support our Plant Real Florida education campaign. Visit and click on the STORE tab in the main navigation menu. Or call our ofďŹ ce, 321-271-4885.


FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries

Native Plants to grow NOW

u Smaller tree that fits

in tight places u Semi-showy flowers,

fruit and foliage

Cinnamon Bark

u Pest resistant

Canella winterana

This hardy tree of South Florida’s coastal hammocks is a great choice for tight spaces and small landscapes. Flowers appear off and on throughout the year, with peak blooming in spring through summer. Flowers provide nectar and the fruits and foliage provide birds with food and cover. Plant it in full sun to light shade and average soils. Branches to the ground but can be limbed up.

Far left: A tropical evergreen tree with a narrow columnar form, Cinnamon Bark reaches 20-25' in height. Photo by Jenny Evans Left: Cinnamon Bark produces clusters of small red flowers, with green and purple buds, from spring through summer, followed by clusters of bright red fruits. Photo by Jenny Evans

NATIVE LANDSCAPES (continued from page 8)


Instead of “Dullsville” turf along the seawall, this landscape presents a healthier, casual, mixed native buffer planting with repeated patterns of Horizontal Cocoplum, Chrysobalanus icaco 'Horizontal,' Saw Palmetto, Serenoa repens, and Muhlygrass, Muhlenbergia capillaris. Here and there, Dune Sunflower, Helianthus debilis, spills out. Larger shrubs like Sea Lavender, Heliotropium gnaphalodes, and Giant Leather Fern, Acrostichum danaefolium, are planted behind. Designed and installed by FANN member Clint Oster, General Landscaping Corporation.



Please, Leave our Spanish Moss Alone Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides) is an air plant that coexists with trees, lodging in their canopy. The moss is not a parasite. It does not put down roots in the tree nor does it take nutrients from the tree. It gets all it needs from the sun, the rain, and the wind. There is no reason to remove the moss from trees. It is very lightweight, even if wet, and does not contribute to branch breakage. Its presence on a dead or dying tree cannot implicate it in the cause for decline. The moss will not interfere with a healthy tree’s chlorophyll production. Spanish Moss is harmless and very important to many creatures. It is, in effect, an ecosystem for the many insects and birds that use it. Even frogs will hide in the moss. If it falls on the ground, put it back or start a Spanish Moss pile. Some people use fallen moss as mulch. Do try to avoid handling it directly as Chiggers may be present. PHOTO: Amanda, CCBY2.0

Clockwise from top: Spanish Moss hangs from canopy trees like the Oaks, Magnolias, and Cypress trees and is a beloved symbol of the south; Female Northern Parula Warbler, Parula americana. In Florida, Spanish moss is critically important to the Northern Parula Warbler, which gleans insects and spiders from the moss and weaves its nest in the moss, high up in the tree canopy, in the spring; Black-winged Dahana moth, Dahana atripennis, found only in Florida and Georgia. Its caterpillar host plant is Spanish Moss. Caterpillars are a critical food source for the many resident and migratory birds that forage for food, particularly baby food, in the moss; White-eyed Vireo, Vireo griseus, foraging for insects and spiders in Spanish Moss. All photos below by Mary Keim.


FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries

Native Plants to grow NOW

u Low-growing, low-

maintenance substitute for turf u Host plant for three

Turkey-tangle Fogfruit Phyla nodiflora

Turkey-tangle Fogfruit goes by a lot of common names, including Creeping Charlie, Matchweed, and, no surprise, “Frogfruit” instead of Fogfruit. In the right conditions—average to moist sandy soils and full sun to partial shade—it will form dense mats of green foliage, evergreen where there is no hard frost. The small purple and white flowers are abundant in spring through summer and very attractive to pollinators. Fogfruit is a host plant for three butterflies: Common Buckeye, Phaon Crescent and White Peacock. It can be string-trimmed, if you must, but that removes the pollinator and host plant value. Do not attempt to mix Fogfruit with other plants. It prefers to form its own monoculture.

butterflies u Supports pollinators

Turkey-tangle fogfruit, planted one foot on centers to fill in quickly. This is the modern Florida front yard: not turf, all or mostly native plants. Designed by FANN member Nicole Jones, Hort and Soul Landscape Design. Photo by by Nicole Jones

Butterflies, from left: Common Buckeye butterfly; Phaon Crescent; White Peacock butterfly.







Local Chapters Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) Preserving, conserving and restoring Florida’s native plants The Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS)

Indian River


is the state’s largest social network of Real Florida Gardeners, a great resource. Join FNPS and meet your neighbors who are going native!

