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Fanning Howey has partnered with dozens of school districts to create progressive middle school facilities. Schools for these transitional grade levels should provide an environment where students can learn to work together, and where team-teaching opportunities can be maximized. Planning for Flexibility Our experience has led us to advocate planning for flexibility. Planning should accommodate the potential for various grade configurations and the vast amount of educational technology available now and in the future. Recent Fanning Howey projects have planned for a middle school that could operate as grades seven and eight or grades six through eight. We have provided for latchkey programs and even planned a middle school that will eventually be doubled in size. A wide variety of community use spaces have been accommodated, along with many multi-functional spaces.

Smaller Learning Communities Currently, school within a school configurations are a popular concept in middle school planning. From a physical facility viewpoint this requires organization of classrooms so that general purpose classrooms (math, English, language arts, social studies), a science lab, and a teacher preparation area are in close proximity to each other. The overall classroom plan is then developed as multiples of this module. We have incorporated this concept into both new and renovated facilities, and modified the concept to meet physical constraints or faculty preference. Age-Appropriate Architecture In the conventional middle school grade structure, we are often asked to provide special planning for grade six. Educators point out that the middle school years are a transition period and that sixth grade students need special consideration. We take this into account by providing areas for sixth grade

that are a part of the middle school, yet provide a distinctive atmosphere that allows the faculty to handle this transition time without hindrances from the physical environment. A Collaborative Approach Fanning Howey professionals work closely with faculty and administration during the planning stages of all of our buildings. We encourage repeated dialogue to ensure that initial thoughts and ideas are correctly interpreted and translated into the final plans. Our favorite thing to hear from clients is, "that is exactly how I thought it was going to look."

Colonel Smith Middle School A 21st Century Learning Environment. Colonel Smith represents an entirely new type of learning environment. The school's STEM-based curriculum will be supported by a cloud computing environment and hand-held instructional devices for students. Flexible Collaboration Areas will support individual, small-group, and large-group instruction. Not only is the school designed to support 21st century educational practices, it is also designed to be NetZero ready. The district anticipates the building to be the first Net-Zero school in Arizona.

N e w Wa y s t o L e a r n

Colonel Smith Middle School, continued

"The school is designed to be an active research environment for teachers to study effective instruction and for students to learn 21st century skills."

N e w Wa y s t o L e a r n

- Dr. Ronda Frueauff Superintendent

21st Century Classroom A National Model. In 2009, the National Middle School Association teamed with Fanning Howey to design the 21st Century Classroom. The working instructional space was featured at the NMSA's national conference and allowed administrators and teachers to see the latest trends in technology and classroom configurations. The classroom included partitions, moveable furniture, a small group room for distance learning and video production, and an iPod速 lounge.

N e w Wa y s t o L e a r n

Pike Preparatory Academy Creating a College-Going Mindset. The MSD of Pike Township wanted a new kind of learning environment for its middle and high school students participating in alternative education programs. By renovating an existing office building, the planning and design team provided the district with a cost-effective, fast-track solution. Rows of cubicles and offices are now a dynamic mix of flexible classrooms, an open Student Lounge, and functional administrative space. The school's high-tech and attractive design mirrors a collegeor university-level setting and provides students with a sense of pride and possibility.

N e w Wa y s t o L e a r n

Facilities for Community Use. An extensive renovation and expansion of East Millbrook Middle School created facilities to support the school's arts program and provided opportunities for community use. The school now includes a three-story combined classroom and 600-seat theatre arts building. Campuswide renovations to five additional buildings accent the new facility. Revamped parking and bus/car loops provide increased access to the campus and create a safe environment for after-hours use.

A Community Campus

East Millbrook Middle School

Endeavour Middle School Designed for Collaboration. This new middle school is a replication of an existing prototype. The client chose the design partly because of the highlyusable floor plan which facilitated extra-curricular and community functions and uses. Particularly appealing was the two-sided stage between the gymnasium and the cafeteria which could support performances and events for either space or combined school-wide activities.

A Community Campus

Port Clinton Middle School High Performance Design. When it opens in 2012, the new Port Clinton Middle School will be one of the most energy-efficient schools in the state of Ohio. Designed for LEED Silver certification, the building includes overhead skylights, oversized windows, and a white, low-profile membrane roof system. Current energy models anticipate a 40 percent reduction in energy usage, compared to traditional schools of a similar size.


"Sitting in the classrooms with the natural lighting is like sitting outside. The fluctuations and full spectrum of light make for a great learning environment." - Jon Detwiler Principal, McPherson Middle School


McPherson Middle School Leading the Way in Sustainability. The new McPherson Middle School is LEED Gold certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and is anticipated to reduce energy costs by 37 percent, compared to traditional school buildings of a similar size. Daylighting monitors, a chilled beam system, and a displacement ventilation system combine to reduce energy use and create a more comfortable learning environment.

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Fanning Howey has partnered with dozens of school districts to create progressive middle school facilities. Schools for these transitional g...

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