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How to beat the crunch


BATTLING residents have scored a double vic- Second, residents highlighted to Cllr Roger West tory in the fight against anti-social behaviour in the awful state of disused East Howe United Reform the area. Church. The building was being vandalised and the First residents successfully cut the hours of an off- grounds had become a hotspot for street drinking, licence in East Howe Lane. Local residents were were full of beer cans, while bonfires had been lit in especially concerned the grounds and the The building was being about how near the cemetery was inacproposed off-licence cessible to relatives. vandalised and the grounds is to local schools Instead of serving an had become a hotspot for and the youth centre. Untidy Site Notice street drinking The strength of feelon this church, it is ing was demonstrated by the size of the petition hoped that it can be brought back into community and the large number of residents who attended the use and the grounds tidied up until its long term Licensing Board to strongly voice their objection future is determined. Boarding up this site would to these new premises. be awful say the local councillors. Cllr Roger West Lib Dem councillor Roger West who helped the has made contact with the owners and is hoping for fight against the licence application said: “We action. already have four off-licences in an area where anti- Councillor Sue Levell said: “Anti-social behaviour social behaviour and street drinking are a problem. is the number one worry for many in the local comI am pleased that we have been able to stop the munity. But working together with local residents, off-licence opening late nights and early morning. the police and other community bodies this shows But we need to try and make sure that no further it is possible to take effective action to make our off-licences are able to open in the area.” streets safer and cleaner.”

were even forced to shut the road themselves to prevent inconsiderate motorists driving quickly through the flooded roads creating a wave that further damaged properties. The council’s response had been to provide a supply of sandbags, which are far too heavy for most people to lift. But the pressure from residents and councillors have now paid off and the council and Wessex Water have announced a series of measures to help reduce the problem in future:

ACTION AGAINST FLOODING LOCAL residents are finally winning the battle to force the council to tackle the growing problem of flooding in North Bournemouth. After years of campaigning with the support of many residents, Lib Dem councillors Roger West and Sue Levell are pleased that the council is beginning to face up to the severity of the problem. In recent years, heavy downpours that were only supposed to happen once in a lifetime, according to the council and water companies, have frequently closed roads. In Colombia Road, brave residents

>> Wessex Water to invest heavily in upgrading the drains in the Bournemouth area >> An extra £80,000 to provide a new gulley cleaning machine >> Wessex Water want you all to phone 0845 600 4 600 if you have any flooding problems in the road or your property. The lack of reporting of all flooding issues has been at the root of the problem. Hopefully this will now be a thing of the past. Councillor Roger West said: “It has taken four years to get the authorities to take the huge problem of flooding seriously but at last we are getting somewhere. I am especially pleased that flooding problems should now get a better and more prompt response.”

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EAST HOWE YOUTH CLUB IS TO GET A NEW THEATRE LIGHTING SYSTEM. The new lighting is hopefully another step towards the long term goal of creating a north Bournemouth Youth Theatre. Councillor Roger West said: “This is a good first step. But we should be investing much more heavily in all our youth facilities.” ENSBURY PARK LIBRARY IS SOON TO GET A MAJOR FACE LIFT AS WELL AS NEW NOTICE BOARDS MAKING IT AN EVEN MORE EXCITING PLACE TO VISIT. The library offers so much for residents of all ages: Story Time – for preschool children every Thursday morning; Book Club – which meets the last Wednesday of the month from 7.30pm; Home Service – with the help of WRVS volunteers books are delivered to housebound readers; Police Surgery – every second Tuesday afternoon of the month; CAB every Tuesday Morning and councillors’ surgeries along with social activities. WORK ON HILL VIEW 20 MPH ZONE IS NOW COMPLETE. While there have been a few teething problems, hopefully the scheme has now reduced the speed of traffic, assisted the school crossing ladies and reduced inconsiderate parking. Bollards have been installed outside the Post Office to enhance safety for pedestrians. STOP PRESS: Cllr Roger West is fighting for the Town Hall Staff to be able to help the council improve efficiency and not just rely on the private sector.