Eugenia Chapter FNPS

Martin County Chapter FNPS

Meets: 7:00pm, 3rd Thursdays, Florida Medical Entomology Lab on Oslo Road, east of US Hwy 1, Vero Beach. Phone: 772-567-1565 Email: Web:

Meets: 6:00pm monthly 1st Tuesdays, Oct-May, Wolf High-Technology Center, Chastain Campus, Indian River State College, Stuart. Phone: 734-502-8563 Email: Web:



Lake Beautyberry Chapter FNPS

Dade Chapter FNPS

Meets: 2:00 PM 3rd Sundays on odd numbered months, Trout Lake Nature Center, 520 E CR 44, Eustis. Phone: 352-669-4963 Email: Web:

Meets: 7:30pm, 4th Tuesdays except July, August & December, Pinecrest Gardens, 11000 Red Rd, Pinecrest Phone: 305-985-3677 Email: Web:

Passionflower Chapter FNPS




Paynes Prairie Chapter FNPS

Citrus Chapter FNPS

Meets: 7:00pm 3rd Tuesdays, Sept-May, Phillips Hall, Unitarian Universalist Church, 4225 NW 34th St, Gainesville. Email: Web:

Meets: 7:00pm 1st Tuesdays, Crystal Oaks Civic Center in Lecanto. Phone: 352-631-8444 Email: Web:



Sweetbay Chapter FNPS

Naples Chapter FNPS

Meets: 5:30pm 1st Thursdays except July, UF/IFAS Bay County Extension, 2728 E 14th St, Panama City. Email: Web:

Meets: 6:30pm 1st Wednesdays unless otherwise specified, Naples Botanical Garden. Email: Web:



Conradina Chapter FNPS

Ixia Chapter FNPS

Meets: 6:00pm 2nd Mondays (except June-August), Melbourne Library, 540 E Fee Ave, Melbourne. Phone: 321-729-6857 Email: Web:

Meets 6:00pm 1st Tuesdays except July, August and December, Willowbranch Library, 2875 Park St, Jacksonville. Email: Web:

Sea Rocket Chapter FNPS Meets: 7:00pm, 4th Wednesdays, SeptMay, Enchanted Forest Sanctuary, 444 Columbia Blvd, Titusville. Phone: 321-277-5741 Email: Web:

Broward Broward Chapter FNPS Meets: 7:00pm 2nd Wednesdays except July and August, Secret Woods Nature Center in Dania Beach. Phone: 954-661-6289 Email: Web:

Charlotte Mangrove Chapter FNPS Meets: 7:00pm 2nd Tuesdays, Oct-May, Lemon Bay Park, 570 Bay Park Blvd, Englewood. Phone: 941-769-3633 Email: Web:

Escambia Longleaf Pine Chapter FNPS Meets: 2nd Thursdays, Lucia Tryon Branch Library, 1200 Langley Ave, Pensacola. Phone: 850-542-7086 Email: Web:

Hernando Hernando Chapter FNPS Meets: 6:30pm, 1st Mondays, UF/IFAS Extension Office, 16110 Aviation Loop, Brooksville. Phone: 352-583-2384 Email: Web:

Hillsborough Suncoast Chapter FNPS Meets: 7:00pm, 3rd Wednesdays, Hillsborough County Extension Office, 5339 C.R. 579, Seffner. Email: Web:


Meets: 10am, 2nd Saturdays except June-Aug & December, Cooper Memorial Library in Clermont. Phone: 407-448-6195 Email: Web:

Tarflower Chapter FNPS


Meets: 7:00pm, 1st Tuesdays, Harry P. Leu Gardens, 1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando. Phone: 352-219-5381 Email: Web:

Coccoloba Chapter FNPS


Meets: 6:30pm, 3rd Thursdays except May & December, Holton Eco-Preserve at Universalist Unitarian Church, 13411 Shire Ln, Fort Myers. Phone: 239-273-8945 Email: Web:

Pine Lily Chapter FNPS


Meets: 6:00pm, 4th Thursdays, Kissimmee Utility Authority Building Boardroom, 1701 W. Carroll St, Kissimmee. Phone: 321-388-4781 Email: Web:

Magnolia Chapter FNPS

Palm Beach

Meets: 7:30pm, 1st Thursdays except July-Aug, Rm 1024 King Life Science Bldg on FSU campus, off Stadium Drive north of Pensacola St and south of Call St. Phone: 954-292-3099 Email: Web:

Palm Beach County Chapter FNPS Meets: 7:00pm 3rd Tuesdays, Mounts Building, Mounts Botanical Garden, 531 Military Tr, West Palm Beach. Phone: 561-247-3677 Email: Web:



Marion Big Scrub Chapter FNPS

Nature Coast Chapter FNPS

Meets: 6:00pm last Mondays, Belleview Library, 13145 SE Hwy 484, Belleview, FL 34420. Phone: text 941-321-1556 Email: Web:

Meets: 7:00pm, 2nd Tuesdays, Land O’Lakes Community Center, 5401 Land O’Lakes Blvd, Land O’Lakes. Phone: 727-863-1363 Email: Web:

FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries


Pinellas Chapter FNPS

Sumter Chapter FNPS

Meets: 7:00pm, 1st Wednesdays, Moccasin Lake Nature Park, 2750 Park Trail Ln, Clearwater. Email: Web:


Meets: 6:00pm, 2nd Monday of each month, Sumterville Community Building, US 301, 1⁄2 mile south of CR 470. Phone: 352-568-8277 Fax: 352-330-1372 Email: Web:

Heartland Chapter FNPS

The Villages Chapter FNPS

Meets: 7:00pm, 3rd Tuesdays, Circle B Bar Reserve Nature Discovery Center, 4399 Winter Lake Rd, Lakeland. Phone: 863-393-4647 Email: Web:

Meets: 1:30pm, 4th Fridays except December, Big Cypress Recreation Center, 3110 Hendry Dr, The Villages, Florida. Phone: 352-674-8385 Email: Web:



Serenoa Chapter FNPS

Sparkleberry Chapter FNPS

Meets: 7:00pm, 3rd Mondays, Sept-May, Selby Botanical Gardens, 811 Palm Ave S, Sarasota. Phone: 941-704-4325, 941-773-8643 Email: Web:


Meets: 6:30pm, 2nd Tuesdays, except July-August, Hatch Park Community Center, 403 SE Craven St, Branford. Email: Web:

Volusia Pawpaw Chapter FNPS

Meets: 6:45pm, 2nd Mondays, Seminole IFAS Auditorium, 250 County Road Home, Sanford Phone: 352-658-3677 Email: Web:

Meets: 7:00pm, 2nd Mondays except September, when it’s 3rd Monday, Piggotte Community Center, 04 Big Tree Rd, South Daytona. Phone: 386-690-1797 Email: Web:

St Johns


Sea Oats Chapter FNPS

Sarracenia Chapter FNPS

Cuplet Fern Chapter FNPS

Meets: 7:00pm, 3rd Tuesdays, St. Augustine Beach City Hall, 2200 A1A S. Phone: 904-461-9629 Email: Web:



Join us to Discover the World of Native Plants!

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Third Mondays Sept. thru May, at 7pm Fabulous Field Trips 941-704-4325 | Serving Manatee, Sarasota, Desoto, Hardee counties

Meets: 6:00pm, 3rd Tuesdays, Wakulla County Public Library, 4330 Crawfordville Hwy, Crawfordville Email: Web:





E3. Lake and Wetland Management

ONLINE & MAIL ORDER EARTH-FRIENDLY MULCH Florida Native Wildflowers Pesticide-free Florida native ecotype starter plants germinated onsite and fresh seeds collected locally. Web: Email:

Green Seasons Nursery Sea oats, coastal species, annual and perennial Florida ecotype wildflowers, grasses and upland shrubs. Phone: 941-776-1605 Web: Email:

Mail-Order Natives Hard-to-find native trees, shrubs, azaleas, grasses, perennials, ferns and palms. Mail order only. Phone: 850-973-0585 Web: Email:

PlantVine Working to bring the largest inventory of native plants in a variety of sizes from the best nurseries. Ship only, no pickup. Phone: 888-361-9998 Web: Email:

Serving homeowner associations and municipalities since 1992 with algae/aquatic weed control, wetland/ upland preserve maintenance, erosion control, fountain & aeration installation and maintenance. Phone: 877-693-9714, 561-735-3732, 561-719-7373 m Email: Web: Location: 9218 87th PL S, Boynton Beach

E1. Fresh Mulch-Weed Recede Disappearing mulch bags: think beyond plastic. Patented all in one weed barrier mulch bag system. Easier, nothing to throw away and meets the highest biodegradability standards. Phone: 904-699-0046 Email: Web: Location: 6655 Blanding Blvd, Jacksonville

E4. Pro Native Consulting

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES E2. ecolo-G Federal and state environmental assessments, consulting, research, restoration, survey, anagement, reporting and ecotourism services. State Certified Minority Business Enterprise and SFWMD Small Business Enterprise. Phone: 772-678-6045, 561-339-1549 m Email: Location: Stuart

Botanist and expert in South Florida ecosystem restoration. Consulting on environmental compliance, use and propagation of native plants, and landscape consultation at Silent Native Nursery. Phone: 786-488-3101, 786-488-3101 Email: Web: Location: Miami

R1. City of Titusville Water Conservation Program Programs and services for both indoor and outdoor water conservation including a Toilet Retrofit Rebate, Showerhead Exchange, Dog Waste Pickup and Florida-Friendly Yard education. Phone: 321-567-3865 Email: Web: Location: 2836 Garden St, Titusville

R2. Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (FLEPPC) Statewide nonprofit focused on invasive exotic pest plant education, management, research and exchange of scientific, educational, and technical information. Publishes the list of invasive plant species. Phone: 561-682-2782 Email: Web: Location: Gainesville