LIBERAL DEMOCRATS WORKING FOR THE LOCAL COMMUNITY ALL YEAR ROUND l Bournemouth “I’ll fight hard for al dair. residents”, says Alas


LOCAL Lib Dems have selected Alasdair Murray as their candidate for Bournemouth West. After coming a close second last time, the Lib Dems have high hopes of wining the seat. Alasdair said: “I am delighted to have been chosen to stand as a the Liberal Democrat candidate in Bournemouth West. For far too long the Conservatives have been able to take local people for granted. I believe that working with the local community we can make a huge difference to families right across the town.” Alasdair, who grew up in nearby South Hampshire, has a family base in Bournemouth. He is married to Claire and has two young sons. Alasdair works as a director of a charity and is a former journalist for the Times. He enjoys running and will be taking on his first ever London Marathon this year, where he will be raising money for Bournemouth Citizens Advice Bureau. Alasdair said “The Bournemouth CAB provides an important service in normal times, but at the moment is absolutely crucial. Too few people realise that it is a charity and reliant on both donations and volunteers to keep it going. I hope by running the marathon not only to raise some money but also the profile of the CAB.”


LIBERAL Democrats have vowed to step up the the Lib Dems have the right ideas to help people pressure on the government to take real action get through the financial crisis and get the country now to help struggling families and pensioners. growing again.” Vince Cable and his Liberal Democrat team are calling on the government to cut taxes for families and LIB DEM WAYS TO the low paid, curb wasteful spending, provide relief BEAT THE CRUNCH: from rising prices to pensioners and offer extra help >> Cut taxes for struggling families so for those who face losing their house. that you have more money in your While Gordon Brown has been busy trying to save pocket the world, millions of families across the country are battling to make ends meet. The government has thrown billions at the banks but >> Help keep people in their homes by has so far ignored the plight of ordinary people. stopping banks rushing to repossess Many families in North Bournemouth have been homes hit hard by the financial crisis. After a tough winter, families face an uncertain spring fearful of los- >> Cut energy bills for pensioners and ing their job or their house. Pensioners and families the most vulnerable have also suffered from rising prices for everyday basics such as food and energy. >> Provide extra support for small Alasdair Murray, Bournemouth West Lib Dem canbusinesses to help get them through didate, said: “It is high time that the many families the recession in North Bournemouth who are finding themselves in trouble through no fault of their own are helped. Only the Lib Dems saw the crunch coming and only >> Curb wasteful government spending


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Yes -You youdon’t canhave make a difference! The AA recently declared to ‘sign your life away’ away’ to help Bournemouth one of the most You don’t have to to‘sign helpyour the life local team. the local team. notorious hotspots for road potholes The AA recently declared Bournemouth one of the in thehotspots country. to help Lots ofsupport residents support our local most notorious for We road want pot-holes in the youLots of residents our local initiatives such improve our local roads by making initiatives. If you could lend your local country. Redhill and Northbourne is particularly as XXXX. sure problems get fixed quickly. Lib Dem team a hand, let us know. badly affected. We want to help you improve our


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SueLevell Levell Sue 01202 269346 020 7435 0799 If you could lend your local Lib Dem team a hand, Yes, I support the Liberal Democrats and local roads by making sure problems get fixed Roger West let us know. Do you think the roads in Redhill and would like more information quickly. Norhtbourne are getting worse? 01202 Roger 389916 West Yes, I support the Liberal Democrats and Do you think the state of Redhill and Northbourne’s Y/N Yes, like I could few leaflets in my local would moredeliver information. 020 7794 2592 road is getting worse? area from time to time Alasdair Murray Yes, I could deliver a few leaflets in my local Do you know Y/N of any local potholes that 07958 966298 area from time to time. Yes, I enclose a donation ( Cheques to need fixing? Do you know of any local pot-holes that need Liberal Democrats ) *Cheques of £6 or more Yes, I enclose a donation (cheques toDems. Liberal Alasdair Murray entitle you to be a member of the Lib If you fixing? send us money but don’t want to join just let us Democrats). 07958 966298 know. Grumble spot: Please let us know if Cheques of £6 or more entitle you to be a member of the Lib Grumblethere spot: Please let us know if there any other any other problems you would Dems. NAME If you s end money, b ut don’t w ant to j oin, j ust let u s know. like us to try and fix: problems you would like us to try and fix ADDRESS Name: __________________________________________________ PLEASE RETURN TO REDHILL AND ________________________________________________ NORTHBOURNE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, Address:EMAIL FREEPOST Email: __________________________________________________ Please return to: Freepost RLSJ-HRKR-YUYH, Bournemouth Liberal Democrats, 135 Windham Road, Bournemouth, BH1 4RJ

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