R3. Florida Wildflower Foundation Statewide nonprofit promoting conservation and use of Florida native wildflowers through planting, research and education programs. Annual Florida Wildflower Symposium and planting grants. Phone: 407-622-1606 Web: Location: 225 S Swoope Ave, Ste 110, Maitland


24 19 8, E1, L8



37, L29, L30, L31

L1 L2, R3


R4. Golden Rainbow Ranch 21 7

40, 41

38, 39 R1 L11 R3 14 L14, L15, 25 34 L16, L17 1, 2

10, R4

Leaders in native plant availability and use since 1986


30, 31, 32, L22, L23, L24, L25, L26

L3, L4, L5

33 12, 13, L10 11 20

Resources for the Real Florida Gardener

36, L27, L28

00 n Retail Nurseries & Garden Centers pg. 27

E2, L12

6, R5


16 L7

E0 n Enviro Products & Services pg. 26 L00 n Landscape Services pg. 30

26, 27, 28, E3, L18, L19, L20, L21 29 3, 4, 5, L6

22, E4, L13

 Florida Native Plant Society Chapters pg. 24

10-acre ranch & nonprofit ecotheraphy center reconnecting people with nature through on-farm experiences, nature exploration classes and sustainable garden consulting and networking. By appointment only. Phone: 727-481-6002 Email: Web: Location: 14412 Snow Memorial Hwy, Brooksville

R5. People’s Alliance Supporting our Obligation to Posterity Statewide nonprofit seeking to initiate and sustain serious dialogue regarding our constitutional obligation to protect the environment for future generations. We support native plant advocacy. Phone: 352-615-7188 Email: Web: Location: Punta Gorda

R0 ● Real Florida Resources pg. 26 23


FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries

Nurseries and Garden Centers Your sources for Florida native plants Brevard




1. Maple Street Natives

6. All Native Garden Center & Plant Nursery

10. Hickory Hill Native Nursery

14. Green Isle Gardens

Find us at community events and festivals in Hernando County and surrounding region. Growing Florida native plants for 30 years. Send email for current plant availability or to find out if we can be at your community event. Limited hours and no walk-ins, thank you. Phone: 352 -754-9701 Email: Location: Brooksville

Pesticide-free grower offering retail service 8-2 on Saturday, 9-4 TuesdayFriday. Largest selection of wildflowers and larval plants for birds, butterflies and other wildlife and upland habitat restoration, including rare flatwoods and sandhill species. Contract growing. Phone: 407-948-8980, 321-436-4932 m Email: Web: Location: 11303 Hwy 33, Groveland



11. Griffin Trees

15. All Native Garden Center & Plant Nursery

Open 9am-4pm Friday & Saturday. Growing over 150 species of pesticidefree Florida native ecotype wildflowers, including Milkweed, grasses, shrubs and trees from locally collected seed. Landscaping and consultation available from partner NatScape. Phone: 321-223-6147 Email: Web: Location: 7619 Henry Ave, West Melbourne

2. Native Butterfly Flowers Butterfly nectar and host plants and more great native plants. Landscape design and installation. See us 8am-Noon Saturdays, Oceanside Farmer’s Market in Vero Beach. Phone: 321-626-7386 Email: Web: Location: Mobile nursery based in Palm Bay.

Broward 3. Alexander Landscaping Creative sustainable landscapes designed and installed for the past 30 years in Broward county. Native plant specialist. Call us for an appointment. Phone: 954-472-5039, 954-868-8187 m Email: Web: Location: Flamingo Rd, Davie

4. Beds for Butterflies Specializing in custom gardens for breeding and supporting a variety of butterflies in South Florida. We provide plants, caterpillars, education, gardening and rescues. Find us at area farmer’s markets. Phone: 954-901-5880 Email: Web: Location: Deerfield Beach

5. Jesse Durko’s Nursery 10-acre nursery and garden offering 100+ species of pesticide and fungicidefree native grasses, flowers, shrubs, palms and trees in addition to several hundred Florida-friendly tropical species as well as butterfly and hummingbird plants and perennial wildflower garden. Phone: 954-873-4563 Email: Web: Location: 5151 SW 70th Ave, Davie


9:00am-3:00pm, Tuesdays and Fridays, or by appointment at the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center, Alligator Creek Location. Get your Florida native trees, shrubs, vines, wildflowers, grasses and groundcovers from a source you can trust! Phone: 239-770-1799, 941-575-5435 Email: Web: Location: 10941 Burnt Store Rd, Punta Gorda

Citrus 7. Anson Nursery Citrus County’s sustainable landscaping specialist and landscape nursery with species native to Florida, as well as non-natives offerings that have the proven characteristics needed for success. Phone: 352-628-4554 Email: Web: Location: 5296 W Homosassa Trail, Lecanto

Duval 8. Native and Uncommon Plants North Florida native wildflowers, ferns, perennials, shrubs, and trees along with uncommon, rare, and unusual native species. Custom residential landscape design and installation for the discriminating homeowner. Encourage wildlife, eliminate pesticides, and reduce water. Phone: 904-388-9851 Email: Web: Location: 6511 Lou Dr S, Jacksonville

Gilchrist 9. Natural Treasures Farm & Nursery Native and less common retail plant nursery by appointment only, please call. Landscape consultation, design and installation specializing in habitat gardens for pollinators and birds, as well as edible plants. Extensive plant list. Phone: 352-225-1381, 352-225-1381 Email: Web: Location: 1002 SW 9th Ave, Trenton

Fully grown Sabal Palms. Call us. Contact: Sheri Griffin Phone: 863-465-7702 Email: Web: Location: 16500 S Jefferson Ave, Lake Placid

Indian River 12. DIGG Gardens Boutique landscaping business that focuses on creating lagoon friendly landscaping designs and installations with native and Florida-friendly plants. Custom residential landscape planning, design, and installation. New landscapes and makeovers. Phone: 772 360-2131 Email: Web: Location: 7430 US Highway 1, Vero Beach

13. Native Butterfly Flowers Butterfly nectar and host plants and more great native plants. Landscape design & installation. See us 8am-Noon Saturdays, Oceanside Farmer’s Market in Vero Beach. Phone: 321-626-7386 Email: Web: Location: Mobile nursery based in Palm Bay.

Over 200 species of native plants including butterfly plants, ground covers, wildflowers, vines, shrubs, trees, palms and aquatics. Landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Your green team for the greater Fort Myers-Cape Coral region. Phone: 239-939-9663, 239-671-9663 Email: Web: Location: 300 Center Rd, Fort Myers

16. Good Roots Nursery Specializing in Florida native trees, shrubs, grasses, & groundcovers as well as assorted Florida Friendly plants. Pottery, succulents, citrus & fruit trees, and flowers. Open M-F 8a-4p (Be advised, we will incorporate weekends soon). Phone: 863 494-9737 Email: Location: 17660 Corkscrew Rd, Estero

17. R. S. Walsh Landscaping-In The Garden Tropical Garden Pathways showcase sample gardens and garden features. Bountiful plant nursery with lots of native plants and trees to choose from, including various types of Thrinax and other specimen native palms. Phone: 239-395-5859, 239-980-1205 Email: Web: Location: 3889 Sanibel-Captiva Rd, Sanibel

Garden Centers and Retail Nurseries: GUIDE FOR REAL FLORIDA GARDENERS 2019-2020 | 27




18. SCCF Native Landscapes & Garden Center


Palm Beach

100-150 species of native flowers, shrubs, and trees, many grown from local seed sources. We educate homeowners about the benefits of native plants, and encourage the use of alternative pest control methods. Landscape design and installation services for island residents. Phone: 239-472-1932 Email: Web: Location: 1300 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel

22. Casey’s Corner Nursery & Landscaping

26. Amelia’s SmartyPlants

Leon 19. Native Nurseries of Tallahassee Specializing in native plants, plantings for wildlife, Florida friendly annuals, perennials and landscape plants, organic gardening supplies and locally grown, organic herbs and vegetables. Unique nature gift shop and wild bird store. Mon - Sat 8am- 6pm. Phone: 850-386-8882 Email: Web: Location: 1661 Centerville RD, Tallahassee

Manatee 20. Sweet Bay Nursery Huge selection of hard-to-find Florida native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses. Decades of experience with native landscape design & installation. We know what works. Please call for retail hours or check our website. Phone: 941-776-0501 Email: Web: Location: 10824 Erie Rd, Parrish

Marion 21. Creative Garden Structures Small garden store with demonstration garden open 9-5, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or by appointment. We build and sell bird houses, bat houses, solitary bee nest boxes, rain barrels and pine straw mulch. Sustainable habitat specialists. Phone: 352-537-5449 Email: Web: Location: 15620 SE 150th Ave, Weirsdale

Garden Centers and Retail Nurseries: Are you selling native plants? FANN wants to promote that part of your business. Listing is a benefit of your membership.

Hours: 7am-3:30pm Mon-Sat but please call first. We may be at a plant show. Huge variety including common and unusual flowering and fruiting native trees and shrubs, aquatics, mangroves, wildflowers, grasses and more for birds and butterflies. Phone: 305-248-7284 Web: Location: 31877 SW 197 Ave, Homestead

Monroe 23. Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden Nonprofit native plant nursery with monthly plant sale, 10am-Noon, third Saturday of the month. Members receive a 15% discount. Disabled persons will be accommodated. We’re the only frost-free natural conservaton habitat botanical garden in the continental U.S. Phone: 305-296-1504 Email: Web: Location: 5210 College Rd, Key West

Nassau 24. Reflections of Nature Landscape Nursery Design/ build environmentally sensible, sustainable landscapes. 21 years of experience with native and Floridafriendly plants. Expertise in green roofs, living walls and floating islands; see our other website: Visit our design center 9am-2pm MonThurs or by appt. Phone: 904-887-8266, 904-887-8266, 904-491-8684 m Email: Web: Location: 95740 Arbor Lane, Fernandina Beach

Orange 25. Green Images Native Landscape Plants Retail on Wednesday & Saturday call Jim for hours. Native plants for all Florida and Coastal Plain, urban and residential, green/sustainable landscapes. Contract growing. Over 31 years of hands-on experience provides our clients unparalleled sustainable landscape designs. Phone: 407-568-1333, 407-579-6887 Email: Web: Location: 1333 Taylor Creek Rd, Christmas


31. Twigs & Leaves

Full-service 2-acre garden center with huge collection of top quality plants includng many native plants. Open every day except Monday. Phone: 561-540-6296 Email: Web: Location: 1515 N Dixie HWY, Lake Worth

27. Indian Trails Native Nursery 10-acre native nursery, over 60 species of native trees, shrubs, grasses, wildflowers, vines and ground covers. We design, deliver & install. Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00am-4:00pm. Please call ahead as we may be out on a consultation or project. Licensed, insured & certified. Phone: 561-641-9488 Email: Web: Location: 6315 Park LN W, Lake Worth

28. Meadow Beauty Nursery Lots of butterfly and wildlife attracting native plants. Retail hours are Saturdays 8am-Noon and by appointment. Decades of experience with native plants. Call anytime for availability. Phone: 561-601-9673 Email: Web: Location: 5782 Ranches RD, Lake Worth

29. Native Choice Sign up for our free monthly newsletter. Specializing in diverse selection of native plants from the Southeast Florida region. We cater to homeowners who want to bring nature into their landscapes by providing the proper plants for their specific locations. Phone: 561-843-1192, 561-756-4370 Email: Web: Location: 7401 Tropical World Way, Boynton Beach

Pinellas 30. Six Oaks Wellness Apothecary Retail nursery and wellness apothecary offering medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, orchids, aloes, and many native plants. Phone: 727-501-1700 Email: Web: Location: 607 1st Ave SW, Largo

List your business. Information: or 321-271-4885

Open 10am-3pm daily except Tuesdays. Commercial/Residential Landscape design, consultation and installation available. Maintenance service throughout the Tampa Bay area for over 15 years. Organic gardening supplies and ecologically sustainable plant material. Phone: 727-822-5400 Fax: 727-822-5400 Email: Web: Location: 2253 1st Ave S, St Petersburg

32. Wilcox Nursery and Landscape Pinellas County’s oldest, continuously operating full service garden center and the county’s largest variety of Florida native plants. Organic gardening supplies, wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees. Local consulting and landscape design. Phone: 727-595-2073, 727-235-5419 m Email: Web: Location: 12501 Indian Rocks Rd, Largo

Polk 33. The Natives Retail by appointment please. Over 190 native species of grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees for uplands and wetlands. Restoration consulting services also available. 33 years of experience in native plant restoration and landscape. Phone: 863-422-6664 Email: Web: Location: 2929 JB Carter Rd, Davenport

34. The Nectary Find us at the Downtown Lakeland Farmers Curb Market and follow us on social media and our website for updates on our permanent retail location. Your local resource for an ever-expanding variety of native butterfly plants, wildflowers, vines, shrubs, and ground covers. Phone: 407-416-7519 Email: Web: Location: Lakeland

Putnam 35. Chiappini Farm Native Nursery 30+ acres with over 170 species of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers for Central and North Florida. 100% native, pesticide free. Self serve! We are a wholesale nursery providing retail sales as a service to the native plant loving public. 25+ years experience. Phone: 352-475-5413 Web: Location: 150 Chiappini Farm Rd, Hawthorne

FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries




36. Florida Native Plants Nursery & Landscaping

38. Shady Oaks Gather All

40. Lindley’s Nursery

42. 7 Pines Native Plant Nursery

Native plants—trees, shrubs, grasses, palms, butterfly host and nectar plants, plus native wildflowers. Hours: Fri-Mon, 9:30-5:30. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Phone: 352-793-4253 Email: Web: Location: 665 N US 301, Sumterville

Expanding selection of more than 75 Florida native plant species, with a special focus on coastal north-central Florida. We invite special requests. Renowned for our selection of plants, pottery and personality, which draws customers from a wide area. Phone: 386-428-7298 Email: Web: Location: 1232 Canal ST New Smyrna Beach

Specializing in Florida native flowering species, native ecotype wildflower seeds and old Florida garden favorites. Onsite Native Plant and Wildflower programs by appointment for groups of 15 or more. Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10:00-4:00 or by appointment. Phone: 850-830-8996 Email: Web: Location: 2365 County Highway 192 Defuniak Springs

Over 100 native species of trees, shrubs, grasses, groundcovers, vines and wildflowers. Open 10am-4pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Complete landscaping service for coastal to inland sites. Restoration and mitigation. 30+ years experience. Phone: 941-322-1915 Email: Web: Location: 730 Myakka Rd, Sarasota

St Johns 37. Southern Horticulture Beautiful and unique family-owned fullservice garden center with large selection of natives, perennials, trees and coastal plants. Organic fertilizers and alternative pest controls. Landscape design and i nstallation services. Since 1979. Phone: 904-471-0440 Email: Web: Location: 1690 A1A S, St Augustine

39. Wendel’s Farm & Nursery Native plants, organic fertilizers and other products, environmental landscape consulting. Certified arborist. By appointment only please. Phone: 352-568-8277 Email: Web: Location: 2095 CR 416N Lake Panasoffkee

41. The Arboretum Volusia’s largest selection of native plants. From groundcovers up to trees, we are constantly increasing our native plant selections, with many butterfly and hummingbird friendly plants. Pine straw always available. Phone: 386-673-7800 Email: Web: Location: 3065 W State Road 40, Ormond Beach

Help Save Our Habitats

Marion Big Scrub Meets Last Monday of Month at 6 p.m. Belleview Public Library, Belleview FL 34420 WWW.PLANTREALFLORIDA.ORG





Landscaping Design, Install and Maintenance professionals L16. Grounded Solutions




L1. Landscape Design Associates

L6. Green Thumb

L11. Green Isle Gardens

We can provide you with plans for your home landscape that give you exactly the environment you want to live in. Once you have a plan, you can either have us install it or do it yourself at your pace and budget. Phone: 352-210-5765 Email: Web: Location: 25110 NW 182nd Ave, High Springs

Residential landscape design, installation & maintenance services, consulting and gardening training, from South Palm Beach to North Miami-Dade Counties. Specializing in native plants. Phone: 954-558-6359, 954-558-6359 m Email: Web: Location: Fort Lauderdale

Sustainable landscape design, installation and maintenance services for private residences and commercial businesses in Lake County and beyond. Habitat designers supported by extensive landscape nursery with huge diversity of native species. Phone: 407-948-8980, 321-436-4932 m Email: Web: Location: 11303 Hwy 33, Groveland

L2. Zamia Design Landscape Architecture Design/build attractive and socially responsible yards and gardens plus creative designs for patios, garden walls, pool deck restorations and other garden elements. We all installation and follow-up maintenance. Phone: 352-373-8220 Email: Web: Location: Gainesville


Collier L7. Everglades Native Designs Landscape consulting, design and installation focused on the use of native plants. 35 years of experience, fully licensed and insured. Serving Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers & more. Phone: 239-300-8115 Email: Web: Location: Naples

Duval L8. Native and Uncommon Plants

L3. Change of Greenery We design and install sustainable lagoon-friendly and Florida-friendly landscapes for customers throughout Brevard County. We specialize in the use of Florida native plants and edibles. Phone: 321-536-0655 Email: Web: Location: Melbourne

L4. Go Native Landscaping Organic landscapes that are truly lagoon friendly, absorbing and filtering runoff instead of contributing to it. Landscape consultation and site visits, design, delivery and installation, monthly maintenance. Phone: 321-795-3111 Email: Web: Location: Melbourne Beach

L5. Native Butterfly Flowers Serving Brevard and Indian River County. We consult and design and install butterfly, pollinator and other specialty native plant gardens and landscapes. Phone: 321-626-7386 Email: Web: Location: Based in Palm Bay

Martin L12. Jenkins Landscape Company Landscape installation and maintenance, irrigation installation and maintenance, tree trimming, pest control and fertilization. Certified staff can help you anytime with free site-evaluation and quote. Phone: 772-546-2861 Email: Web: Location: 12260 SE Dixie HWY, Hobe Sound


Custom residential landscape design and installation for the discriminating homeowner, emphasizing the use of native plants to encourage wildlife, eliminate pesticides, and reduce water. Phone: 904-388-9851 Email: Web: Location: Jacksonville

L13. The Butterfly Gardeners



L9. Springer Environmental Services

L14. Andrea England Landscapes

Restoring Florida one yard at a time. Native landscaping and maintenance experts. We sell pine straw mulch. Phone: 813-659-0370 Fax: 813-659-1985 Email: Web: Location: 5926 US Hwy 92 W, Plant City

Naturalistic landscape design and installation management. Specializing in native habitat, xeriscape, and meadow style landscapes. Installation oversight and ongoing management coaching services available. Phone: 321-287-0255 Email: Web: Location: Ocoee

Indian River L10. Native Butterfly Flowers Serving Brevard and Indian River County. We consult and design and install butterfly, pollinator and other specialty native plant gardens and landscapes. Phone: 321-626-7386 Email: Web: Location: Based in Palm Bay


Full-service, certified landscape design, installation and maintenance using South Florida native plants. 25+ years of experience. Licensed and insured in Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and Doral. Phone: 305 807-5296 Email: Location: Homestead

L15. Green Images Native Landscape Plants Garden and sustainable landscape design supported by over 35 years of native landscape experience + native plant nursery. Native plant industry pioneer. Please call to schedule an appointment or consultation. Phone: 407-568-1333, 407-579-6887 Email: Web: Location: 1333 Taylor Creek Rd, Christmas

Ecological landscape consulting and design firm grounded in environmental science and horticulture. We offer modern design, sustainability and connection with your natural environment. Phone: 352-219-5381 Email: Web: Location: Orlando

L17. NFC Landscape Architects Expert knowledge of ecology with over 26 years of experience designing and constructing landscapes with native plants to promote conservation of natural resources, biodiversity, and enhanced quality of life. Phone: 321-388-4781 Email: Web: Location: Orlando

Palm Beach L18. Garden Couture Full-service landscape firm serving Palm Beach. Phone: 561-662-1114 Email: Web: Location: Palm Beach

L19. General Landscaping Corporation We like native plants and we love to combine them with edibles for great sustainable landscapes. Registered landscape architect and longtime advocate for using native plants and Florida-friendly principles. Phone: 561 994-3755 Email: Location: Boca Raton

L20. Lopez Group High end residential design and installation using Florida native plants. Phone: 561-687-0770, 561-514-8813 Email: Web: Location: 5612 S Dixie Hwy, STE 101, West Palm Beach

L21. Neglected Plants Consulting for sustainable native landscape restoration and maintenance. South Florida native plant expert with 15 years of experience in local restoration projects. Phone: 561-767-6554 Email: Location: Lake Worth

FANN/Florida Association of Native Nurseries

Pinellas L22. About Native Yards Specializing in native garden construction, native landscape installation and maintenance and tree care. Let’s plant for the future. Phone: 727 307-4557 Email: Location: Palm Harbor Professional, affordable landscape designs custom created with the homeowner in mind. Freelance design company not affiliated with any one contractor or supplier. We have your best interest in mind. Phone: 727 599-3244 Email: Web: Location: Palm Harbor

L24. Rich Miller Landscape Service Consulting and design services including irrigation audits, water conservation, soil amendment sales, living walls, wildlife-friendly landscape lighting and


L25. Stoneshovel Designs Consulting, design and installation of fine native landscapes. 20+ years of experience with residential/commercial landscape, masonry and sculptural stoneworks. Meadow design, rain gardens, tree plantings. Phone: 205-901-8600 Email: Web: Location: St. Petersburg

L26. Wilcox Nursery and Landscape Experienced landscape design and installation service that is creative, functional, and friendly to the ecosystem. We make sure every project delivers an enhancement to our natural Florida heritage. Phone: 727-219-9549 Email: Web: Location: 12501 Indian Rocks Rd, Largo

Sarasota L27. AAL by Frank Gabry Estate style landscapes based on the principles of sustainability. Phone: 941-966-5009 Email: Web: Location: Osprey

L28. Bloomin’ Crazy Interior/exterior plant care and personal gardening for business & residential accounts in Sarasota/Manatee Counties. Wildlife friendly landscapes, container gardens, consulting, design and installation. Phone: 941-536-6687 Email: Web: Location: Sarasota

St Johns L29. Find Your Inner Dirt Design, consult, install, maintain and Garden Coach too! Flowing master concept plans, therapeutic, serenity themes, waterfront or demonstration

gardens with native and Florida-friendly plants since 1989. Phone: 904-615-3952, 904-615-3952 m Email: Web: Location: St. Augustine

L30. Native Plant Consulting Creation, redesign and maintenance of sustainable, wildlife-friendly Florida landscapes. Serving St. Augustine and surrounding areas. Visit our website for hours, services, programs and events. Phone: 904-671-2880 Email: Web: Location: St. Augustine

L31. The Elegant Garden Landscape architect with over 20 years of design/build experience. Perennials, edible flowers and easy herbs, and landscapes that are alive with birds, butterflies and healthy edibles. Low Care-High Color! Phone: 904-616-7575 Email: Web: Location: St John’s



L23. Hort and Soul

pondless water features. EPA WaterSense pro. Phone: 727 272-0344 Email: Web: Location: Largo


Free subscription with email at

Preserve. Protect. Promote.

Florida Flame Azalea, Rhododendron austrinum, in peak bloom in its natural habitat in north Florida. Photo by Eleanor Dietrich

Real Florida with Native Plants Find Your Place in Florida’s Native Plant Movement.

Closeup of Florida Flame Azalea flowers. Photo by Eleanor Dietrich

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